How To Tell Real Anti-Feminists From Fake Anti-Feminists

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There are lots of people who say that they’re against feminism but aren’t in any sense.  We “know” who is and who isn’t really against feminism, but what is the objective rule to determine this?  Grizzly provides us with an answer.

Because they still put white women on pedestals so badly, they can’t help but think of feminism as something that was done TO white women rather than something that was done BY white women. So even though they’re anti-feminism, they’ve done the weird mental trick of still being woman worshippers, making them truly insane and schizophrenic.

The difference is whether a person thinks that feminism was done BY women or TO women.  If a person thinks feminism was done BY women, then they are really an anti-feminist since they are holding women accountable for their actions.  If a person thinks feminism was done TO women, then they think feminism was done by some other group such as the Jews, liberal men, the Rockefellers, the NWO, communists, minorities, etc. then they aren’t an actual anti-feminist because they aren’t holding women accountable.  Those people are nothing but interlopers trying to take over the mens rights community for the purposes of fighting the Jews or whatever other group they hate.

What does this mean?  Conspiracy theorists, white supremacists, traditionalist conservatives, the “alt right”, and the rest of them are not actual anti-feminists.  This is true in all cases with no exceptions since being a member of one of those groups means that said member thinks that feminism was done TO women.  No exceptions means no exceptions.  Even A Voice for Men is not truly anti-feminist because of all the conspiracy theory from John the Other and the rest of AVfM’s staff because any belief in conspiracy theory means a belief that feminism was done TO women and not by women.

It’s simple, but understanding the difference between feminism being done BY women and feminism being done TO women tells who is really against feminism and who is just a leech.

Conspiracy Theory At AVfM

I have been talking a lot about conspiracy theorists (and related bullshit) at AVfM.  Over and over again I provide links, but I keep getting guys here saying, “I haven’t seen what you’re talking about”.  After this post, there is no excuse.  All of these links are posts, not comments, but posts.  This means that they come from Paul Elam and other members of the staff at AVfM, not random commenters who could be anyone (including feminists trolling AVfM).   Here are the links.

I’m sure there are more examples, but these are enough to prove my point.  The last two links don’t talk about feminism, anti-feminist or mens rights AT ALL.  They’re completely useless for anything related to anti-feminism.  The first two links also have multiple problems.  The conspiracy theory that Gloria Steinem worked for the CIA (and by extension the CIA funded feminism) is a conspiracy theory that got started by other feminists.  Why should we believe this? All of this goes beyond the problem that conspiracy theory lacks evidence.

When someone talks about the Rockefellers being behind feminism, they mean the Rockefeller men.  Conspiracy theory is an attempt to transfer responsiblity for womens actions on to a group of men.  This makes women out to be victims of men, and it is a refusal to hold women accountable for their actions.  This type of white knighting is what makes conspiracy theorists huge manginas.  You see this everywhere with conspiracy theorists.  For example, Henry Makow promotes the idea that feminism benefits men and only men (when he’s not promoting the idea that young men should be castrated).  How can we possibly trust any conspiracy theorist to be against feminism, since they think feminism benefits men and that women aren’t responsible for their feminist actions?  This shows that conspiracy theorists aren’t really anti-feminist.  They’re either pretending to be anti-feminist to trick real anti-feminists into supporting them, or it’s really just an alternate way for conspiracy theorists to be against the Jews or the Rockefellers or whoever else they think is behind feminism.

Conspiracy theory is also all about false accusations at its heart.  Anytime I read a conspiracy theory about the Rockefellers or some other group of men that conspiracy theorists believe are doing nefarious shit, I see all the same arguements that were used against me when I was falsely accused of sexual harassment.  This isn’t a coincidence.  I will deal with this subject in a future post.

Conspiracy theory also has a lot of other problems I don’t have time to cover like how a lot of it is a scam to sell books and DVDs to gullible morons.  They also have a habit of invading blogs and forums on unrelated subjects and forcing out the sane people who want to talk about aviation, video games, pets, or whatever the subject of the blog or forum is about because people get tired of dealing with them.

The problems with conspiracy theorists go beyond them just being wrong.  It alienates sane anti-feminists and prevents real anti-feminism from occuring because conspiracy theorists are maginas who white knight for women.  It’s clear that the staff at AVfM desires to promote conspiracy theory or they wouldn’t have written posts promoting conspiracy theory.  Knowing everything I explained, how can I possibly trust AVfM to be meaningfully anti-feminist?  I can’t.

