To Be Against Civilization Is To Be Feminist

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What is civilization?  There are many definitions of “civilization”, but IMO the most important definition of civilization is controlling female behavior, all of which acts against civilization. Civilization was created as soon as ways of controlling female behavior were developed.  Before civilization men had to constantly deal with female behavior so they never had the time to develop science, technology, etc.  When female behavior was put under control, then men didn’t have to spend so much time worry about women.  Men could spend time inventing agriculture and later other forms of science and technology.  Keeping women and their destructive behavior under control is the key to civilization.

So much of feminism is a screed against civilization, science, and technology.  Feminists have called Isaac Newton’s Principia Mathematica a rape manual.  Feminists hate the technology industry and have attacked technology in general as male rape of the natural world and/or the enforcement of patriarchy over nature.  Feminists know unconciously that civilization is the greatest threat to the power of women.  Civilization was developed by men, not women.  Women are only along for the ride because sex and babies can’t happen without them (for now).  Every advancement in science and technology is a threat to women.  Every advancement in science and technology brings up a step closer to freeing men from needing women.  For feminists to totally restore female power, they have to completely undo the last 6000 years of civilization, science, and technology.

This means that anyone is who wants to undo civilization is objectively a feminist (even if such a person does not consider themselves a feminist).  The Paleo-Game Cult is against civilization too.  The Paleo-Game Cult believes in the paleo diet because they think that diet is what humans ate before civilization.  (They are wrong about that, but their belief is what matters here.)  They believe in game because they believe game represents a pre-civilization masculinity.  (They are wrong about this too.)  They believe in conspiracy theory because if conspiracy theory was correct then the only way to destroy the conspiracy would be to destroy civilization.  They are obsessed with “collapse porn” and complusive doomsaying constantly making predictions that civilization will end because they want civilization to end.  They believe in white supremacism because before civilization they wouldn’t have to deal with people of other races.  They demand that their ideas be exempt from scientific inquiry because science and civilization are practically one and the same.

The Paleo-Game Cult has explictily stated their opposition to civilization as Hawaiian Fat Blob says here.

I agree. “Civilization” is really the domestication of humanity. Once you understand this, you are then free to make a choice: are you going to live life like a lap dog…or more like a free range wolf? I know which end of that spectrum I prefer.

The Paleo-Game Cult want to regress into animals.  They literally want to to revert back into chimpanzees.  This would completely restore female power so the Paleo-Game Cult is objectively feminist just like the feminists.

Do you want to live like a lap dog or a wolf?  They can only think in terms of being animals.  I, like most people, want to be a human being, not an animal.  Unlike the Paleo-Game Cult I love civilization.  I love science and technology and all of the benefits they provide.  I like sanitation, hospitals, computers, etc.  The Paleo-Game Cult like the feminists are free to reject civilization if they wish.  However, both groups are hypocrites about it.  They reject civilization, but use its tools.  If they were consitent they would get off the internet and move to some remote area with no civilization.  If the feminists and the Paleo-Game Cult would leave civilization, then the rest of us could get on with the rest of our lives.

Here we have another example of how the “blue pill” (feminists) and the “red pill” (the Paleo-Game Cult) are both feminists.  Only the black pill stands in opposition to the feminism of both groups.  Only the black pill believes in civilization.