56 comments on “The “Women Have It Equally As Bad But In A Different Way” Trick

  1. Also keep in mind that unattractive men are not considered “men” by women. So if a man on the Internet says “men get a raw deal when seeking relationships” any woman seeing this is NOT visualizing an average man. She’s thinking of a man she or her friends might be interested in dating. So she thinks “what does he have to complain about?”

    Men with average or low sexual market value are background noise or “creepy.” Not men.

    • That is right. It’s the apex fallacy run amok. Only apex men are considered to be actual men by women. The rest of us men are viewed as subhuman slaves by women.

      • All men are considered utilities by women. Even the superalphas. It’s all about what he can do for her.

  2. Is the author really so dense, so lacking in logic skills, that he can’t figure this out? If a chick can get banged three times a night for a month yet not find a man who will commit to her, yet a man cannot get laid but three times in a month, yet two of those three women are willing to commit to him, who has the easier time finding someone to commit, and who has the easier time getting laid again? I’m not saying that those femcunt authors are correct, but attack their arguments with logic, not by disregarding logic.

    • If a chick can get banged three times a night for a month yet not find a man who will commit to her, yet a man cannot get laid but three times in a month, yet two of those three women are willing to commit to him

      Here’s the part you’re missing.

      -> The woman who can “get laid three times a night” is EVERY WOMAN
      -> The man who can “get laid with three different women a month” is a very rare and super attractive stud.

      Listen chick-brain, I know celebrities, male models, professional dancers, VIP persons, I don’t know one who can get laid with three different women a month (unless he went on a rampage of hitting on 40 women a night)

      You gotta compare apples and apples and oranges and orange. You commited a falacy of comparing the top 0.1% of the male population to the average woman.

    • What world do you live in? What kind of a man can hardly find any women willing to sleep with him yet the vast majority of women who sleep with him will commit to him? Does such a man exist anywhere?

      • That’s the truth about this. To try to justify this “men can get commitment easily” bullshit, women and manginas have to fabricate increasingly absurd situations that are increasingly divorced from the reality that men face.

    • You’re either a total moron or a super mangina if not both. If a guy can really get two women a month to commit to him, then by definition they’re going to have sex with him. That doesn’t happen to 99% of men including you which is the point.

  3. Women do not only bang alphas, or guys they need to be bailed out by. Most women are simply not alpha enough to be noticed by an alpha, unless he is not drunk to the boot. Average looking, or even substandard chicks hit on guys in the general category.

    I reduced much of my social life because of this happening regularly.

    I agree that women can get sex easier, I would add that they are also breaking commitment easier than men. As far as I can see, I see guys attempting to maintain a relationship with women that do not value them.

    • “Most women are simply not alpha enough to be noticed by an alpha”

      Not where I live. If an average women finds a handsome man at the right time, she can bag him. But an average man has zero chance with a pretty woman no matter when he tries. And I suspect most people would agree with me.

  4. I in fact had three different women within a 30 day span. All three wanted to be in a committed relationship with me. I’m nothing special. 50+ in good health, crumby job, but handsome and in good physical health. Perhaps you are doing it wrong.

    • Yes I believe you.

      The fact that I know the most handsome, charming and charismatic men in several cool industries and have never seen anyone pull this off consistently (20-30 year old male singers, models, dancers, entertainers) is probably just coincidental. But some blogger online who won’t even show his face on camera is out-fucking them all… Very believable.

      You tell me what, why don’t you handsome charismatic panty-melting roissyties ever appear on camera or make youtube videos?


      Of course one can get 3 lays a month, I’ve done it, but it was with women who had been “in the buffer” for a while. Over here we’re talking about the act of consistently getting 3 new ones without massive effort.

      To get 3 new chicks each month you’d have to hit on like 50 chicks a day.

      • Oh nevermind, I now notice you did admit say it as a one-time occurance. My bad, I forgot that the way gamers lie is by omission or implying things, rarely through outright lying.

