37 comments on “The Brian Banks Documentary

  1. You left out the fact that he’s black so to the manosphere, he doesn’t even exist. Although, had he been accused now, there would be numerous blog posts vilifying him and explaining how he is obviously guilty since he’s biologically predetermined to rape, blah, blah.

    • I don’t want to discuss racism here.

      Now, why do you say he doesn’t even exist? Some major bloggers (I’m too lazy to list them) are o are said to be black.

      • I think when criticizing the Paleo-Game cult that has hijacked the manosphere, you HAVE to discuss racism. It would be like criticizing Nazis and saying “I don’t want to discuss that pesky Jew issue.”

    • I think the concept of the “Manosphere” got muddled pretty badly by the white nationalist and race-obsessed people of the “IMF-sphere.” As BP has mentioned many times, those people aren’t even MRAs.

      The real manosphere, that is, the one that cares about all men, is not anti-black at all. I don’t detect any official racism at sites like The Spearhead, PMAFT, Dalrock, and /r/MensRights, which I consider parts of the real manosphere.

      Of course the occasional anti-black or anti-semitic commenters post at these places, but they are by far not the majority, and tend to be shouted down in short order.

      There are also black MRAs like Barbarossa, and organizations like Fathers and Families, which are not racist at all.

      • I think the concept of the “Manosphere” got muddled pretty badly by the white nationalist and race-obsessed people of the “IMF-sphere.” As BP has mentioned many times, those people aren’t even MRAs.

        I don’t think the concept of the “manosphere” got muddled as much the entire idea is problematic. There’s the MRM so why is a “manosphere” even needed? The “manosphere” itself is about drowning out mens rights issues with irrelevant “issues” from white supremacism to diets to conspiracy theory while using the popularity of the MRM (in comparison to the irrelevant “issues”) to boost their visibility. Even if we agreed that the “IMF-sphere” was not really part of the manosphere that still leaves all of the Roissyite game and “self improvement” bullshit.

        • I always thought that “manosphere” was a more encompassing term that described people who didn’t want to call themselves Men’s Rights *Activists,* but were on board with the general Men’s Rights program. Of course the pro-male aspects of the (greater) roissysphere, improve-osphere and the like are very debatable. There are some good blogs in that sphere, though, like Elusive Waipiti and Dalrock.

        • I dispute that they’re on board with mens rights at all. All they do is play concern troll and sell scams like game (and dating advice in general), the paleo diet, & social conservatism claiming that they are superior to political and social activism.

        • On a related note about racism drowning out more important issues:

          After months of leaving it alone, this talk of racism in the Paleo-Game cult made me check Roissy’s twitter feed to see if he’s still doing the passive-aggressive racism thing, and I found this, his last tweet. It’s hilarious:


          As usual, that’s not what the study actually says, but Roissy of course tries to frame it as science confirming racism is natural and diversity is bad. His intellectual dishonesty when reporting on studies is amazing, but even more amazing is that all you have to do to disprove him is follow his link and read a paragraph or two, yet his readers still fall for his bs anyway!

    • One problem with a lot of nuts in the manosphere is they hide their racism behind fancy language, like “human biodiversity”. And they don’t talk about it often, but once in a while they’ll put up a post saying something like “in the news today, a black guy beat up a white guy–what do you expect? wink wink.”

    • It’s not the first time. Conspiracy theorists are good at one thing, creating conspiracy theories.

      We even had a running joke here, when we used to say “Barbarossa is a Rockafeller operative who hired Black Pill to create a massive super-paralel computer running thousands of sockpuppet accounts on autopilot”.

      Again, when someone is an ignorant piece of shit, and they run into cognitive dissonance (the facts don’t add up in terms of one conspiracy theory the bought) —> they just invent a newer conspiracy theory to place on top or instead of it.

      • Also, notice another way in which PaleoGamers are the same as Feminists. They call anyone that disagrees with them a “troll”.

        This is a very common feminist tactic.

        Feminist: Women have it bad [fake stat] [fake claim] [illogical argument]
        MRA: Actually men have it worse, here are the real stats, and actually 2+2 is 4
        Feminist: OMG you must be trolling… OMG look this guy is saying that women are the ultimate victims in the world, he musta be ah trolling

        Take this example:

        Just a random one out of thousands. Gamers and paleotards and conspiracy theorists do the same. Any time someone challenges them with argumentation, shows the logical fallacies in their arguments (etc) the tards go “Ommmmmmmmmmmmmg you’re such a troll”

    • This seems pretty similar to something at Hawaiian Fat Blob’s blog where he started with vague unsubstantiated accusations of government/elite propaganda agents in the manosphere. In that case, they didn’t name me or this blog by name like the like above did. However, it is interested that all of a sudden the Paleo-Game Cult is taking the approach that anyone who disagrees with them is a troll or a government propaganda agent.

      • Here’s another good example of how gamers/paleotards/conspiracytards are just like feminists.

        See this video by a new MRA:

        In it he talks about how even the most polite and most ass-kissing of disagreement leads to being banned, censored and declared a troll on a feminist video.

        Here’s the video from the well known misandrist in question:

        Notice how she she refers to all who disagree with her as trolls.

        Now compare this behaviour to Roissy’s infamous censorship and minute-by-minute moderation obsession. In general compare with the tards (conspiracytards, gamertards, paleotards) dislike of disagreement and violent censorship and troll-carding.

  2. I have a lot of respect for Brian Banks for making this movie. It would be easy to try and forget all of that ever happened or to sit around feeling depressed, but he’s trying to make a difference. I hope it all goes well and lots of people see it. And good for the people who helped him get his funding.

  3. I have White Nationalist sympathies…I still pledged money. I don’t hate Black people, I just love being White. Feminism pisses me off.

