69 comments on “Men Can’t Magically Will Women To Find Them Attractive

  1. Great post. Sometimes I ask a girl out and I’m pretty sure she’ll say no. Other times I’ve asked a girl out and I feel really, really good about my chances because we’ve talked a lot and seemed to hit it off and have a lot in common and so on. Guess what? Both types of situation end up the same: I get shot down.

    A person can’t just “become confident” any more than they can just become a genius, or fluent in Chinese, or 7 feet tall. It’s ridiculous advice to give.

    • Excellent post and it brings up women’s hypocrisy. Keep up the good work. By the way, for a man Confidence ONLY matters if the woman is already attracted to him. If she’s not attracted to him, he can have all the confidence in the world, it won’t matter. This confidence thing just gives women a catch all reason to reject men. The rejection is not due to their high standards , it’s because he lacks confidence. It’s total bs.

    • OK I’ll bite: What good things come to a man who has been forced into involuntary celibacy for 30+ years of his life? You better have a pretty compelling basket of goods to sell to a guy like BlackPill to convince him that half of his life was spent ‘waiting for something good’.

      • Given what women have put me through, I should be getting a 25 year old virgin woman who could be a supermodel and is intelligent enough to understand quantum physics. On top of that she should believe in mens rights as much as I do. That’s what should be coming to me according to Coco Butter.

    • That is such utter bullshit. Either you have it or you don’t. If you don’t, you still can work to make sure government doesn’t imprison you for trying or provide a leg up for bitches competing with you in your effort to make a living.

  2. There is *some* truth in this. And it works for both genders. I’ll give you an example.

    There is an actress named Jill Hennessy who was on some crime TV show. I always found her hot in photos (never saw the show). Then I finally saw her on a TV talk show. She acted so boyish and butch it killed my attraction for her. This reminded me of the many times in college this happened – I’d meet a girl I thought was hot but she’d ruin it by being too ditzy, non-feminine, self-obsessed, etc. Since other guys would tell me they had similar problems with the same women, I know I’m not the only one.

    Now let’s take a guy who tries to pick up a woman. Some attraction from the woman to the guy might be there, but if he behaves in a manner she doesn’t “feel” is right, the attraction evaporates. Women have told me this has happened — and I’ve seen it in action (“I thought he was hot until he opened his mouth”).

    This is why game works. It won’t solve everything, of course, and what turns on one woman can turn off another. But by nixing Beta neediness and a few other things, men stand to benefit.

  3. Blackpill is already aware of the term as well as the majority of us. But for those who might not be aware: the actual term for what Blackpill is posting about is called “Magical Thinking”

      • Its good to expose people (lurkers especially) to the correct terminology to increase consciousness. Part of the problem is that a lot of men who are unhappy with game, feminism, etc. but cannot properly elucidate themselves.

        Exposing readers to the correct terminology gives voice to the voiceless and they can jump onto google and get a whole ton of new info they previously would have no idea existed on a topic or theory they’ve never been able to properly define.

  4. What i would like to ask the black pill is, what are you actually trying to say from your post. If you improve yourself whether its in the looks, social or money departments your chances of getting sex will likely increase.

    What holds back most men who get laid the least out of their friends.
    There fat.

    • Look at the beginning of what I quoted, “self perception is everything.” This isn’t talking about something like losing weight. In fact these people would tell you that you didn’t need to lose weight, but just think that you’re thin and everyone else will believe it. I’m attacking that kind of magical thinking.

      • I agree with you there.

        The only way to improve those 3 critical areas is usually going to cost you some amount of effort. Some more than others.

        But the whole mens rights thing, fuck it. There is no hope, no easy way out. You were fucked by the system, genetics and circumstances.

        I dont know who you are, what you look like or what you even want out of life.

        But i tell you now the mra will fail.

  5. Anyone else ever notice that all these youtube videos about how to get out of the friendzone is the same as PUA crap?!

    The friendzone stuff on the internet is a big part of the misanrdist dating advice distraction from my point of view.

    You get the ussual crap about “You gotta have confidence.” but the problem with the confidence trap is that it can easily place you into the creep category.

    Anyone that actually believes that increased confidence makes them more attractive to the opposite sex is an idiot regardless if they are omega, beta or alpha.

    The only way to make yourself more attractive is by changing your appearnce.