        I in fact had three different women within a 30 day span.

        Well duh, if you’re working on many prospects at once, this will happen sometimes. If you plant a lot of seeds, sometimes by sheer coincidence it will happen that 3-4 seeds happen to blossom in the same month.

        But the discussion here was consistency. A woman can get three different men EVERY NIGHT… consistently. In croatia there was a story of a teenage girl who made a bet on how many men she could sleep with, I believe she won the bet by sleeping with 4 different men EVERY DAY for several months.

        NOT ONE SINGLE MALE IN THE HISTORY OF HUMANKIND HAS EVER ACHIEVED THAT (not consensually at least, some emperors raped their way through that many women).

        NO MALE HUMAN BEING HAS EVER achieved the feat of fucking FOUR DIFFERENT every day for MONTHS ON END… EVER… in the fucking history of humankind – yet some girl did it on a whim as a bet.

        I know a lot of the promise of the game religion is the promise that you can get the male equivalent of pussy power, but grow the fuck up, it doesn’t exist. You have a penis, and sex will never be as easy to obtain for you as a vagina owner. Accept it. You’re fucking 50 years old for fucking sake, how the fuck can you be so fucking immature. Fucking crying out loud, I passed the game stage in between my late teens and mid 20s. How can a fucking 50 year old be falling for a scam even most 20 year olds are too mature to fall for? What’s wrong with you!?!?!

        • Not sure why I waste my time. You people seem juvenile, the essence of beta male. I’m no “player” I’m just a regular dude. Maybe it is because I am older, and seeking older women with less options. But I have indeed bedded three attractive women within a thirty day period in the past 2-3 months (not sure of exact date). All of them want/wanted a LTR. I have no reason to make it up.

          That said, WHY are we whining about what some woman said again? And to make your point you have to resort to some chick in Checkoslavakia? Duh. Women can get men to screw them. Not exactly a newsflash. I’ve never disputed that portion of the equation. It is the part of the eqation about which sex has the easier time “getting a commitment” about which we disagree.

          I contend that women do indeed have a harder time getting a commitment from a man than vice versa. Women are hard-wired to be serially monogamous. Men are wired to want variety. So long as a woman is trying to rope in a man who has other options, then she has her work cut out for her, and will fail often. She can get sex any time she wants, but keeping a man exclusively will be much more difficult.

          A man, on the other hand, as we all know cannot get sex whenever he wants unless he is a Wilt Chamberlayne, Brad Pitt, Hugh Hefner type, which none of us are. But when he does find a bitch that finds him acceptable, and it is not a one night stand, once he starts banging her, provided he does it reasonably well, she will be easily inclined to want a long term relationship because of how women are. He will not be so inclined to have a committed relationship. Why buy the cow when the milk is free, why remain committed to one when you can have several, etc. affect a man’s desire to commit.

          Of course, all bets are off for the punk who can’t attract a woman, and who gets laid maybe once a year. Then whatever pussy he gets causes him to prostrate himself before that woman and seek a LTR since that is the only way that he will ever get laid. So yeah, I guess I agree with the author if he is in the latter group that can never find a woman who wants to have sex with him. Other than that, I agree with the woman’s original assertion. And I threw in my own anecdotal experience as it seems to be more in line with her assertion than with his. Ta ta, and let the little weenies throw a hissy fit in 3-2-1…

        • But I have indeed bedded three attractive women within a thirty day period in the past 2-3 months (not sure of exact date). All of them want/wanted a LTR. I have no reason to make it up.

          Are you fucking illiterate or did you not read my comment at all.






          That said, WHY are we whining about what some woman said again?

          WHY ARE YOU CHANGING THE SUBJECT!?!?! IF IT DOESNT INTEREST, THEN WHY ARE YOU WRITING 5 PAGE REPLIES to then say “blah, why are we even discussing this”?

          If you were as indifferent as you claim to be, THEN WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU HERE AND STILL RESPONDING?

