45 comments on “Why Are Feminists Attacking Anti-Gamers?

  1. Actually they’ve had “For entertaiment purposes ONLY, everything we say here is only said for entertaiment purposes” disclaimer since 2001.

    • “for entertainment purposes only” is an admission that the whole thing is BS. Imagine if feminists from Amanda Marcotte with her “non-sexist dating advice” to Susan Walsh and her promotion of game, all had to use disclaimers like “for entertainment purposes only”. It would lessen the power of the MDAD if not destroy it.

      It hasn’t worked for the big names. They’ve had them since 2001, and yet people kept listening to them.

      They would buy one 400$ product from DeAnusHole, see the 5 minute speech about “this is all just entertaiment”, then watch his shitty theoretical masturbation-fest, then go splurge 400$ on another product that has a 5 minute “this is just entertaiment” disclaimer.

      It made him a rich fucker anyway.

  2. Pointing out how the “seduction community” is running a scam changes the argument about dating advice into one about its effectiveness. The MDAD rests on two pillars, that any problems a man has with feminism are really dating problems and that there is feminist approved dating advice (whether its game or something other type of dating advice) can solve that problem. The anti-gamers are directly attacking the second pillar by showing that the dating advice of the feminists and “seduction community” is nothing but a scam. Since the second pillar is a scam, then it becomes obvious that the first pillar is also a lie.


    The whole dialogue is shifted. Feminists LOVE the idea of “game” because it gives them a new boogeyman to protect women from, and because it gives them MDAD diverting power.

    Pointing out that game is snake oil destroys the narrative.

    • Also, a lot of vagina-power is held in society by validating a concept such as “game”. It’s on the same spectrum as “creepy”.

      It is the idea that women have a right to treat unattractive men sub-humanely due to completely in-graspable, undefinable and subjective reasoning that she “intuits” at the moment she treats the given man like shit.

      “Get game”, “he got no game” is on the same level as “stop being creepy”.

      • That’s why it is time for back to basics with regards to most women:
        NEVER pay for them,
        NEVER bail them out,
        ALWAYS tell them how men and women are equal when they complain or want chivalry
        ALWAYS point out that men doing favours for women make women less independent, and hence unequal to men.
        ALWAYS assume you will be FRA-ed by angry women: keep track of where you are via google through your smartphone, have an e-mail trail.
        Women are plenty defensive when it comes to shutting men down or ensuring they can unseat the person above them: act like them too.
        When women became equal to men, they also became competitors to mens’ jobs, with the added spice of sexual harassment or “creepy” as taglines to push men out of the workplace, with the facilitation and help of “Alpha-IWANAFUK”.
        Control the resources, and only give to those who give something in return to you.

      • Forgot to add:
        Feminists love the kind of game where the man is spending money on the woman with no guarantee of a return of any kind.
        Or paying for the kids that aren’t his, and a lifestyle of purchasing products that he never gets to use, or false rape accusations and imputed income.
        That’s the kind of game feminists like: ’cause it gives all of them the idea that they get a chance to do some gold-digging.

      • Obama’s “Meet Julia” campaign should give all guys time to pause and think:
        I’m gathering they’re trying to classify child support to last 26 YEARS.
        That means women are considered children until they’re 27.
        Want to bet female teachers will get off the hook for sexing their students younger than 27?

    • Remember that time when i posted barbarosssaaa videos at the comments section of manboobz?

      They were pissed off simply because barb said the same bad stuff they did about PUA.

      They couldn’t find anything to attack about the videos and than started to bitch about him being associated with men going there own way.


    • http://www.doctornerdlove.com/2012/04/how-to-approach-women/

      This Article is PARAGRAPH TO PARAGRAPH identical to PUA articles, including the three second rule, and many of the points on “body-language”. A lot of this is lifted straight out of PUA manuals.

      AND THIS GUY IS AN ACTUAL FEMINIST. HE TALKS ABOUT “male privilege” and “rape culture” at every turn.


      • It is pretty interesting how fems and PUAs found each other. The fems understand PUA for what it is, pandering to women at the expense of your own dignity. Schopenhauer’s insipid woman veneration, only with a modern twist. Why would they be a priori against this?

        • There are actually many feminists who hate PUA, but I think they’re the dumber ones who just have a knee-jerk reaction against anything men seem to enjoy. The smarter ones who actually evaluate the bigger picture and are more manipulative and savvy like Clarisse Thorne definitely see the benefit of it and are starting to spread the marching orders to the dumber feminists. I don’t think the average feminist is pro-PUA yet, but pretty soon they will be as the talking points from Clarissa Thorne and self-identifying feminist PUAs become widespread.

