28 comments on “Intentional Blindness

    • Sometimes comments get stuck in the spam filter. There’s nothing that can be done except to unspam them. I can’t turn off the spam filter because this blog is getting bombarded with spam now.

      I have to wonder what these manospherians are thinking. Are they so closed off from the outside world that they can’t see things from the perspective of an outsider? I guess the answer is yes.

  1. >>I have lost count of how many times I have seen the response of “just ignore them” when someone points out the white supremacists or other insanity in the manosphere. <<

    Exactly. We don't ignore the craziest feminist bloggers, so why should anyone think people will ignore the craziest men's issues bloggers?

  2. First they came for the conspiracy theorists,but I did not speak out as I was not one.
    Then they came for the paleo diet cult,but I did not speak out because I was not one.
    Then they came for the gamers,but I did not speak out because I was not one.
    When they came for me,there was no one left to speak for me.
    In short, be inclusive rather than exclusive if you need strength in numbers.
    “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

    • You’re a retard. And no, I will not be inclusive of fucking racists, fuck you dumbass.


      Check out ANY mainstream article bashing men or having a feministic point and you will see thousands of men commenting and making MRA-like points without being MRAs. Most are not MRAs.

      Men are waking up all over the world. THESE PALEO-GAME-CONSPIRACY FUCKERS ARE PREVENTING US FROM GETTING NUMBERS YOU YOU MORON. There are millions of MRA-s in waiting, but they won’t join us because the first thing they see when they come to our websites is the weird clown on the front-page making outrageous statements.

      WE WANT NUMBERS YOU IDIOT. It is PRECISELY because we want numbers that we want to evict the fucking racists and nuts. They’re KEEPING people from joining us.

      “they came for the paleos”

      NOBODY IS FUCKING “coming for” the paleos and conspiracy theorists. They’re like the weird unpopular kid in the corner that everyone ignores. Nobody is coming for them.

      It’s like geeky kids who think that the popular kids hate them, where in truth the popular kid doesn’t even know the geek exists. He’s not proactively trying to get him or make his life bad. He’s too busy having a LIFE.

      Look how successful Alex Jones has been.

      Success at what? What laws has he changed? What has he DONE? WHAT HAS HE ACTUALLY DONE?

      – Has he impacted any laws?
      – Has he dismantled an organization he rants or whines against?
      – What has he DONE?

      This is circular logic you fucking moron. Alex jones “success” has been succesfully creating more paranoid idiotic nuts who just make more conspiracy theories but never take any ACTION.

      We need numbers,sheer numbers, and a counter media.

      Good, so let’s evict the fucking clown sitting at the front door of our club and scaring potential customers.

      but in essence he’s been right most of the time,prophetic even.

      That’s just fucking not true. He keeps SAYING “omg we were right, we were right, omg we are always right”… But he does what psychics do.

      He ignores the 99 times he is wrong (he ussually says something like “we might be wrong about the timing, but not if it happens) and then he just stops talking about the thing he predicted but didn’t come true.

      Again, he never again mentions the 99 out of 100 things he predicted but never happened. SOMETIMES he even takes credit for them “well the elites heard me predicting it, so they didn’t go through with it”…


      • Check out ANY mainstream article bashing men or having a feministic point and you will see thousands of men commenting and making MRA-like points without being MRAs. Most are not MRAs.

        Or look at the support Brian Banks got for his documentary on his experience with the false rape industry. He got more money than he needed, but it didn’t come from the manosphere. The manosphere was completely missing in action (other than a few guys like PMAFT and TFH) when it came to this. This is the ultimate example of how there are a lot of men who MRAs in all but name willing to do things to support mens rights whereas the so called manosphere too busy with anti-semitism and conspiracy theories to bother.

        • And if the manosphere did write about Banks, it probably wouldn’t be to support him but to debate the best racial slurs to hurl at him or how to scientifically prove he did indeed rape the girl because he’s black and therefore has high testosterone and low IQ or they’d waste multiple weeks trying to discover if the false rape accuser was fat and ugly so that they could use it as an excuse to insult black women.

          I did see some commenters on GL Piggy discussing the case, but only to point out a new report about the accuser, a black girl, blowing her whole settlement on welfare and how it proves black inferiority.

        • Typo, meant to type “blew her settlement AND IS on welfare” not “blew her settlement on welfare”

    • You’re a fucking moron. No one is “coming” for the conspiracy theorists, paleo dieters or Roissyite gamers. They’re just trying to pretend that they’re important by deluding themselves that the government is after them.

  3. You’ve got some valid points about presenting a polished image,but those against don’t care about appearances anyway,they NEED to assert the narrative over and over because they have no logical foundation.These types of folks will never be appeased by any means or rational.
    “What happened there was that Paul Elam basically said that because he didn’t read it, everything I have been documenting of Hawaiian Fat Blob’s bullshit or other manosphere bullshit doesn’t exist.”

    That’s not what Paul said,nor what he meant.He said he doesn’t have time to monitor every last thing,or wants to be exclusive.