    • Of course having “confidence” can put you into the “creep” category. Whatever a man does when it comes to dating/sex/relationships can be declared to be wrong by a woman or women for whatever reason. It is similar to how having a heavily bureaucratic state with lots of laws makes it so a person is always guilty of breaking the law at any particular time so a person has to constantly worry about if they are breaking the law or not. It is part of the MDAD because of that.

  6. I personally think the very self help concept of “You gotta have confindence or self esteem”

    is really messing up a lot of otherwise normal thinking people.

    Go outside sometime and you’ll notice obviously insecure men still having success with women because of there appearnce.

    Actually a lot of alpha males lack confindence but this doesn’t exactly change there succuess rate with women.

  7. And then there’s the flip-side: what does the Confidence Cult say about ‘Surprise!’ divorces?

    Was the guy ‘confident and open about being noticed sexually’ when he got married but somehow lost his nerve later on? Should he have just been himself? Run through a few affirmations?

    Or did he just get ditched becuase he was judged surplus to requirements, just like the barrel load of regular Joes that never even get on the bus in the first place? That’s just the way it is. You’re either useful to her or you’re trash and if you’re in Group II then no amount of ‘confidence’ will help.

  8. Actually i just read that whole article, i think what the main thing hey are trying to say is, if your an insecure little bitch you will hurt your chances of getting pussy. This is true .

    But you guys are just being realistic. Its gonna take a lot more than that to get yourself out of that hole youv been digging.

    • Why are you agreeing with a feminist and saying the MRM will fail? I know you’re pissed that you aren’t getting laid, but this won’t get you laid.

      • Kelp i just came back from a 30 day fuck fest in Peru. I banged 21 chicks, no i did not pay or it, and the majority were pretty attractive.

        Feel free to say iam lying. Its sure gonna suck if you do. Also feel free to ask any questions about it. (Iam serious if you ever plan on going and need advice, its fucking amazing.)

        I say it will fail because in reality it is what feminism is to the majority of chicks. Which is…

        A movement on the internet that no one gives a shit about. Sure some laws suck towards us and some chicks will be bitches.

        But really say everything goes your way, will you be happy?

        • You’re missing the point. Pussy begging or whatever is a distraction from what people that call themselves MRAs SHOULD be caring about: Family law discrimination, sex based discrimination in business, workplace deaths 97% men.

          How many notches should not be part of the discussion of the above items. The biggest turnoff for the ‘manosphere’ for me is the endless blathering about getting laid, pure pussy begging.

          Blackpill is right when he says getting laid is irrelevant to the issues that exist, because those of us who have no problem with sex are as turned off by what they read as guys who aren’t successful with sex.

        • Do you seriously expect us to believe you? We see your type of stories all the time.

        • Hey Wheeler,

          Why do you think it is necessary for you to brag about getting laid to those that can’t?

          Instead of keeping your mouth shut and just simply leaving the house than getting laid.

          Your trying to boost your sexual market place value artificially and it is not fooling anyone.

          Your bragging makes evolutionary adaptation easier for the smart omegas.

  9. “But i tell you now the mra will fail.”

    Yes,because the easiest way to slap a man down is to hang him by his dick.
    For this same reason PUA will also fail.

  10. @ yaboy, you missed my point which was in reality no one has even heard of the mra and when they do no one will really care.

    @ simpsonsdidit, pull off what i did in Peru then tell me you dont want to tell people about it.

    @yelp, really yelp you see these stories all the time. At the same time i did say feel free to believe me if you like. If it makes you feel more comfortable not to then go ahead. I personally would be interested in how was this possible? Is it easy for everybody in Peru? And so on.

    @numnut, none of what you said to me made any sense. PUA is a dated term. I personally am just interested in the power of momentum and abundance. Thats all i focused on Peru and lived the best month of my life to date.

      • Iam bored. Ow wait you mean super alphas cant post comments on random blogs theyv found while cruising the internet.

        I mean i would love to go pimping like 16 hours a day but sometimes its just not on the cards.

        You know some of us dont live in cities. Some of us have jobs. Some of us have hobbies.And some of us get bored.

        When i am in thailand 9 months from now, learning thai, muay thai, brazilian jijitsu, and banging a huge number of chicks and possibly ladyboys, ( we all have our weaknesses) then yeah i might struggle to find time to be bored and comment on blogs.

        • Poor trolling since its purpose is to try and elicit an emotional response.

          so far all the response has been ‘whatever man’

          at some point trolling becomes a parody of itself. as above.

        • “possibly ladyboys” its called humour. you are aware of what thailands most famous for right?

  11. Sure im a troll. What is that even supposed to mean. Look alls i can say is this video is completely relevent for all of you.