        • I think the fems will continue to have problems with some of the more explicitly anti-Feminist elements in the scene. But I think as Alek reminded us once, those are a minority among PUAs.

        • It is pretty interesting how fems and PUAs found each other.

          I never would have predicted a feminist-PUA alliance (because if it wasn’t for the PUA invasion of the MRM I never would have heard of PUA), but it makes sense. The feminists need bullshit dating advice for their MDAD, and the PUAs produce bullshit dating advice but need more publicity for their scams which the feminists provide. That makes them natural allies.

      • Every feminist who hates PUAs only has cursory knowledge of them. In other words she has a knee-jerk reaction to what PUAs CLAIM in their MARKETING.

        She has not read a single PUA book, watched a single PUA seminar (etc). The moment a feminist studies up the community she goes “heeey wow this is very feminist ! We just need to do a few tweaks here and there and it will be perfect”.

        This has been the case with every single feminist who decided to study PUA closer. Thorne is only the latest pro-PUA feminist, but she been preceded by many.

      • That’s an interesting comment. Her wonderful husband is loud, “talks a lot and tends to be the centre of attention. He drinks heavily at social gatherings and flirts with everyone. He is forward, and prone to reckless behaviour”. Yet we’re supposed to think that is different from the “creepy” guys who get into people’s space and test their boundaries. Loud, drunken flirting with someone at a party is so different from testing someone’s boundaries to see if they are a good target for raping.

        She might as well just write “I hate nice guys” but that might make her look bad, so she instead offers a long justification.

        Meanwhile, she is just another fool who thinks dangerous predators are characterized by their lack of charisma and poor skill with people, which is the exact opposite of the truth.

        • I will laugh if her husband is sexing up younger women.
          NEVER give sympathy to women in relationships with players, since WOMEN CHOOSE the relationships they want.
          Besides that, you giving sympathy to them KEEPS them in a relationship with the player since her emotional needs are satisfied.
          As nice guys, we need to ensure that women learn from their bad experiences, hence we must conserve our resources for the good women, and to provide for ourselves too.
          Therefore we need to tell those women in bad relationships to “move on, break up, or things will stay the same – unless that is what you want”.

  3. The first time I was introduced to game was on Roissy having read the comments there. Having seen this gang of morons I had a strange smirk on my face, I saw through the nonsense, and I left. At the time I was also listening to Barb on youtube and he was able to bring things into perspective, smart lad.

    That Jezebel article got things a bit messed up, although I happen not to be part of PUAhate forum, I don’t like PUAs, and I never was one. If I had extra time on my hands I would probably join PUAhate for the fun it provides.

    It is not just the morons who populate PUA sites, it is also the astounding prices some of the gurus charge for their disservice. This stuff needs to be put out there for former PUAs and non-PUAs alike. Not everyone is able to see through the PUA BS at first glance like I did.

  4. One reason feminists approve of game: game is all about giving women what they want. She wants you to be aloof? Give her that. She wants you to decide where to go? Give her that. She wants you to tease her? Give her that. Game is little more than turning a man into a woman-pleasing robot. But since the gamer dreams that after dozens of hours of using it he’ll get to spend 10 minutes in the sack with a woman, he tells himself that game is a away to take control in dealings with women.

  5. im shutupwoman on puahate.
    add me when u can.
    also, puahate invites all the fugly feminist butches from jizzebel for one giant puahate orgy. gonna be epic

  6. This is a Roissysphere blog called Alpha Persona. It’s pretty funny. He does a review of the movie Avengers and spends the whole time breaking down the characters by whether they’re alpha, sigma, or omega. This “movement” is beyond self-parody at this point:


    No plot discussion, themes, anything, just categorizing the men. The sole woman in the movie gets categorized as an HB9, PUAspeak for a hot girl. What a sad way to go through life. Bonus hilarity points for the obsessed racist Ryu chiming in to make it about race as usual lol

    • That’s good. If I know which character is alpha and which is beta, then I’ll know whether I should imitate the genius scientist who was accidentally hit with a huge dose of radiation and can thus transform into an indestructible green giant, or the demigod from a parallel universe where magic is real who uses his magic hammer to fight demons. Good job, gamers.

    • Good to know you read my blog, sir. Thanks for the linkage! I’ve gotten more hits in an hour from this link than my blog gets all week!

      • That’s because my blog gets a lot more hits than yours. You have been linking to me forever, and most of the time you don’t show up in my site stats because you send me so few hits.