          That’s the problem with you fucked up gamers. You don’t get that you don’t even play your own game. You try to act “indifferent alpha”.

          GUESS WHAT IDIOT – THE STEREOTYPICAL INDIFFERENT ALPHA THAT YOU TRY TO ACT OUT WOULDNT EVEN BE ON THIS WEBSITE ARGUING WITH US – DO YOU GET THIS YOU FUCKED UP MORON!?!?! The fucking alpha cartoon character you’ve built up in your hand wouldn’t even be on fucking blogs online arguing about this shit you idiot.

        • @John Doe – I think your comparisons are extremely skewed and honestly, I am not even sure what you are comparing with what. Do you know an average guy has something like 7 sexual partners in his LIFETIME? (And generally speaking, guys tend to lie on the higher side). So an average guy is certainly not having sex with a new girl a year averaged over a reasonable time horizon. 2-3 new girls a year places you in well more than average guy category. I think it’s also safe to say that the said person won’t do it “reasonably well”. So your statement, “Why buy the cow when the milk is free, why remain committed to one when you can have several,” clearly doesn’t hold.

          Literally, the number of guys who have “several” at a time, is so small. I honestly think that most guys have never even had a fuck buddy in their entire life. Do you also know that relationship sex is norm on this planet? Do you know that most guys have never had 2 girls at the same time, forget having “several”.

          I think either you are a super stud who is under complete delusions about what an average guy is like, or you are just a pure theoretical keyboard jockey who has hasn’t stepped out of his house in a very long time.

        • He’s a keyboard jockey like the rest of the Roissyite gamers. A man who is really that successful with women doesn’t act like John Doe.

        • Black pill and his little minions crack me up. Everybody who comments negatively must be a gamer wannabe and one who lies about his personal experiences and is a liar who just talks big. If a commenter insults me, I’m going to insult him back, guarandamnteed. That in turns gets me the insult that I must be “shamming” [sic] the guy who insulted me. No, dear little idiots, I’m not shaming him–I’m repaying insult for insult. I’m not a gamer. I’m a regular guy. I’ll listen to your “logic” and when you are wrong, I’ll call you on it. When you act like little bitches and question my statements, and otherwise act like punks, I’ll point that out too. Sorry you can’t fathom a real live man who actually gets laid by multiple ladies who is not a gamer, but I am living proof that such men exist. I’m also not hostile to the MRM in general, and I support it in general, but I am hostile to little punks who act like little bitches, not men. Try to attack my arguments and I have no problem with you. Let’s have that discussion. But attack me or my integrity, and I will fight back. Deal with it.

        • You have no arguments because we all know you’re full of shit. You’re not the first to come here and lie about getting laid. You won’t be the last either. All of you talk and act the same. We know how you think and what you will say next. You are that predictable.

      • . Sorry you can’t fathom a real live man who actually gets laid by multiple ladies who is not a gamer, but I am living proof that such men exist.

        Are you strawmanning or are you illiterate? NOBODY SAID THAT – STOP FUCKING LYING

        – OF COURSE IT’S POSSIBLE TO GET MULTIPLE LADIES (in a single month)

        – OF COURSE ITS POSSIBLE IT MIGHT HAVE HAPPENED TO TOU ONCE (happened to me a few times)


        – the topic is can a man CONSISTENTLY get a different woman each night of the week… And the answer is no. Can a woman get a different man each night? The answer is yes.

        You might disagree or agree, BUT FUCKING KEEP TO THE TOPIC… The topic was NOT if it’s theoretically possible to have it happen that 3 chicks happen to be in your life at one given period… THAT WAS NOT THE SUBJECT. Pay attention.

  5. Bang on.

    It’s a bit like saying that driving is easier for blind people than for the sighted. After all, look how many sighted people get in car crashes compared to the blind?

