44 comments on “On Its Way To Irrelevancy

  1. Well, it’s good to see that White and Nerdy is good for something.
    You provided some inspiration for Femitheist! Good job. *Pats you on the back*
    If I didn’t see this with my own eyes I might believe this blog was good for nothing but bitching about how other people in the men’s rights movement don’t live up to your rather ludicrous standards and nothing else! Good job. Maybe you’ll do some more activism soon!

    • What can i say? This is what happens when you have intelligence and do actual things instead of being a keyboard jockey who lies about getting laid and trolls blogs on a Friday night because his life sucks.

        • You can’t troll your own blog. Plus, I’m not a gamer so I am not making up stories about sexual exploits that didn’t happen. You gamers should be too busy to troll my blog, particularly on a Friday or Saturday night. You just proved you’re not getting laid and that you are full of shit.

      • I really don’t think “not being a nut” is a ludicrous standard to want people to meet.

        It’s not a ludicrous standard except for the red pill paleo game morons.

  2. Yeah, RP, but it’s kinda nutty to write over and over and over again about how you and a very small group of circle-jerkers are sane and everyone else is just nutz! Or lazy. Or doing it wrong.

    I look forward to twenty more years of W&N’s contributions to crazy femitheists everywhere. I don’t expect much actual “activism” but I do expect plenty of complaints by him that everyone else is doing it wrong, isn’t doing enough, or is hanging out with his Hawaiian Mancrush.

    Heck, maybe I’m taking this blog too seriously. I do usually believe that Mr. Black Pill believes what he says, but sometimes his circular and constant complaints strike me as nothing but a joke. Anyway, while what has happened to our Nerdy mod in real life isn’t funny, what IS funny is thinking about how he probably cringes in total fear if someone puts the words “paleo” and “diet” together.

    • You red pill paleo gamer morons need to get your heads out of your asses and realize that you’re not the world. Most men have never heard of game, the paleo diet, and the rest of your red pill crap. If they did hear about it most of them would want nothing to do with it. They don’t have to agree with me to disagree with you. Of course, you people will accuse anyone who disagrees with you of being a sockpuppet of me or Alek Novy. Or you will accuse them of working for the government.

      It must really burn you that I can keep going and going and going. My ideas such as they are will outlive yours. I don’t have to post about your red pill paleo gamer crap for the next 20 years. You guys will have fallen apart long before that because you already are falling apart as we saw with the death of inmalafide. Clarence, just look at what you are reduced to, trolling on my blog on a Friday night.

      • “Most men have never heard of game, the paleo diet, and the rest of your red pill crap.”

        And even less men have heard of you.

      • What is it about manosphere and submissive men? Is it because ‘game’ naturally attracts men who supplicate to women (but they call it internal game). I think I remember that guy getting laughed out of Dalrock because he was a sarah walsh defender.

        I troll blackpills blog from a monday morning on the Mediterranean! up your game losers!

        • No kidding. Nearly all of the manosphere acts just like guys who are submissive with women but talk a big game elsewhere to hide their weakness. The difference between them and someone like PMAFT who isn’t submissive to women (and actually gets laid) is striking.

  3. TBP, don’t bother with Clarence. A long time ago he admitted to being a sexual submissive to women so he gets mad at anyone who thinks that men should not be ruled by women.

  4. Overall, I like this blog because it is a non-feminist space critiquing the manosphere….

    I don’t know that I agree with Mr. Black Pill per se but…

    We need more places like this….

  5. Excuse me, but I had never heard of this wordpress or your “Black Pill” until I saw the link to this place in my traffic sources. It’s a coincidence, and you linked my Blog here.

    I stole nothing from you.

  6. Likewise, any mention of “folders” in computer filesystems will become incomprehensible to the young-uns who have never seen or used a manilla folder.

    • You may joke about this, but this is a real concern among those who study human computer interaction. I actually read an article from a HCI expert who was concerned about the use of floppy disk for save icons since increasing numbers of young people have never seen a floppy disk.

  7. kelpster:
    I’m a male switch, not a submissive and I’ve criticized most male submissives as being manginas on several sites, including Dalrock.
    Just to set the record straight.

