51 comments on “Is There Such A Thing As Non-Misandrist Dating Advice?

      • Dress better, get in shape, and go sexual early – none of this “building comfort” bullshit. His position is that women pick men, not the other way around, so if she has picked you it’s pointless wasting time. My point being, maybe that’s as non-misandrist as dating help gets.

        • If you aren’t being met halfway early, you will NOT be met halfway just before the marriage.
          And if you are being met halfway early, look at the circumstances of the person meeting you halfway early.
          Being treated as the greatest guy on earth by a woman past her reproductive age, with many kids, no education, bankloans and sickness:
          so what?

        • Oh, it’s non-misandrist, for the most part, but it’s not really “advice” in that it counsels – correctly – passivity. Just be picked , and if whoever picks you is someone you also “pick” (like), then it’s on. If not, not. This takes all of 60 seconds to understand – anything beyond this is mental masturbation and will inevitably lead to the re-introduction of the idea that you need to “sell” yourself to women, sometimes in very subtle ways.

          That’s why I don’t really call this “advice” in a large sense – it is a single idea that is grasped in moments. That’s it.

          BTW, Sleazy is not entirely free of misandrist currents in his thinking, and his notion of women doing the picking is a case in point. Obviously, men pick as much as women, and a successful match involves both sexes “picking” each other. The correct thing to say is that unlike what some say, a man cannot force a woman to pick him. The way Aaron phrases it – that women do the picking, and men merely submit to female choice and do not do an equal share of picking, is obviously wrong, and mis-andrist in phraseology and conception. It is an echo of popular misandrist game concepts, which illustrates my point about the dangers of dwelling too much on this whole ridiculous subject.

          The more you read guys like Novy and Sleazy – who are by far some of the healthiest guys out there, mentally – the more you will begin to realize that even they have not entirely freed themselves from the game mental framework and have mis-andrist elements to their thinking that they have not completely purged. And in fact it is inevitable that if you spend a lot of time thinking about “dating advice”, even the best of us – as illustrated by Novy and Sleazy – will become infected in subtle ways.

        • This isn’t so much “dating advice” he’s offering as brutal reality about biology and animal behavior that also affects humans. Women do indeed pick men and science is proving it with DNA technology and the massive amounts of men (more than half!) that have been shut out of reproducing in human history.

          So to have your best chance you need to look good as this is what women respond to most honestly (in a non-user way) — that is they will give sex to good looking men without expecting payment or commitment or any of the other telltale prostitute-by-another name signs. Obviously doesn’t work for every man as men cannot make themselves taller, cannot will themselves to have a full head of hair if they’re balding, cannot do anything if their dick is small, etc.

        • You are setting up a straw man. Obviously women pick men. The point is men pick women also. Get it? Both pick. It’s not either/or.

          Did it ever occur to you that so many men did not pass on their genes because they died young in things like hunting and warfare? If you think about it for a moment, I doubt female choice ever had anything to do with it. As soon as humans organized into any kind of community, access o sex gets taken out of the hands of women and put into the hands of other men, the leaders of that community. I cannot envision any point in history where other men did not determine whom their women would mate with, or if she was a solitary female, she would just be taken by force.

          Can you explain a realistic state of affairs where female choice would have played a major role in determining mating? Since female preferences exist, there must have been some period where they played a role, but I honestly off the top of my head cannot think of one. All KNOWN historical societies female choice played a tiny role, (although through cuckoldry and other forms of unauthorized sex at least SOME role,) choice was mostly in the hands of her male kinsfolk.

        • Here is something to consider, Ben:

          The human population has exploded in the last one hundred years– more than DOUBLED. The disparity between male and female reproductive success cannot be explained away by the danger of primitive times claiming many more males lives in this scenario.

          In ostensibly monogamous societies such as ours in the past 100 years where marriage, what do you think this implies when DNA analysis shows twice as many women as men got to reproduce? Likely a large percentage of women cuckolding men. This is beared out by the only real, significant sample size empirical DNA testing results to exist today.

    • His heart is in the right place, but does his dating advice WORK FOR MEN? If it doesn’t work for men, then it isn’t pro-male dating advice (mainly because it’s not useful as DATING ADVICE) even if his heart is in the right place.

