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  1. Exactly.

    It’s all about keeping the regular Joe in the Not-So-Sweet Spot.

    They need guys to be like a donkey chasing a carrot on a stick, so they spend hours talking about how wonderful the carrot is, how life isn’t worth living without it and how any donkey who questions the whole ‘carrot’ thing is just some kind of mule.

    But if some donkey ever points out that he’s shifted endless cartloads of cargo without ever getting the carrot, why, he’s obviously *entitled*. He’s arrogant, he’s selfish, he’s selfish, arrogant, entitled donkey and he should rightly be mocked even by folks who never so much as shifted single cart in their whole lives.

    Actually, thinking about it, it’s more like Scientology. Keep paying through the nose to get to the next level, and some day soon you ‘ll be able to fly and travel through time. Anyone who questions it all is suffering from too many Thetans attached to them.

  2. The Unions sure likes a good bidding war for it’s product.
    The most aggressive buyers are rewarded with pats on head.
    Want the gash? Show the cash!

  3. I think there’s a little more than meets the eye….

    These sorts love to stand on the shoulders of “lesser” men to feel better….

    I think it’s the same deal with Schwyzer/Roissy….

    They get “some” success with women then want to brag how they are “so much better” than other men….

    It’s like the manosphere where a guy who makes 20k per year talks about how great the free market is and there is wealth if you just get off your butt but the truth is he is talking to guys living in their mom’s basements, not anyone in the real world….

  4. Hahaha of course he has books for sale!

    Hey nerds, buy buy buy I’ll teach you to be alpha from my desk at home!

    Game is a fraud and scam to try and extract money from men who have had their self-esteem stolen from them by a culture that hates them. Simple as that.

  5. Yeah I’ve looked at some of that. Not surprising that he is a doughy pasty wimp with no musculature and a wife who looks like she’s been put through the college football locker room a couple dozen times in her life.

    But hey, its his life, she hadn’t learned what she wanted yet I’m sure of it. Now its real love! hahahaha.

    Of course, what she wanted was a life funded by the Pillsbury dough-boy there.

  6. Yeah, sure, it’s men who think they are entitled to sex. Remember a few months ago when some insurance plans said they would stop covering the pill, which would mean women could not have as much sex as they want? Feminists got really, really mad. Not only do they feel entitled to sex, but someone else has to pay the bill for it as well. Now that’s entitlement.

    And calling nerds “privileged” is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard. I might have to start reading that ridiculous blog, since I appreciate a good laugh.

    • That’s a good point. All this talk about men supposedly feeling entitled is really just projection on the part of women who have entitlement complexes the size of the Grand Canyon.

      • No that’s not a good point. That is THEE point!

        Sorry Black Pill but your post is way off. Deserve =/= Entitlement.

        “Deserve” is how men feel about sex i.e. men do X (those things women say they want) and women will be true to their word and follow through.

        “Entitlement” is how women feel about sex i.e. I have a vagina, I can be as fickle, dishonest, passive and selfish as I want to be.

        Men are accused of being “entitled” for two reasons.
        1. It is the opposite of deserve and thus paints the deserving as undeserving
        2. When the truly “entitled” get called out for being so, an effective defense tactic is to discredit and slander the messenger as either uppity, or entitled.

        Rethink your original post.

  7. This was funny. One of the most well known guy in the roissysphere by name of Whiskey discusses the movie theater shooting. He’s a believer in HBD, the cult that believes all societal problems and especially violent crime stem from low-IQ blacks. So he explains a shooting spree by a high IQ white guy by….blaming it as usual on low-IQ blacks!


  8. There’s a disturbing meme I’ve been seeing growing lately, and was wondering what you thought of it. Paul Elam himself even raised it here. There are people who are hearing the critiques of the manosphere and even agree with them, but are viewing them as a necessary evil, as being “better than nothing.” It makes me wonder what will happen if this idea gets traction, the idea that a conspiracy kook gamer blog is a better option than being a regular mainstream joe.

    • I agree. It’s bizarre, and I can’t completely make sense of it assuming that someone like Elam actually wants to defeat feminism.

      The kooks are useless for mens rights. Even if you agree with them, they’re useless from a practical perspective since they can’t even achieve a small fraction of their own goals. At least half of the time the kooks are stabbing the MRM in the back. For every kook in this area, we lose at least 500 mainstream joes. (Yes, I think it is that high.)

      For the MRM to succeed it has to become a broad based mainstream movement. Embracing the kooks is counter to this goal.

  9. “There are people who are hearing the critiques of the manosphere and even agree with them, but are viewing them as a necessary evil, as being “better than nothing.”

    If there is anything we can learn from the feminists-that is what they could’ve done but didn’t do in the 70’s-is to drive out the looneys, racists and misogynists…

    that is to say-this isn’t “my manosphere.”

    that is to critique manosphere bloggers as harshly as we critique Marcotte, Fatrelle and their ilk….

    as a mixed race man, I’ve told the white nationalists/neo nazi’s to go f*ck themselves many a time….

    for example-I’m sure as sh*t not gonna stand along Jack Donovan or the Good Man Project…..


