18 comments on “Endgame: Part 3

  1. on a side note, with the arrest of Eivind Berge–Fatrelle is trying to paint everyone with an interest in in Men’s Rights as a violent lunatic….

    he is also trying to tie in Breivik to men’s rights—well as a mixed race man, Brevik would’ve probably tried to put a bullet in me so f*ck him–I’m obviously not on his side or the White Nationalist/Neo Nazi side–and f*ck Fatrelle for misrepressenting.

    funny how if you went to a feminist website and called the author of the SCUM manifesto a feminist and accused other feminists of sharing those beliefs-you’d be called a troll and banned…. but she did shoot Andy Warhol-I don’t know wether she was insane or not or if the manifesto was a parody or not….

  2. That’s because despite all of their attempts to convince everyone otherwise, people are aware that feminism and feminists are only concerned with the advancement of white middle-upper class women. The whole feminist movement exists solely so those girls can climb that (ladder) to the top 1% of men.

  3. Did you know that every single artificial chemical ever created and put in food is safe? You know why? Science is MAGIC! And MAGIC is never bad! Well, in stories it often is, but in your own special wonderful world it isn’t!

    Through the magical magicness of Science, all artificial chemicals used today are 100% safe for everyone!

    Excluding MSG which can kill certain people, and of course also Aspartame. Also, Tylenol by itself can cause accute liver failure and death. So probably should avoid that to. But everything else is safe. Science is MAGIC!

    Magic makes it go!

    • I curl up into a tiny ball and weep when I read stuff like this. It seems Allan Bloom was a goddamn oracle and “The Closing of the American Mind” was facts.

      • If you do a Google search for “Comment_Whatever” this guys comments pop up all over the manosphere. This guy was an irate, irrational kook even in the days before kookery became the norm in the manosphere. Based on other comments I’ve found of his there’s no way this dude can leave the house and interact with people normally.

        • So are you the normal American supporter of Black Jesus or do you support the Mormon Corporate Raider Sociopath?

          Would you like to defend the wack-job beliefs of Mormonism or the Obama whose mother was abandoned by his father? Then she moved to the Philippines because “she hated American”. Later on, she would dump Obama on his grandparents so she could live an EPL lifestyle. His father died in a drunken car wreck! What a lineage!

          Which of these choices which the normal American wack-job takes seriously do YOU support?

          Or do you reject mainstream America when it just gets too embarrassing and merely hide behind it when your personal, and very idiotic, beliefs are questioned?

        • One of the things that’s interesting about this Comment_Whatever fella from the Google search I did…he used to go around picking fights and arguing with Roissy readers all the time…but for not being CONSPIRATORIAL AND REACTIONARY AND ANTI-MAINSTREAM ENOUGH. That’s right, he’s actually too kooky for the manosphere. He goes around trolling for arguments and if you actually engage him, he never lets up. He seems very lonely and out of touch with reality.

        • Oh that explains a lot. PT Barnum has just as crazy a conspiracy and persecution complex and need to bait people into arguments.

    • Mr. Whatever, why are you talking about this here? This isn’t what we’re interested in at this site. Go somewhere else to debate MSG, and you’ll have a better discussion.

  4. You made a statement that science cannot be trusted because it is ‘magical magicness’ which is a reflection of the postmodernist distrust of meta-narratives like the scientific method. Allan Bloom criticized this decades ago when it was rising, now it is mainstream on the internet.

    It is a sad criticism of the western world, and America in particular that its people have become so decadent that they would completely miss the point about what the scientific method is, and embrace their irrationality at that!

    Scientific discovery is neither an objective truth nor a political philosophy. Describing it as ‘magic magicness’ shows how little you understand what science is.

    I recommend “Fashionable Nonsense” by Alan Sokal. It is a very good book on this topic.

    • Seriously, do not engage the guy. All he wants to do is bait people into arguments so that he can go off the rails and vent his rage at someone. He really is incoherent and unable to be reasoned with. Like I said, google his comment handle and you’ll see what I mean. I think he’s super lonely and miserable feels like he needs to instigate arguments with people because it’s his only way to get attention and feel like he exists.

      • I did google his comments…maybe I’m insane….

        I agree with almost every post I saw. I didn’t see conspiracy theories mentioned once.

        • His craziness is that he has an insane persecution complex. He will ignore 95% of what you write, focus on 5% of what you wrote, something inconsequential or random, and then use that to go on some type of insane screed accusing you of endorsing or supporting one of the “villains” oppressing him. Sometimes he ignores 100% of what you wrote and creates a strawman out of something you didn’t even say at ALL and starts trying to pick a fight with you over THAT.

          Look at his rants above attacking people for blindly supporting science, blindly supporting MSG, blindly supporting Obama, blindly supporting Romney…they never have anything to do with the original comment he’s responding to.

  5. Nobody here seems willing to respond to any of the facts I stated in any of my posts. Just little girl “I checked his IP” and “I googled him”.

    Can artificial chemicals added to foods be dangerous or not?

    HINT: The real scientific answer is “Of course.”

    Now if you have a mindless faith in any priest… I mean scientist… wearing a white coat then I imagine that is a hard truth to swallow.

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