    It’s not that I’m against presenting a unified polished presence,but feel the numbers are more important considering the rabid insane opposition.There will always be something to pick apart or quote out of context.

    We need numbers,sheer numbers, and a counter media.
    Look how successful Alex Jones has been.
    Yeah, he’s over the top,but in essence he’s been right most of the time,prophetic even.

    • The problem is that if you want sheer numbers, the last thing you want to do is accept people indiscriminately because you will actually get less. This is because by letting in nasty, racist belligerent basement-dwelling delusional conspiracy kooks, who are a small, ineffectual part of the general population who never even leave the house, you scare away the normal guys, who are a much, much larger, influental part of the general population and actually are a functioning part of society.

      The only thing they do is attract more kooks and reduce credibility.

    • That being said, I think the worst is over now that Ferdinand Bardamu has given up the fight and Roissy’s just spinning his wheels.

    • That’s not what Paul said,nor what he meant.He said he doesn’t have time to monitor every last thing,or wants to be exclusive.

      If that was true, he wouldn’t be opposed to the gamers and wouldn’t argue against someone trying to warn him when something comes up he doesn’t have time to monitor.

      We need numbers,sheer numbers, and a counter media.
      Look how successful Alex Jones has been.
      Yeah, he’s over the top,but in essence he’s been right most of the time,prophetic even.

      Successful? Alex Jones has done nothing but be a buffoon and scam gullible people out of their money. He has not caused one law to be changed. He has not dismantled any of the conspiracies he claims to believe in. He hasn’t done anything for anti-feminism. He lies about conspiracies to take away our freedom while men are losing our freedom via divorce courts, the false rape industry, the false abuse industry, the false sexual harassment industry, and everything else feminism has created. He makes up bullshit videos about things like “Bohemian Grove” rather than the reality of things like divorce courts. He is useless.

      Nothing Alex Jones has predicted has come true. He has been predicting everything from dieoffs to Satanic cults taking over which have never happened all the while ignoring the real threats to freedom because of feminism/women.

  4. It’s been a while since I’ve written in any blog, I agree with everything you’ve said (and no, I haven’t checked any of your evidence including the link to Paul Elam’s comment).

    May I suggest something to you, Mr. Black Pill, you’ve been laser-focused on lunatics and scam peddlers, whom pretty much no one outside the so-called manosphere know or care about. You’re pretty much limiting your audience to those who are disillusioned by these scam artists, and that gets old. The sham is already up. I liked your old posts about widespread bias against the majority of males, yourself included.

    Some of these cult bloggers have real power over people’s thoughts, I wish they would stop using that power to peddle their own bullshit or just to stroke their ego with an online following. Ultimately there is a lack of leadership, transparency in interests/bias, and realization of ideas which has allowed them to gain influence. The conspiracy theorists who are only against feminism as a conspiracy need to be weeded out, along with the game peddlers by defeating them through silence. Even mentioning them negatively advances their interests, they are nothing but cultists desparately trying to latch on to a rising yet fringe mens advocacy movement. That’s all I’ll say about them.

  5. Greetings again friend Alex,and I say that sincerely, I have read much of your postings about the net and agree with almost everything you write.
    I know I hit a nerve,the truth has a way of doing that,do to the needless adjectives thrown against myself,such as-retard,dumbass,moron,and idiot.
    I can and will contend this sort of tunnel vision ideology and vitriol for anyone outside that tunnel could well be more counter productive than the nutters themselves.

    It’s the old circular firing squad spoken of old.
    As for those “positive comments” across the net on counter-feminism,they are just that,short responses designed to counter debate the issue at hand.

    If you could climb into the brain of those com mentors or read a lot more of what they have to say, I am SURE there would be something objectionable in there to be offended against.

    The latest article on AVFM seems to address this very article topic/post here, and does it quite well in my estimation.

    If you would like to debate that article I would be interested in your responses,and those of BP also.

    Seriously guys,the circular firing squad is getting battle fatigue.
    Let’s all hold hands and sing cumbia under the rainbow of brotherly love.
    (just like the women’s team woman)

    Team woman NEVER breaks ranks,that is their strength.

    • We’re not interested in what the kooks think. We’re interested in what they say and do. If they kept their conspiracy theories, Roissyite game, and paleo diet crap off mens rights blogs and forums, we wouldn’t care. There are plenty of venues for discussing Roissyite game, conspiracy theory, and the paleo diet. There is no need for the MRM space to turn into an extension of this crap.

      Just as you wouldn’t flood a digital photography forum with off topic subjects, the MRM space shouldn’t be flooded with off topic kook crap. This is a reasonable statement to everyone except those who are trying to annex the MRM into their kook crap.

      • And yet, even MRA advocates can’t face the truth: women are attracted to looks, period, and given freedom, they will naturally sleep only with the bestlooking men. This is what’s really been going on, but nobody wants to say it out loud.