  1. Pro-male dating advice:
    – value yourself.
    – she’s not all that, until she sees you as all that.
    – if she makes it difficult for you to meet her, she isn’t interested – find a girl who is.
    – never make chasing women a priority.
    – money gives you options: the more you spend on someone who doesn’t care for you, the less you’ll have to spend on someone who does.
    – money gives you options: women in your social circle giving you grief – go elsewhere.
    – money gives you options: to be able to hire a lawyer to beat-down accusers
    – women are equal to men: therefore she should not mind contributing to family finances, to show she also cares for you.
    – no second chances: she blows you off, she’s dead to you until she gives a better offer than “sorry, but men should chase me”
    – always get paid: women do not deserve favours only because they’re women.
    – “it’s your attitude”: if your attitude was the problem, why are women the ones choosing to get divorced, or complaining to other guys about her boyfriend?
    – your standards are your standards: if you’re not attracted to her, nothing should keep you staying with her.
    – stop caring about what society thinks: women don’t, why should you?
    – a woman who “picks you last” thinks you’re a doormat.
    – you are not her therapist, unless she is yours. If she won’t listen to your problems, you don’t listen to hers. Or unless she’s willing to pay for it.
    – just as she has no obligation to set the world right for you … you have no obligation to set the world right for her.
    – make sure you are not with a woman where getting sex out of her is more expensive than a hooker(for the guys who want to go that route). BONUS: hookers leave without taking half your stuff. And you don’t have to pay them if you don’t like what you see.
    – paying for a woman means you have less money for yourself. Is she worth it?
    – make sure you keep track when you’re dealing with shifty women. They’d definitely like to squeeze you for favours and not reciprocate.
    – time you spend with a woman who doesn’t appreciate you, is time away from making money, learning something, or being with another woman who does.
    – women age faster than men.

    • The problem with this is that it isn’t DATING ADVICE. It’s not going to help a man get more dates or get better dates. It may actually have the opposite effect. That doesn’t make it bad advice, but its not DATING advice.

      • In order for you to have more or better dates,
        you need to be able to have standards.
        If you can’t see that one woman is not right for you,
        if you don’t have the standards to cut things off,
        or to think looking for someone else(or making more money or doing something else) is necessary,
        you will neither get the more or better(because meetups are as much the otther person being there, as you being there).
        I’m not saying you can’t succeed doing the same thing.
        But the chances are very right that doing the same things in the same place puts you in touch with the same people who rarely change opinions about you.

        The trick is to realise that your needs matter too.
        Not buying into the idea that women make great relationship choices, is a good place to start.

        • Re the above “dating is a transaction for sex.”
          Never forget this line:
          The only difference between friendship and a relationship(exclusive or not) is sex.
          Many men have enough friends.

        • While having standards is a good thing, it isn’t going to get you more or better dates. Having standards will have the opposite effect. This is another example of how good dating advice for men is an oxymoron.

        • Being with someone you are not attracted to is a chore in itself.
          Which is why some people choose the provider route.
          Every relationship is a transaction.
          At the very least you are spending your time on someone else, when you could be doing other things.
          Not everyone is worth spending time on.
          Part of good dating advice should also be: when/what/where/whom/how/why NOT to date.

        • Part of good dating advice should also be: when/what/where/whom/how/why NOT to date.

          Such a thing effectively becomes ANTI-dating advice since so few women are worth it. While I agree that we need more anti-dating advice, this isn’t going to help a man get more or better dates. It does the opposite. It might be what he really needs, but it won’t get him women which is the (supposed) purpose of dating advice.

      • Women respect, and are are attracted to, male self-sufficiency and self-respect. They care a lot more about attitude and social skills than looks. They’ll test your boundaries. If you’re man enough, and socially adept enough, to maintain boundaries gracefully and confidently, they will like you a lot more than if you’re not. All other things being equal.

        He’s telling men to value their self-respect more than they value female attention. He’s telling men not to take women so seriously. How on earth is that not pro-male dating advice? It’ll work, too, btw. It may take time to learn to truly not take women seriously, but it pays off.

        • Women respect, and are are attracted to, male self-sufficiency and self-respect.


          He’s telling men to value their self-respect more than they value female attention. He’s telling men not to take women so seriously. How on earth is that not pro-male dating advice?

          Because it’s anti-dating advice, not dating advice. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. I think more men need to hear that they don’t need women, but that’s not going to get them more and better dates.

          This is the problem. All pro-male advice when it comes to dating boils down to avoid women which I agree with, but it means there’s no such thing as pro-male dating advice because anything having to do with women is useless.