The SPLC Has Managed To Exploit The Greatest Weakness Of The MRM

All of you have heard about how the Southern Poverty Law Center is now tracking the so called manosphere.  Many people in the so called manosphere are patting themselves on the back and thinking that it’s great publicity.  They’re wrong because the SPLC has managed (likely by accident) to exploit the greatest weakness of the MRM,the lack of rational, politically astute leadership.

The “leaders” of the MRM like Paul Elam have completely failed to distance themselves from all the kooks that inhabit the so called manosphere.  (Even in the case of game where Paul Elam, for example, took a strong stand against it, he ended up giving it legitimacy by treating it as a valid alternate point of view by debating it in the Elam-Frost debates.  This is another example of the lack of political astuteness of the MRM “leadership”.)  While I’m sure the SPLC would have tried to smear the MRM with white supremacists, conspiracy theorists, and other kooks, the fact is that the SPLC was handed what they wanted on a silver platter.  With all of the kooks inhabiting the manosphere, it was easy for the SPLC to smear anti-feminism with those kooks.

A person who reads what the SPLC says about the so called manosphere might not believe it so they would check things out for themselves.  What they would find by going to AVfM, for example, is kook after kook from anti-semitism to medical conspiracy theories to conspiracy theories about the CIA and the Rockefellers orchestrating feminism to conspiracy theories about dead guys to lies about currency, economics, and the Federal Reserve.  The problem isn’t just a few kooks commenting.  The comments at AVfM are filled with kooks, and the insanity is not limited to the comments.  The last three links are from John the Other, AVfM’s managing editor.  The kooks are just in the comments.  They’re at the top leading AVfM.  Plus, AVfM still links to InMalaFide (one of the sites listed by the SPLC) and Hawaiian Fat Blob.  (Since it would take all of five seconds to remove those links, there is no excuse to keep links to those kooks around.)  Anyone who goes to AVfM as a result of the SPLC, even if they’re sympathetic to mens rights, will conclude that the SPLC is right about AVfM because of the amount of kooks there.  If Paul Elam was more politically astute, he would be in a much stronger position to defend against the SPLC’s accusations.  Instead he is alienating potential allies who would be interested in mens rights but don’t want to be involved with kooks.

The problem is larger than just AVfM.  Even rational anti-feminist blogs and organizations like the False Rape Society and SAVE are being tarnished with the same brush because the MRM “leadership” has failed to deal with the kooks due to their lack of political astuteness.

Even if a potentially ally gets past the kooks, the fact that the so called manosphere is now forever connected to game crap.  One of the blogs that the SPLC listed was Roosh.  Roosh is gamer who has said that MRAs are just losers who can’t get laid and has nothing to do with mens rights whatsoever.  (It can be argued that the kooks have more to do with mens rights than he does.)  A potentially ally who comes to the MRM via the SPLC might conclude that while the SPLC is full of shit, that the MRM isn’t about mens rights but stupid crap about getting laid.  Just like with the failure to deal with the kooks, this is another example of the MRM “leadership” failing to be politically astute.  It’s the Misandrist Dating Advice Distraction happening again.

If the MRM “leadership” had been politically astute, they could have turned what the SPLC did into a victory.  Instead it’s another failure that delays the progress of anti-feminism.

Where Is The Real World Action?

Pro-Male/Anti-Feminist Tech added a page that describes what really happens to men who go through the divorce court grinder.  I added it to my Black Pill Info links because I haven’t seen anything else that so succinctly explains how misandrist, anti-freedom, and unconstitutional divorce court is.

Such a post should inspire the so called manosphere to action right?  The so called manosphere has known about the nature of divorce court more or less for a long time now so shouldn’t we see real world action like protests?  The answer to both questions is a big fat NO.  Here are some examples of what the so called manosphere is up to instead.

I could go on and on with this list, but I think my point is made.  Very few individuals in the so called “manosphere” or so called “mens rights movement” are interested in real world action.  They would rather spend all of their time on the internet in a huge circle jerk trading conspiracy theories back and forth (the paleo diet and game are basically conspiracy theories).  It’s no surprise that they find convoluted reasons to hate Glenn Sacks and any other MRA that does shit in the real world.

Where is the real world action of anti-feminist?  Not in the manosphere, that’s for damn sure.