  6. Haha. Some little bitch got their panties in a wad. Did I strike a nerve in little never gets laid boy?

    Get your facts straight. I never claimed to be an alpha male or a gamer. This is a public blog, and I pointed out that the author was using crappy logic, and I personally disagree with him and agree with the cunt who wrote the original piece. That does not make me a bad person, and certainly does not make me deserving of you pissing all over yourself and acting like a little 12 year old girl. If this is how you act, no WONDER you can’t get laid. Try turning gay–I hear faggots love it when people like you throw fits.

      • If this is what constitutes the ‘manosphere’ homophobia and mocking virgins…. I hope it fails.

        It is an extension of feminism to mock men for whatever reason they can come up with and call them ‘gay’ and ‘can’t get laid’. As a man who neither desires nor pursues women is the most dangerous man to the privledges of the white upper-middle class female. If this language is now the language of the ‘manosphere’ I am glad to see how irrelevant it is.

        • Fuck you. I was called an idiot, a fucked up gamer, a fucked up moron, fucking illiterate, and a “chick brain” and all your gay faggott ass can see is me fighting back. Pay attention queer bait before you weigh in about what is said on the Manosphere, and why, before you mouth off.

  7. You’re a real tough guy aren’t you…..lol

    ‘queer bait’ ‘gay faggott ass’

    What is the obsession with homosexuality among right-wing Americans? I am neither American nor right-wing so I am legitimately curious. You would think your ‘manosphere’ would welcome gay men with open arms. They, and the virgin crowd, are the only men capable of being true ideological purists in thought, as they are not clouded by false bravado and posturing for status to be a better, more acceptable slave.

    Which is the way you are.

    • John Doe, you sound like the kind of guy who when Roissy does one of his “science” posts thinks he’s actually reading great, expert interpretations of scientific studies. You sound that smart.

    • I hope people will stop being anti-homosexual too. At A Voice For Men the other day a frequent poster talked about how he was gay, and how whenever a feminist says he only supports men’s rights because he can’t get women to sleep with him he tells her he is gay, and I thought that was one of the best things I’ve heard in a loooong time.

  8. Let me demonstrate how pathetic this wannabe thug above is. He came in here talking about how people on here were betas. Good so far, it means he buys into that stupid ass shit alpha/beta dichotomy. Here’s what this moron misses.

    – we pointed out to him that an alpha wouldn’t spend his time arguing with betas online and trying to post 5 page replies about these subjects

    – this shocked this dumbass into realizing that his behaviour on here does not fit the behaviour of that cartoonish alpha thug character these dumbassess believe in… So he had to backtrack and say “oh oh oh well I never said I was an alpha…”

    – but according to the alpha/beta theory that would make him a “beta” as that theory splits men into either alphas or betas

    – but if he’s a beta, how is he getting loads of sex and his three fuckbuddies begging for a commitment? I thought betas live in their mommies basements or barely get one girlfriend who cheats on him with alphas?

    – he has to either drop the alpha/beta idiotic theory (as produced by the manosphere)… Otherwise things don’t add up, now do they?

    • Is the alpha and beta stuff based on leadership or attractiveness levels towards opposite sex?

      I ask this because it is a confusing mess.

      • It is based on applying assortive mating among primates to humans along with some pop-psych sex-pos feminism lemon twist.

        • Good one.

          It’s also a tautology:

          Freud: what do women want?

          Fred: alphas!

          Newt: what’s an alpha?

          Fred: it’s what women want.

        • @Martian

          It’s also easily seen as the tautology it is when anyone points out the contradictions to gamertards. I’ve been told the following scenario is common in the roissysphere.

          Roissy: in order to get laid you must NEVER give women a compliment on approach. This is a beta move, and you’re a beta if you do it. Alphas don’t compliment women.

          New reader: I have a friend who approaches women telling them how beautiful they are, and he showers them with compliments and he’s laid over 200 women.

          Roissy: well if he lays that much women, he’s an alpha

          NewReader: but wait I thought you said giving compliments makes you a beta, and betas don’t get laid? Am I missing some distinction?