  4. Have you guys heard of a blog called Roosh v. Iam sure you must have. Hes one of the front men for the paleo/gamer cult. I was banned. BECAUSE IAM A BLACK.

    The things he says about polish women. Do you think he lies. All these paleo/gamers seem obsessed with these exotic women. Should i buy into their ideas about the treasure at the end of the rainbow.
    Anyone done any traveling. If so are they as oppressed as the lower sexual classes are in the west?

    • Have you guys heard of a blog called Roosh v. Iam sure you must have.

      Actually no. We haven’t heard or seen 99% of those idiotic blogs. People often assume I must be reading their idiotic blogs, but I don’t know they even exist. I have what’s known as a life.

      There was even a conspiracy theory once where some dude said I was trying to get some dude fired or evicted or (I don’t even remember), but I had never even heard the name.

      These fucking losers don’t leave the house and are on blogs and forums all day, so they assume everyone is like them. I think another reason they feel me and BP must read all of their blogs is because we know them so well.

      But the reason I know gamers so well is because I spent 10 years being one. I can predict what happens before it happens. I can predict all the phases people go through in the lunacy metamorphosis.

      Even when I was accused of being obsessed with game I only post 2 short rants a WEEK about gamers, and only saw one of their idiotic blogs (by an accidental link click) maybe once a month.

      Nowadays I don’t even have the time to read good MRA sites (I only open BP/AVfM at most once every 40-48 hours).

        • If you want to get laid checkout aaronsleazy and goodlookingloser.

          While game is the equivalent of paleo or a fad diet cult.

          Aaron & GoodLooking loser are the equivalent of “count calories, eat less, move more”.

          Also buy minimal game on amazon… And start reading everything on Aaron and GLL’s sites… You will get laid.

      • While there are a few Paleo-Game Cult blogs I occasionally read (mainly for purposes of documenting their insanity so that someone like Paul Elam can’t pull “I don’t know what you are talking about”), the fact is that I’m not familiar with most Paleo-Game Cult individuals. Most of the time when a cult member attacks me the first question I ask is, “Who is this person?” because I have never heard of them. That’s what happens when you have a job and a life unlike the Paleo-Game Cult.

        The reason why I know Paleo-Game Cult members so well is not because I read their blogs. It’s because they all think the same. There is no original thinking among the cult members so I can easily predict how anyone of them will think and act.

        • I see. Im trying to decide what i want. I mean iam a guy i want to get laid but to go through all that shit just for a wet hole seems pointless. Game guys seem to have the answers but they also need your money. And they push these worthless ideas (no masturbating are you kidding) You guys seem to have no need for women. Your interested in improving rights for men as a whole and basically these gamer cult guys have sorta twisted your message.

          Whats the future of the mra and whats the future of the gaming paleo cult.

          Will one slide into oblivion, will they be at war with each other for good, will they co exist in peace or more importantly will any of them ever get anything done.

          Got to say the amount of men wanting to get laid probably outnumber the number of wronged men. Hell a lot of the wronged men probably still just want to get laid.

          I know iam a newbie here and i dont want to hijack the thread but i just want to say its a breath of fresh air to have a conversation about something other than the end result of me putting a piece of engorged meat into a lubricated orafice.

          What iam interested in, is what do you personally feel is going to happen to these sub cultures. There both growing and there both going to end somewhere.

        • You guys seem to have no need for women.

          Please don’t conflate us all with BlackPill. There are two types of anti-gamers… Read Minimal Game… Or read my anti-game guide on how to get laid without selling your soul to pussy.

  5. Just checked it out alek. Had no idea such methods existed. Sure gets rid of the timewasters. Just skimmed through your blog. You got any experience abroad this seems to be another idea the paleo gamers are into but i mean whats your take you seem to know what your talking about.

    • Dude… stop it. No more. Stop analyzing. Just go apply aaron/gll’s shit and get laid. Leave the house now.

      What’s with all the followup questions. What’s this “abroad shit”. I’m not going to dissect every fucked up topic separately. Go see forum posts on Aaron/GLL for answers.

      Or even better, join a gym, get a great lifestyle, start hitting on chicks and start fucking. Who cares abroad this or abroad that. Don’t analyze shit.

  6. this is what counts for critical thinking at a pro-feminist blog…


    “See, it’s the listener’s job to listen to the argument regardless of what form it’s presented in. And it’s the speaker’s job (remembering, always, that it is not a requirement to educate people and if you’re too angry or busy or tired to do it properly you don’t have to do it) to present it in a form that listeners will find convincing.”


    “This is not about ‘civility.’ Fuck civility. I reserve the right to call Romney a femmephobic queerphobic doucheface as much as I like, because:

    1) He’s not reading my blog.
    2) Even if he were reading my blog I’m pretty damn sure he’s not going to change his mind based on it.”

    hehehehe, by this measure of critical stinking, I will call Futrelle Fatrelle,

    I’m not shaming him for stuffing his face with 6000 calories of McDonalds every day and doing no excersize….

    I’m shaming him for taking part of something someone said, then putting his own words behind it to twist the meaning, then putting a flashing sarcasm button below. It’s not nice nor nice ™ to do that…..

    funny how those social justice ™ types expect everyone to kiss their stinking butts….

    • this reply was posted-I wonder how long before it goes into “moderation”….

      “See, it’s the listener’s job to listen to the argument regardless of what form it’s presented in. And it’s the speaker’s job (remembering, always, that it is not a requirement to educate people and if you’re too angry or busy or tired to do it properly you don’t have to do it) to present it in a form that listeners will find convincing.”

      Maybe as the listener, I don’t think that you are arguing in good faith, or maybe you are just a bully who hides behind a social justice movement–or is Bully ™ more cutesy wootesy for teh interwebz….

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