  2. Forgot these 4:
    – women will always lie about how many relationships they’ve had. ESPECIALLY to a guy they like, because they’re scared of losing him (destiny/my lying heart (take your pick) demands that I lie to keep him with me)
    – send her for a gynaecological exam if you doubt her purity
    – women over 25 are the biggest consumers of hymen restoration
    – a good reason for women to be shaved down below is to expose lesions or make apparent possible disease expressions on mucosal skin (of course it’s oppressive to women if men can avoid them because of the apparent disease) 🙂

  3. P Ray, that is GOLD!

    Sure would have saved me years of grief if I’d known all that when I was younger.

    • Here’s another thing:
      A woman who respects you,
      will either want you for herself, set you up with her friends, or both.
      If she doesnt:
      You know she thinks of you as a dickless wonder or an emotional tampon.
      Women have no problems setting up their female friends with guys.
      But they have a problem extending that help to their guy friends.

      Know a woman like this?
      Call them on it: “Do I look like a guy who you think does not deserve to meet your friends?”

  4. “He is not divided.Whereas it is required of woman that in order to realize her femininity she must make herself object and prey,which is to say that she must renounce her claims as sovereign subject.”
    Simone De Beauvoir

    • That’s why it’s important for her to contribute to the family finances.
      If he gets to play wage slave, so does she.
      – men and women are equal
      – most women do not want to live under a single income
      – if she is educated she has wasted a degree if she does not work
      – not having a job will mean that she will not develop new skills
      – if a man shows his love by spending money on her, I believe the reverse is also right
      – an irresponsible woman is one who does not contribute to the future of her children, education is becoming more expensive

  5. Considering there is a POS in the news who expects the state the finance his 30 kids, has no wealth and works a minimum wage job, whatever dating advice is given to men in the MSM is a lie. All of it. Western society is one big lie and when bubble burst, oh man is that going to be one hell of a train wreck.

  6. Pro-Male Dating Advice:

    1) Its all a numbers game. 98% of game is approaching more women
    2) Don’t worry about what women say or what they are thinking
    3) You are the most important person in the relationship
    4) Be direct, bold and honest.

    • There is a further wrinkle to this:
      1) For the more aged women who can’t get the alpha, they will go _AFTER_ a beta
      2) While being alternately good or crappy to him (just to show him that she has options) (haha)
      3) He can choose to absolutely believe that she has turned good, or start testing her – just as she will with him
      This is a drop off point:

      For those who are TLDR (too long didn’t read):
      If a guy knows that women want someone dependable after having their youth with “players” …
      he has a winning edge to use, and can get what he wants (how many guys here are after a lifetime relationship with a woman who only considers him worthwhile AFTER she spent her youth and beauty on men she would later say are not worth talking about?) with the right words. It’s not an honest relationship if she only chooses to interact with you after she only has problems and not opportunities to share with you.

      So, learn to recognise the women with baby rabies. No need to change yourself too much (being dependable means you are in demand – however, not always by the women with the youth to prove their sincerity).

      Remember that you’re not in a relationship until both you and her agree that you are, and express yourself in that way to friends and in public.

      “all in all there is at least a little beauty to the thought of the written-off beta mark who has the last laugh on the carousel rider.”
      …You can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs.

    • Again, this is not true dating advice. None of it will produce more and/or betting dating for men. It can be good advice for other reasons, but that doesn’t make it DATING advice.

      • I have to speak from personal experience, but I disagree, for men, having standards and realizing you don’t need women is excellent dating advice and will help you get more dates. Like game or not, some of it’s concepts like the attraction to dominance and aloofness do seem to hold true. Deeply internalizing that you don’t need women, that your satesfied by yourself, will help you be both more dominant and aloof, and hence make you more attractive. But I also agree with your presupposition that 98% of game is just approching more women. I want to point out I’m not defending game, I think much of it is bullshit, but I also think it’s a bit neive to not admit that women are generally attracted to sexually assertive or generally violent men.

  7. I agree BP, and it flows from the very nature and purpose of dating advice.

    ALL dating advice eventually comes about how to “sell” yourself to women, and as such is misandric.

    Dating advice by its very nature is dangerous and should be avoided in ALL its forms whatsoever, I now believe. Thinking about and obsessing over dating advice is to be avoided as well, even in its most benign forms like over at seductionmyth and Sleazy’s. It is toxic to the mind and very soon goes into pussy begging territory in the subtlest of ways. It WILL corrupt you.