          [permanent IP ban forever]

          *the above is a made up example. I’m just illustrating the actual pattern. You can replace compliments with anything that Roissy claims makes you an alpha or beta.

          Game IS a tautology, and this is why gamers can never agree on what it is or define it.

        • I think game is entirely snake oil bullshit but that the alpha/beta premise still applies. You’re strawmanning it too hard. With a lot of gamers, it is a tautology but gamers are largely cult-like idiots.

          Generally what alpha means is “good genes” — how can you tell someone has “good genes”? I would say this is largely physical appearance-based in terms of what conscious human perception can see. If you look at the guys who are most successful you will see two things:

          Either that man objectively good looking. Tall, clean skin, good build, facial symmetry, etc. All of the markers that go with physical beauty.


          That man has a lot of money and the status that usually comes along with it in some way. Unless the moneyed guy is also good looking this is usually a resource grab on part of the women. For example Tom Leykis falls into this category of moneyed guy that is in reality what you could call a beta. Guy is heavy and not good looking but he has so much money he can attract gold diggers. How many women do you think would be interested in him if he didn’t have the money?

  9. John Doe completely misses the point. He says that he banged three chicks in a month and all three wanted commitment. This was proof that commitment was easier for men to acquire.

    I’m happy to believe that John Doe is telling the truth about these three chicks, but……..

    Whole point is: (as BP said in the original posting). The man needs to get the sex before he gets the opportunity to commit. And sex is easier for women to get than it is for men.

    John Doe has disproved nothing about the original point made by BP.

    • It wasn’t about proving anything for John Doe. All he wanted to do was puff his chest out about how ‘alpha’ he is on the internet and take some pot shots at BlackPill for ‘not being able to get laid’ then shoot some homophobic phrases at me when I came to BlackPills defense.

      Gay men are the best allies the MRAs could ever ask for. Gay men are immune to shaming language, and immune from the negative social consequences of speaking out in favour of men’s rights.

      But instead right wing americans would rather embrace their ugly identity politics.

  10. I think someone needs to summarize this article’s point in a different way to make it a tad bit clearer.

    – A common trick used by feminists is the “men and women have it equally as bad” trick

    – As you know, there are areas of life where men have it much much worse than women. These are areas where women enjoy far more power, choices and suffer a lot less pain and have less struggles. Let’s call these areas “bastions of female privilege”

    – Even though feminists make it a goal to enter any area of life and find ways to claim that women have it worse in one area of life… The BFPs are so incredibly lopsided to the favor of women, that not even feminists would dare imply that men “have it better” in such an area

    – This is why they have to resort to the “men and women have it equally as bad” trick

    – they do this by scouring and turning every rock to find even an inkling of power that males have, and then they say “huh, see women and men have it just as bad”.

    Here’s how this plays out in dating

    – we know that women have all the power, choice and privilege in getting the first date, first kiss, first sex

    – we also know that men do have some power when it comes to accepting that a partnership has entered commitment

    – Lets say that commitment starts at date 13 on average. This is when the men is tasked with accepting commitment

    – We also know that up to that date, each next date is completely in the woman’s power… She chooses whether the next date will happen or not, and the man is largely powerless

    —– Heres how it breaks down

    – A woman has all the power from dates 1 through 12, and then the man gets the power on date 13…

    So how does this mean men and women have equal power? I mean feminist have always sucked at math… But how is it that the woman who has all the power for 12 dates, and the manor just one date… How are they EQUALLY powerful and equally powerless?

    And I didn’t even mention what happens after date 13. Men don’t all of a sudden get the power once commited. In fact women perform most breakups, not men. So let’s say that in relationships men and women do have equal power.

    The point is however that in dating, women have an much much higher level of power and hold most of the privilege.

    • Objectively in dating men have something like 5-7% of the power and women have 93-95% of the power.

      Feminists look at this and say “seeeee sees men and women have it just as bad! Men have half of the power!”. I have no idea how 5% can be “half”, but I digress.