        • Lol, kudos for best smack-down. 🙂


          I have noticed this problem a lot with gamer blogs (outside of the major ones) and manboobz too. They will link to a post of mine (usually to attack me) and unless there’s a trackback, I won’t notice because there’s too few hits to register in my site stats.

    • I thought when Alpha Persona admitted in comment 15 that Captain America’s line about God made him practically cream in his pants was pretty funny. It’s also another demonstration of how game is bullshit.

    • Yes, we use big words here because this is a serious blog about serious subjects. I’m sorry that my words are too big for your small brain, but we’re all aware of the limited intelligence of gamers.

  7. Note just how many of these gamers feel the need to include the word “alpha” in their usernames or blogs. One can feel the desperate posturing and ego-masturbation from one’s computer screen. Pretty funny!

    • Yes, it’s pitifully transparent and only impresses other desperate clueless people. Blind leading the blind.

      • Further, here’s a funny point.

        “Game” is a cargo cult that believes that if you mimick the symptoms of being an attractive and high-status man, you will get the same pussy and social influence that he has (without having his looks or status).

        In essence, members of the game cargo-cult need to talk, walk and do everything like these mythical “alphas” do.

        Now get this. Do the “alphas” being imitated go around calling themselves alphas? Do real world “alphas” pick usernames proclaiming their alphaness? Do “alphas” spend 50 hours a week writing about how alpha they are? Do they have “alpha” in their primary email adress and have it as their avatar? Do “alphas” even own blogs and would they EVER spend much time on the internet?

        The funny thing is that even if this cargo-theory worked, these dumbasess are pathetic failures at practicing their own theory.

        • GREAT insight. I also doubt these “alphas” sit around after a movie having a pow-wow dissecting who in the Avengers was alpha, beta, sigma, gamma, omega or whatever.

        • GREAT insight. I also doubt these “alphas” sit around after a movie having a pow-wow dissecting who in the Avengers was alpha, beta, sigma, gamma, omega or whatever.

          Same holds true for the caveman-brute version of “alpha”. They idolize some sort of primitive brute driven masculinity (me man, go fetch woman, me take woman over shoulder and fuck fuck)

          But they don’t match that either. They idolize inmates and thugs… But then you have Roissy who spends 5-6 hours a day editorializing and dissecting and theorizing and comment-moderating and managing public perception.

          Do thugs sit around analyzing the “social dynamics” and “relative status hierarchy” of a movie plot?

    • Check out this quote grizz from one of the commenters –

      Go paleo and gradually ditch the meds.

      Insanity is a disease of civilization.

      And weren’t you telling me that you don’t really see a connection between the paleo-game cult and Rousseau? 🙂

      • That was the exact quote I was talking about!

        I wasn’t saying that the Paleo-game cult never goes the “noble savage” route, but rather that they will pursue any argument at any given time so long as it helps their egos and is anti-mainstream. They will be pro-“noble savage” at one point if it will be contrarian to the mainstream and help their delusions of grandeur, but in the next sentence they will be futurists and technophiles and will bash the concept of a noble savage if doing so will help their egos, like when they go into HBD pro-white mode.

        That’s why I was saying we can’t really tie them down to any one idea like noble savage because they’re too inconsistent and ideologically incoherent for that. They will say anything at any given time to maintain their delusions, even if all the viewpoints contradict each other.

        • I hear ya. There is some truth in what you say, but I do feel the primitive is the central inspiring idea of their psychology.

          I mean, they could have just as well emphasized a charming debonair “alpha” type, but they love the thuggish primitive types way more, and paleo is an explicit attempt to return to the primitive, of course.

          I think they have what I call a “virility deficit” and seek infusions of vitality by contact with the primitive.

          But yeah, they will abandon that perspective if it serves their ego. By the way, I feel their HBD pro-white inspired attitude towards blacks is complex and very far from simple contempt – it;s a complex blend of worshipful reverence, fear, as well as contempt. There is at least as much a feeling of inferiority towards blacks as there is a feeling superiority.

        • They will say anything at any given time to maintain their delusions, even if all the viewpoints contradict each other.

          Yes, they will. First and foremost the Paleo-Game Cult seems to be about contrarianism. Whatever most or some people are doing, they will do the opposite. For example, a lot of the paleo-gamers promote smoking as a good thing because most people know smoking is bad for you. Similarly, the say that CNN, Fox News, and every Western source of news is lying, but they trust Russia Today and Iranian state media without question. Their pro-smoking stance contradicts the paleo diet because smoking tobacco isn’t paleo by definition.

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