    There is just very little to say; shower, be polite, dress well. That’s it. Be social. Learnt o spot interest.

    Thinking about it beyond this will INEVITABLY – even if subtly and by degrees – become about how to pussy beg women.

    That’s why if any guy reads more than like ONE hour about dating advice in his ENTIRE LIFE – maybe just to debunk some myths and reaffirm that there is nothing you should be doing beyond basic social politeness – will, almost to a certainty, become a subtle pussy beggar, I now believe.

    I went from game to reading Seducmyth and aleknovy and Sleazy. At EACH STAGE ideas about how to “sell” myself to women got less and less, but were STILL THERE, in ever more subtle forms. Only when I made a final and complete break from trying to learn how to “get women”, whether through reading Alek Novy, Sleazy, whomever, did I restore inner strength and balance to my mind and relearn how to approach women from a position of strength – i.e from a position of total refusal to do anything whatsoever to “get” her, thus not giving her any power over me.

    I now think the entire idea is not legitimate. No dating advice. Period. No alek novy “spotting interest” bullshit. No Sleazy minimal game. Nothing. Simply BE. If a girl likes you, great. If she does not, also great. Move on.

  8. I read a lot of dating advice–mostly for amusement–and the vast majority of it is just useless. “Be yourself!” “Do things you like to do, so that if a woman is there you might meet her!” etc. Well duh. I’ve been doing that stuff my whole life and it hasn’t gotten me squat. I don’t think you can give advice to someone on how to get a date; either women want to date you or they don’t. That’s why so much dating advice is so pointless.

    Of course, most of what isn’t useless is anti-man. “If women don’t want you, you must be a lousy man. Be better.” Right, it can’t be that women have terrible taste. It must be men’s fault, like everything else.

  9. I just visited DR.Sexist’s page again, he posted a few new posts with bullshit. The funny thing is his two posts are in RESPONSE to my comments that I left on his blog, but he deleted my comments 😀 I accused him of being a fucked up misandrist, and he responded by completely diverting the subject.

    So I posted 10 more comments today. I was going to cross-post them here, but he deleted them before I could copy-paste them. Here are only my last two.

    From here:

    Part of getting better with women means that you need to man the fuck up. You need to accept that you and you alone are responsible for your life.

    How enlightened of you mr. sexist. But you’re not asking women to WOMAN UP.

    Where’s the part asking women to take responsibility in society? It’s always what men need to do. Where’s the part asking women to do their fair 50% share of the approaching, asking out, flirting, kissing, initiating sex?

    Oh wait, I forgot, you’re a sexist.


    No, we’re not all going to be movie stars and rock gods. That’s just life and life isn’t fair. But all the time spent complaining about fairness is time not spent making things better.

    Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.

    Unless it’s women complaining about unfairness, in which case it’s called feminism and you support it. When men complain about unfairness they are “little pussies that need to grow up” right?

    But when women complain, they are “liberating themselves”.

    No dr.nerd-sexist… you’re not a sexist at all….. It just seems that way right?

    • In one of the comments, I specifically asked him how his shaming will work with guys like me. He tried to say that ONLY “virgins” and men “shit-scared of women” are the only ones who mind the fact that women are lazy.

      Apparently, the only reason you might dislike female laziness is if you have a phobia of asking women out. One problem – how does he explain guys like me and Aaron sleazy who obviously don’t fit his cute little psychoanalysis?

      I sure as fuck have no issue playing the traditional gender role where the man does all the work, I can play the script and do all the work as the lazy cunt sits passively just fine.

      I still don’t like the fact that I’ve spent my entire life seeing that women get sex, love and relationships without having to lift a finger. Hint – winking, stepping on my toes, flipping hair or changing your voice tone is not work, that’s fucking laziness.

      • I don’t think protests are going to change shit. My view is that it has always and will almost always be the case that men have it harder in dating.

        Again go back to the natural world. There is no feminism in nature. Yet its quite common in nature for males to have it very difficult compared to females. Humans are actually not that badly off. I read the old novels and its men who are getting rejected. David Cooperfield, Brothers Karamazov, Pride and Prejudice. Men do the asking, women sit and do nothing. Across culture, language, geography and time, in most societies men have it harder. Really the only exception is ARRANGED MARRIAGE. Where men completely controlled who the female members of the family married. Other than that, men having it worse is the norm. This tells me its very difficult to change baring some very coercive public policies.