      That actually requires the feminist to erase all the male corpses leading up to the point where a man even GETS this little power.

      They ignore that a woman has power in dating through the mere act of being born with a vagina. Merely existing as a vagina owner gives her the power to emotionally destroy dozens or hundreds of men, until she allows one to get to “date 13”.

      On the contrary, the man who gets to choose if he’ll impart commitment upon a woman has EARNED that power. He has gone through massive amounts of effort, rejection, humiliation, stress and has made literally hundreds of risky moves… He doesn’t get to date 13 by the mere act of owning a penis-society tasks him with EARNING date 13, which the woman gets for free, with no effort or energy or risk on her part.

      And then once they ARE commited, they both have power … But we call that relationships, not dating.

      In dating women have most of the power, and they gain it for the mere act of existing. In dating men CAN get a little power, but only through investing a lot of blood, sweat and tears.

  11. “The man who can “get laid with three different women a month” is a very rare and super attractive stud.”

    Holy shit, are you serious?! That’s the baseline? Thanks for the compliment.

    This is my first visit to this site, I came here looking for something else.

    Might there be a “conversational apex fallacy” operatve here? Here is an example, I was once a very serious Christian, I studied Christian apologetic and read various theology blogs, but it would be a big mistake to assume from the level of discourse found there that most Christians have even read the Bible, they haven’t.

    There are definitely cultural memes and social practices that give the typical woman easier access to casual sex than the average man, and it would be error for the average man to see his difficulties in this arena exclusively as the function of personal failure.

    In the early 1900s, women used to choose men, men would receive calls, come to her house, meet her on the porch, and things would be soon be marriage-bound or over after a few get togethers. Cars changed the game. Men started asking women out on dates more often, using their greater material resources to “financially peacock” women, men would of course sleep around when they could but essentially when you started heavily pursuing a girl life-long monogamy was the perceived end-game. A woman’s reputation was critical to her mating success, she had to at least play along with sexually passive and socially submissive cultural scripts in order to be perceived as a woman of virtue and self-respect.

    [See here: http://www.amazon.com/Front-Porch-Back-Seat-Twentieth-Century/dp/0801839351/ref=sr_1_3?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1347915814&sr=1-3&keywords=on+the+front+porch ]

    Women collectively protested and minimized collusion in the aspects of the mating and dating game that “weren’t working for them.” They became more situationally-fluid as well. The truth is that a woman can smell of “wine, dine, and feign love so I can get the sex” guy a mile a way, and a feminist-minded woman will either turn away on principle (out of egalitarianism sentiment) or play along until she doesn’t feel like doing so anymore (sure why not?). A more heteronormative woman will pat herself on the back for finally coming across a “real gentleman” and she may sincerely fall for him, this woman may or may not run into some “off-script” men or bad boys who are more charismatic or sexually overt along the way. You just have to choose a path at the right place and time and accept your losses. On the collective level, men can discourage one another from attempting to “buy women off” and, if they’re bold enough, discourage women who use their sexuality as a commodity from doing so in favor of a more collaborative model.

  12. “In dating women have most of the power, and they gain it for the mere act of existing. In dating men CAN get a little power, but only through investing a lot of blood, sweat and tears.”

    I believe that two things need to happen for this to change (1) men must collectively raise their standards, and (2) there must be increased normalization of promiscuity on the part of women. It was male virgin-idolizing and slut-shaming the drove the sexual market value of the average woman sky high. We need to not even blink if we see a woman fucking around, even high five them, maybe “So what, we’re animals, aren’t we?” should be the response, and to make equitable treatment AND sexual satisfaction the baseline level of accomodation in relationships. As long as every woman knows that guy will put up with anything and that she can kick the sexual can forever and forever without complaint the average guy is stuck with a bad deal.

    • What if women lowered their standards instead? I think that would be more fair to everyone. Right now most of them have standards that are sky-high, especially compared to what they bring to the table. As for slut-shaming, most people who do that are women, not men, so that’s not up to us to fix.

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