    Mr. Mod:
    How often have I shown up at this blog over the past year or two? How often have I mentioned you on other blogs? You occupy somewhere around .01 percent of my thoughts, words and attention , esp since I can always pretty much predict your reaction to anything: moan, bitch, or whine. Oh,or trash those you disagree with as “kooks” or worse. I hardly ever have even moderately trashed you or Alek Novy , whom I have had some good conversations with at places such as Feminist Critics.

    I’m not into paleo (haven’t ever tried it or investigated it), nor are most of your other assumptions about what I believe correct. I simply remain willing to work with people whom I have some disagreements with, whereas you attempt to function as the Torquemada of the Men’s movement. At least that blog “Enemies of Men” makes its cases using facts and logic and has sometimes persuaded me of this and that. You take isolated beliefs – and sometimes even sayings – and compose your hit list. Needless to say, you lack all credibility.

    As for the “red pill”, I agree:
    A. The idea will eventually have to be repackaged as it is too reliant on shifting popular culture memes and also used too much by many different ideological movements
    B. Men need MORE than a red pill ; in this culture they need to at least taste the black one for self-protection.

    That being said, EVEN taking the “red pill” would be a huge step up for most men in this culture. Most won’t go directly from “chump” to “black pill”.

    • It doesn’t make a difference that you’re a switch. You still desire to be submissive to women. You’re no different than the white nationalists in the manosphere who all have cuckold fetishes.

      I don’t always agree with TBP but I know he doesn’t have these problems.

      • Actually I’m repulsed by cuckolding. Both types – the “porn” type where the guy watches “his” gal or wife screw another guy usually while being insulted and I hate even more the pregnancy passed off as yours when it’s really from another man.

        You don’t seem to know very much about human sexual variation , do you?
        Wait. You comment regularly on THIS blog. Why am I not surprised?

        • There’s no ideological variation in the manosphere so there won’t be any sexual variation either. It’s always the same, fear the Jews, fear blacks, fear the Rockefeller and other rich guys, & fear anyone who is more successful than them. Where does all this fear come from? The cuckold fetishes manospherians suffer from.

        • I forgot to list Big (and not so big) Grocery because it would take forever to list everything that the red pills are afraid of. They are afraid of everything even remotely modern from Big (and not so big) Pharma to Big (and not so big) Computer Vision.

    • You’re here now, and as is the case when one if you gamers shows up, more do like Mojo did. I don’t know how often you talk about me elsewhere since I don’t follow your comments. I have no interest in doing that and even if I did, I wouldn’t have time. I know this surprises you gamers, but I don’t spend that much time thinking about you. I don’t even know who at least 90% of you people are.

      What you are saying is the equivalent of, “Why can’t you work with the KKK and the Nazis? Just ignore your differences on racial issues and the Jews.” You might be fine with that, but I am not. Plus, they are all manginas anyway so they are useless from a POV of pure utilitarianism too. Being a racist or a Jew hater or a conspiracy theorist does not put you any closer to real antifeminism.

      • I shoulda been more measured with my words….

        I don’t know that the killer posted on IMF-however, they had links to White Nationalist Stink Tank and that had links to Stormfront-the guy played in a neo nazi band and authorities are looking into where/if he posted on the internet….

        Again, I don’t know that he posted there but allot of his “brothers” did….

        The bigger point is this is just a perfect example of why mens rights should not allow itself to be tainted by these scumbags….

    • Because the manosphere has its priorities completely backwards.

      Blackpill rails against game because it is exactly as he says, a distraction. But the blogs would rather debate which wood makes the best fiddle while rome burns.

  8. Hey, I’m flattered you picked up on my comment. I was 35+ when the first Matrix came out, and had long ago given up trying to sort Hollywood wheat (<5%) from Hollywood chafe (~95%) so I never saw the movie. I do remember people making fun of Keanu Reeves, who I think starred in it.

    You're right, of course. In another few years the red pillers are going to strike people the same way, say, the fans of Ayn Rand strike most people today – as slightly if not downright kooky. You could say the same thing about any group of fans who find Deep Meaning and The Explanation for Everything in something like that, and then cling to it for dear life. And if you're a Randian, pretend I said something like Star Trek or Sex and the City instead.

    Back when there were only three channels on TV, we had nearly universal cultural references because almost everyone did watch all the same shows, read all the same newspapers, magazines, and books, and go to the same movies (if they went to the movies).

    But those days are long gone, and anyone speaking in code is only preaching to the choir, when what they probably really want to be doing is reaching everyone NOT already in the choir.