        However, I think its a great argument to use against feminists!! Its a really great way to call them out on their utter bullshit.

        • Most men don’t mind the fact the fact we have to do most of the work in dating, and that women have it so much easier.

          I think the thing that pisses off men is:

          – The double, triple and quadruple binds women impose on men as a way of exerting power

          – How they don’t ADMIT that men do all the work, and don’t admit their privilege

          Binds? What binds?

          I mean things like…

          – If you ask a woman out without waiting for a signal, you’re a jerk and part of “RAPE CULTURE”

          – If you wait for a woman to give you a strong signal before you ask her out, well you’re spiness loser nice-guy TM

          – If you have a small number of sexual partners, then you’re a loser TM, and women “feel” your desperation and neediness and hence you’ve deserved it (feminist time machine TM)

          – If you have a large number of partners, this is proof that you are an asshole and you are using women

          Hint: There’s no exact number of partners where you’re ok – you are always to be deemed either a loser or a predator.

          -> Women get to use proceptive behaviour to get you to make a move
          -> But if you use proceptive behaviour, you’re a “creep” and part of rape culture.

          -> If Jane wants to be approached when she’s alone – you’re a jerk for approaching her in public, and she has every right to tell everyone that you are a stupid creep for approaching her in front of her friends

          – If jane wants to be approached WHEN WITH FRIENDS – you’re a jerk for approaching her in private, and she has every right to tell everyone she knows what a stupid idiot loser you are for approaching her in private

          Again -> It’s not the more work part that men mind… It’s the part where most women are ingrateful cunts about it, and always find a way to demonize you.

          In other words, EVERY SINGLE WAY of flirting, approaching, courting or making a move is potentially BAD – and you’re not allowed to know in advance what woman deems what move bad in advance.

          BUT IF YOU do perform a move she finds bad (and you were not allowed to know in advance), she has every right to publically humiliate and castigate you about it. (creep-shaming etc).

          If you dare challenge this kafkaesque nightmare, you are told you are part of rape culture for challenging it. And if you ask to be treated like a human being by women, you are told that you are tryin to “silence women” who have every right to declare you a creep or pervert based on criteria they make up as they go along.

        • What you posted below is brilliant and I strongly wish you would post it to GMP although I know you won’t.

  10. I agree that considering the misandrist laws women need to do the approaching,however they do it for the wrong reasons.
    Two personal examples.
    1.I was very angry about something ion town and this ‘lil shorty approached because she mistook
    my anger for confidence.
    I’ve seen a very strong correlation between aggression and attraction!
    2.Right at dark-drunk fem approaches just to ridicule for sport.
    Yeah, I “gamed” her by reversing the shaming,but it ruined my night.
    Women are plain jack-ass stupid.

    • That’s why that statement that women frequently trot out, is stupid:
      “No woman will like you if you are angry”.
      To that I reply (Richard’s Rebuttal):
      “If women did not have relationships with perpetually angry men or men who hated women …
      then ALL the violence in domestic/intimate relationships is the fault of women”

      The more correct idea is that women like guys who “get angry at others, at the womans’ command”.
      They love guys who will kick in other guys’ teeth for leering at them (Khloe Kardashian LOVES Scott Disick),
      and they love guys who commit crimes to keep them in the style they are accustomed as long as they are unaffected (Anne Hathaway only decided to leave fraudster Raffaello Follieri when it became clear that she might be implicated the longer she stayed with him).

  11. There is something to the MDAD that I see as especially vicious, and that’s that it perpetuates stereotypes about men. By convincing men that they need to be players, hit on chicks constantly, etc. they just reinforce the female mythos that men are only in it for sex. Thus the PUAsters play right into feminist hands.

  12. Here’s my pro-male “dating” advice. Don’t date. Court.

    Court a woman who you desire for marriage.

    Focus not on influencing a woman but focus on being a leader, a man, an authority. Focus on being a better husband, that you can naturally earn and deserve a better wife. This is necessary- and yet don’t be naive. Be wise as serpents and innocent as doves. Know and recognize what’s out there in society, and test a women with fire.