    • game is just another religion….

      if his only problem was “getting laid” he coulda bought himself a “sex vacation” somewhere for all the money he spent on guns and ammo….

      I really don’t want to play armchair psychiatrist….

      I have no idea why these people go crazy. Even most “omega’s” wouldn’t go on a killing spree as a prison sentence would keep one away from their favorite activities such as video games….

      ….it’s funny as in pathetic that Rooshiepoops and the Crapteau are using a serial killer to promote game.

        • That’s interesting, but I don’t think being highly organized rules out him being mentally ill. A lot of psycho murderers use elaborate and clever plans to control their victims.

        • That is a very childish analysis posted on that website. There isn’t even a reference to the Holmes Typology. You can’t begin to analyze spree and serial killers without understanding the Holmes Typology study. In fact his very shallow analysis proves the Holmes Typology that the Colorado Spree Killer was a Power/Control killer.

          As black pill has indicated, recent experience with power/control murders among white upper-middle class males is proving to have a few very clear similarities in personality. Among them, an internalized feeling of helplessness and control by ‘external forces’ like women, conspiracies, or ‘the illuminati’. Which leads to a lashing out, as described by Holmes and Holmes in the study.

          Most of us would say ‘oh well’ and work around their feelings, but the killer is drunk on his desire for power, he lashes out in an obsessive-compulsive behaviour.

          Obvious and clear to anyone with an education in psychiatry, less clear to pop-psych evo-psych speculators on the internet.

        • Yes, the whole “insane people can’t do premeditated crimes” meme is something that pops up a lot among the misinformed. Insanity has more to do with how one perceives and interprets reality and social norms than how well and meticulously one plans.

        • Ideologues walk on egg-shells when the topic of serial killers come up for one simple reason: Ted Bundy.

          Ted Bundy is as infamous and well studied as he is, because he is as close the ‘perfect killer’ as we are likely to see. Lucid, charismatic, attractive, and as shallow and narcissistic as a human being could possibly be. Interviewers have said that when they met Ted Bundy he perfectly conformed himself to his audience for maximum rapport.

          As you say, his insanity was almost perfectly tuned to today’s world. Even until the day he was executed he had legions of women believing he was 100% innocent.

          It will be grim and interesting to see how James Holmes and Anders Brevik play out in the next couple decades. Both are ‘attractive’ white males, both seem to be power/control killers. Brevik has demonstrated himself to be incredibly charismatic, this guy not so much. The difference in how each of them are perceived will be ‘interesting’ allbeit a little voyeuristic.

  10. We’ve discussed Roissy’s silly alpha male tautology before: “How do you describe what gets women? Being alpha! And how do you describe being alpha? Anything that gets women!”

    What’s disturbing is how his increasingly insane commenters are using this dumb tautology to reach disturbing conclusions. For example there are some female social media users calling the Colorado shooter hot and sexy. Normal people would look at this and say it’s an anomaly that stands out more precisely because it’s such an anomaly. A pussy-begging Roissyite however sees that and wonders if that means spree-killing is alpha and therefore a reasonable pussy-getting strategy, once someone figures out how to “refine” it:


    Let me look at this from another perspective.

    Isn’t it wrong to call him a beta or an omega male, when he’s obviously having a lot of positive attention from women? His success would make him an alpha male by your own definition.

    You could argue that his game is more effective than what’s taught on this site. His game is unrefined, sure, because it’s unlikely that he’s getting away with it – but that doesn’t mean it was ineffective. I’m sure there’s a lesson to be learnt from it, and I hope it isn’t “being a massmurderer is alpha”, though at a glance it would look like that.

    Hey, something got “positive attention from women?” There must be something admirable about it then! What a sick, pussy-begging way to view the world.

    This one and its responses are also gold:


    • Those who never progress in their study of the mind beyond introductory texts in college always seem to fall into the same trap of filling every margin with ‘fuck or fight’. This obviously comes from Freud.

      Then the manosphere goes completely off the rails and everything becomes driven by eros, no thanatos at all. Everything is based on the fuck drive even the thanatos drive itself. It is a misinterpretation of Freud, and a childish analysis of what Freud what trying to say.

      • I should also add. The ‘integration’ of eros and death drive into a single concept (which Žižek erroneously calls libido) is attributed to Žižek. Not that Roissy would know that.

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    • Even though I disagree with some of his more provocative trollbait posts, overall I like the guy, simply because he pisses off the roissyites a lot more than he agrees with them. He throws a monkey wrench into the racist, IQ-bragging circle jerk very often, he doesn’t jump on the bandwagon of “duuhh porn and prostitution are bad, only gaming chicks counts” mindset that roissyites use. It’s also entertaining to see the roissyites flip out in the comments.

      I’m not endorsing all or even a majority of what he writes, but I don’t think he’s as bad as most roissyites either, or even deserves to be called one. he mocks many of their beliefs.

      • “he’s more silly than anything else.”

        I loved how all the “tough guys” at Inmalafide would get butt assed hurt and tell him to go back to India.

        He is arrogant though….

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