    The theme of disillusionment, of totally losing faith in society's myths, etc., is a very old and recurring one in literature and political philosophy. So at least I can say I'm glad the red pillers have caught up some. Maybe what bugs me is how they give off the vibe that they're the first to experience being a fish realizing how wet he is. Which, of course, makes them think they're "special", and thus qualified to start telling others what they should think and do, and deserving of being taken seriously while they do so.

    This process of pseudo-enlightenment has to be extremely common, or else there wouldn't be so many bossy people in the world.

    The late great Gore Vidal understood this when he quipped that there was no human problem which could not be solved if people would simply do as he advised.

    Nevertheless, I will still advise people to read the OVR blog for all its thought provoking content!

    • Iam glad the black pill exists.

      I told my nearly 21 year old friend whos never kissed a girl, go check out the black pill, if you dont start improving yourself and your life then your gonna end up like this.

        • Actually he wants to be an accountant, he will easy make at least 40 grand a year.

          Iam just going to travel the world banging as much hot chicks as i can while also trying to become the best fighter i can.

          From next april for a solid 3 years iam gonna travel around south east asia, get into the muay thai, brazilian ji jitsu, and any other fighting style that i can implement. I say 3 solid years because by april thats how much the money i have saved will last me, however i plan on actually making money through this.

          I would like to move to a country and also spend around about 6 weeks learning as much of the language that i can. I will try to go out and pimp it everynight.

          I want to travel the world in hunt of those places where due to culture and genetic factors which make certain regions of the world vey much like paradise for certain men.

          Iam 20 years old and have fucked 31 girls free of charge. Majority were very much bangable. All but 4 were foreign and i have to say i believe foreign pussy is pussy worth chasing.

          My buddy who hasnt kissed a girl, he tries in no way to improve himself, he does the bare minimum and just like the black pill he wants more than anything to be normal.

          Your life fucking sucks blackpill. All this bullshit about you not chasing pussy because you chose to is just A LIE.

          The reason you dont chase pussy is because to fucking scared to go even talk to a women.

        • Don’t you just love how that “wheeler” bitch goes out of his (her?) way to insult you?

          @ wheeler:

          “Iam just going to travel the world banging as much hot chicks as i can while also trying to become the best fighter i can.”

          That latter goal is respectable. But as to the former goal, enjoy all the STD/VD you will get!

          “Iam 20 years old and have fucked 31 girls free of charge… All but 4 were foreign and i have to say i believe foreign pussy is pussy worth chasing.”

          Ooh, I’m so impressed… NOT! And didn’t you say something about having been to Thailand? If that’s the case, I find it hard to believe that all (or even most) were “free of charge.” (Southeast Asia in general, and Thailand especially, having a reputation as the prostitution center of the world.) Wheeler, how many of those 31 girls had dicks? (Not saying there’s anything inherently wrong with that if you’re into that, just curious…)

          “Majority were very much bangable.”

          By whose standards?

          “My buddy who hasnt kissed a girl, he tries in no way to improve himself, he does the bare minimum…”

          And just what the fuck is wrong with that?

          “Your life fucking sucks blackpill.”

          No, wheeler, YOUR fucking life fucking sucks black DONKEY pill. And I know that with absolute 100% certainty. You know how I know that? Because you took the time to write a lengthy post (complete with that obnoxious pseudo-concern and pseudo-sympathy that every moronic shitstain on the Internet conveys when they idiotically use that worn-out phrase “get a life” or some variant) criticizing Mr. Black Pill. But I think it’s obvious, behind that transparent façade, that deep down your life is meaningless and empty, and that you resent the possibility that an “Omega Virgin” finds vastly more fulfillment in his life than you do in your empty quest chasing pussy. If your life was so GOD DAMN FUN AND AWESOME, you would not waste time bothering a “loser” like Black Pill.

          “All this bullshit about you not chasing pussy because you chose to is just A LIE.”

          Really? You don’t say? I did not realize that wheeler is a mind-reader. Oh great and mighty psychic, please tell me what my future holds! Clearly you are some kind of psychic because you know that his claims that he “chose to” [sic] not chase pussy are “bullshit” and “A LIE.” What’s that? You do not have psychic powers? Then kindly shut the fuck up!

          Bottom line: there is more to life than endlessly chasing after a smelly hole.

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