    Learn to be an authority- in this and all areas of life- and submit to those above you in authority. Know your place. There are those above you, you must submit to, but as a man, your woman must submit to you. If she doesn’t understand, she doesn’t get the privilege of enjoying your blessings. There must be an equal covenant. Equal doesn’t mean equal in every way. Equal just means nobody is being forced into the relationship against their will. Or maybe it is an unequal covenant.

    Think about being a grandfather to grandchildren, with a great wife as grandmother. Then work backwards, to the present time. how are you going to get there?

    These are the thoughts in my head at the moment.

    The “Dating” environment is just a chance to find and lead, and before you can lead, you must have a purpose. You must not deceive another- i.e. promise love when all you want is sex. That is a shameful thing to do as a man. Imagine it was your daughter. I agree, ‘dating’ advice is necessarily slanted. You win that game by not playing it.

    My problem perhaps and not the easiest thing- is to find the quality woman. Learn to find. Abraham sent his servant to his original homeland, far far way to find a wife for his son- albeit for different reasons. And who can find a woman like his loyal wife, Sarah?

    As to marriage- I think men are happier with a good marriage wife than with a lifetime of getting laid by random women. That’s just my belief now, so go for marriage. Learn about love and repsect in order to have harmony in that relationship.

    That’s all. I’m single, in the wilderness of my soul. Players are evil, PUAs are stupid, “nice guys” are jerks, and jerks are often just misunderstood. But a good man is hard to find

    thank you

  13. A revealing comment over at Feministe:

    “How about this as a dealbreaker: I’m into political debate, and he couldn’t care less. I like talking about literature, and he likes drawing and skateboarding. He isn’t interested in procuring income, and I resent having to carry the financial weight in our relationship. ”


    Those feminists will fight against traditional roles…except the roles that favor women, of course.

  14. Another comment that Doctor Sexist will never run. I wrote this comment

    Again, the entire article, and all of the comments pre-assume that the man has to do all the work, where women get to be lazy. It’s all about how the man must be a great conversationalist, while the woman has to just exist.

    Even the female sexists in the comments all give examples that PRE-ASSUME the man is the one to start off the conversation. It’s 2012, isn’t it time women left the cave and the old sexist dating script?

    I wrote it here:

      • “He” has never approved not a single comment I’ve ever posted on that site.

        His post “player haters” was actually in response to my comments. It’s funny, he wrote a 3 page long vomit-full response to my comments, but he deleted my comments. This guy is worse than roissy. The spineless piece of shit on the planet.

        How the fuck do you debate, by turning off your opponent’s mic?

        And the funny idiocy of his “player haters” post is that it was the most insane set of conflations I have ever seen.

        First he starts out by shaming me as a (them guys who won’t man up and ask women out), that is he attacks anyone daring to ask why women are suck fucking lazy cunts who refuse to do any work.

        Then, he tells us that we should stop doing PUA techniques… WAIT… 2 sentences before you ripped on us for hating PUAs, now you’re telling us to stop being PUAs… and then he fucking conflates PUAs, virgins, MGTOWs, anti-puas, and anyone asking about women’s laziness into ONE GROUP —> Even though we have OPPOSITE viewpoints.

        And again, how the fuck does he explain me? I do the male role daily, I have no problem doing all the work because I know I live on a planet of lazy cunts.

        That still doesn’t answer the question of female laziness. “Oh, the only reason you mind female laziness is because you don’t have the balls to do the work”. That’s not an answer for why women are lazy.


        And promoting fucking cavewoman gender roles?

  15. I’m an MRA for 25+ yrs and have been thinking along parallel lines.

    Game *is* feminism. Anyone who puts their mind to it can come up with a list of all the ways game is just feminism.

    For example, both start from the premise men are inferior and/or flawed, and thus need to “improve” themselves, that dates and sex are valuable prizes that only go to the best. -Or the baddest. Whatever. It’s not supposed to make sense, it’s feminism!

    Both point to their failures as showing the need for even more game/feminism, trapping you in a closed-loop feedback.

    The whole idea of “socially inept” males — which game promises to fix with it’s charm schools for men — dates back to the feminist invention of the Great American Man Shortage thirty years ago. In this post-equality world, if we live in a dating and sexual dystopia, why isn’t it *women* who are socially inept, the ones who are said to be “flaming out”? Both game and feminism say the man’s JOB is to adapt to the woman and try and earn his way to equality w/her.

    promise to men some forty years ago was that it would give us
    better women, but instead they’ve gotten worse.

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