        Therefore, to restore “men’s rights”, the only solution is to completely repress women – give them no independent income whatsoever.

        • Or you can do what legitimate advocates do and focus on judicial reform. This obsession with ‘what women want’ has nothing to do with mens rights, take it to the sex and relationships forums.

        • Agreed. Joining the MRM movement with a focus on “what women want” is counterproductive. I’d rather focus on what men want.

    • Seriously guys,the circular firing squad is getting battle fatigue.
      Let’s all hold hands and sing cumbia under the rainbow of brotherly love.
      (just like the women’s team woman)

      Team woman NEVER breaks ranks,that is their strength.

      So let me get this straight…you want Team Man to be like Team Woman, and to hold hands and sing kum-ba-yah? You want Team Man to be like Team Woman and NEVER break ranks, because that is their strength?

      Yet you accuse people like Black Pill of being the ones sowing dissension in the ranks of Team Man, while encouraging the allowance of White Nationalists, Anti-Semites, Conspiracy Kooks, and Anti-Mainstream Reactionaries in the membership of Team Man?

      Who on earth sows more dissension in the ranks than racists? The racists in the manosphere end up always turning discussions away from “men vs. woman” into “black men vs. white men vs. Jewish men.” The create more male infighting than ANYONE. Not just that, but they are the worst pussy pedestalizers of all, turning so much of the discussion into defending the so-called “purity” of white women against non-white and foreign cock.

      If you really want Team Man to have the unity of Team Woman, note how Team Woman promotes a women vs. man ideology above ALL else. They do outreach to white, Jewish, black, third world, Muslim, Indian, Asian women all equally, instead of pursuing schizophrenic goals like trying to promote women’s rights while also trying to suppress minorities of both genders, attacking carb eaters and a bunch of other areas of focus that end up diluting their focus.

      Please, show me the white nationalist camp of the mainstream feminist movement, the camp of the mainstream feminist movement that is focused on keeping black women from fucking white men and proving black women have inferior IQs, the camp of the mainstream feminist movement that is focused on turning a low-carb lifestyle into a freedom fighting movement the government is supposedly trying to oppress.

      All the factions of the manosphere you are encouraging us to accept are the EXACT THINGS KEEPING THE MRM FROM GAINING THE TYPE OF UNITY THE FEMALE MOVEMENT HAS. Letting more of them in will make the problem worse.

      • There’s an interesting historical cross section to the government’s anti meat propaganda system. The promotion of eating grains over meats goes back as far Kellogg who believed that eating corn made life better in every way and promoted vegetarianism at every turn. Kellogg was also a big time progressive who helped get the American media on the grains are good and meats are bad path. Now these type of things are not unusual as groups often differentiate themselves on the basis of diet without the diet actually meaning anything and getting most people to eat grain greatly reduces the cost of feeding your workers.

        Now it’s a well known fact that native hunter and gathers are always bigger, stronger, and longer lived that the basic substance based mainly grain eating farmers. There’s bit a lot of study on this subject comparing skeleton sizes before and after agriculture enters an area as well examine modern hunter and gathers recently converted to a most grain diet.

        Now lets talk about India. India was a nation conquered by white group who enslaved all the darker groups and created the racial cast system that we see today. The whiter upper class is still at the top of pyramid and it their class that seems to be most adamant in pushing people into vegetarianism. This results in a physically weaker, lower energy, and in general lethargic lower classes while the white upper class makes religious exceptions for themselves to continue to eat meat behind closed doors. If you want to keep a group of slaves down, feed them only grain and they’ll be much less of a threat than if you feed them something closer to the original human diet.

        Now that is a conspiracy theory as there isn’t any documented evidence that the Bahamians set out to do any such thing. But often human populations do something beneficial to their own group by causing something negative to happen to another group without understanding that’s what they’re doing. Most human “conspiracies” don’t have people pulling the strings everywhere and directly telling people to do X or Y to achieve result B. But we do frequently construct systems that benefit our group and hurt other groups without being fully honest with ourselves and others about the system is doing. Humanity is very good at lieing to others and ourselves about our true intentions.

      • The feminist moment does indeed attack certain groups of women: Home makers, prostitutes, foreign brides, Christan women. Almost everything feminists write about are male conspiracies to keep them from achieving the something men have achieved. In fact the entire feminists movement is nothing more than one giant conspiracies theory about being oppressed by men. Conspiracy mongering hasn’t hurt them in the least, as long as the conspiracy are officially allowed Conspiracies.

        The thing to understand about feminist/progressive ideology is this: They’re replacing the normal bonds of race, creed,culture, area, with the bonds of universal progressivism/feminism. They want women to be identified by being a feminist first, second and last. They’re building a universal culture for these women. This of course will eventually destroy the native bonds that all these different groups of women hail from. This type universal bonds leads to a lot of followers, but not a lot of fighters. When the bad times come such bonds will break easily and people will be right back to grouping by race, ect.assuming that they don’t cut their own birthrates enough that they simply fail to reproduce after gaining enough followers.

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