      • Tell me more about getting advice from some random broke nerd on the internet. He has so much to teach me. Where is his book so I can order it up?

        Really man you’re not getting it. Blackpill doesn’t give a shit about getting laid, nor should he if that’s not his choice. If an ‘omega’ (as I’m sure you’d call him) like Blackpill thinks you are a dancing clown, you really must be hurting.

        • Actually go onto rsdnation and check out tylers videos. Really good value. Because they are all free.

          And due to the fact the guys been going out and doing this nearly 7 nughts a week for the last 10 years, id say hed have penty to teach you.

          As for blackpill not wanting to get laid shut the fuck up. Everyman wants to get laid, gay or straight.

        • I don’t get what your selling Blackpill here. Why not tell Blackpill to get a hooker? If this thing, I’m not sure what you’d call it; pick up artistry? Requires such an enormous time investment, why would it be worth his time?

          I mean if getting laid is the purpose of that thing you’re talking about, why shouldn’t Blackpill just say fuck that and hire a hooker that would be way hotter and better sex than a drunken whore from the bar?

  12. “I personally would be interested in how was this possible? Is it easy for everybody in Peru? And so on.”

    You “personally would be interested”…that is the language of someone who is trying to persuade others to be interested. The inference is that, oh, well, any reasonable guy should just want to ask me (me!! me!!!! ME!!) all about what a great stud I am getting laid in Peru.

    Men (and women, for that matter) who have fulfilling and vibrant social lives with great sex and great romance *generally* do not tend to have a great desire to go on blogs like this and try so hard to get people like Black Pill and his readers interested in the stories of their conquests.

    I don’t post here often. That doesn’t make me a better person; I just have other things to do. To each their own, including you.

  13. @ yaboy, im not selling anything, im letting you guys know that there are people out there who were just as fucked up as you guys who pulled their shit together and are the better for it.
    Yaboy, go fuck a hot chick for FREE and then tell me its not that big of a deal. Guess what anything worth anything usually involves some effort.

    @someone, again, iv answered this before, iam bored as fuck. At this moment in time im saving for thailand in a town miles from anywhere. I work 12 day shifts. I apologise for not being able to pimp it on a 24/7 basis.

    Black pill you cannot deny that that video was aimed at people like you in mind. Are you trying to tell me your not living in a daze of negativity, your not socially awkward, your not so full of pent up bad emotions, that people in general cannot relate to you and therefore you come of as a weirdo.
    I dont know if you ever tried for success with women, whether you want sex, a girlfriend or a family. Dont tell me youv never wanted that. I bet i know what you crave more than anything. You want to be normal. Part of the masses. Let me let you in on a little secret. Normal people want to be more than normal. Thy have dreams and aspirations. Your dream is to improve the rights for men. Really? So equal pay, equal oppertunity to get women done for sexual harassment, equal rights in divorce court. Thats gonna make you happy is it?

    This whole blog is just away for you to vent your hate upon someone or something. I havnt heard of you taking responibility for anything. Its always someone elses fault.

    I dont blame you man, if i had had the experiences you have had with women, i would be more than just angry. Life has beat you down soo hard that i bet that urge you had for having a gf or family once, is gone.

    Blackpill, what id really like to know is. What do you actually do with your life.

    Have you ever gone on an adventure?
    Have you ever went to the gym?
    Have you got any hobbies other than being all angry and shit?

    • What does all that other shit have to do with blackpill? You dont have to be successful, fuck you don’t even need to be employed, in shape, in clothes that fit to get pussy at all. Fat drug dealers who live with their mom in the ghetto are having a lot more sex than you are buddy.

      Again you write a ton of words to promote some product. You sound like a door to door salesman.

  14. Black Pill,

    Check out this thread :


    It appears that one of the Roissyite Gamers, Epoxytocin No. 87, was outed by Bag Lady for posing in playgirl and being bisexual.

    Check it out. The playgirl link is there in the thread. Now why would a man who lives in San Francisco pose in playgirl, if not to impress the gay community?

    Also, he misrepresented himself to Lilgirl at the time of marriage, claiming to be straight instead of bi.

    No wonder both he and Lilgirl vanished from these parts suddenly and permanently.

    This is a huge blow to the crediblity of Gamers, as Epoxytocin was a pal of Ferdinand, Chuck Ross, Hawaii Libertarian, and Roissy.

      • How exactly is it a huge blow for guys that actively try to improve themselves with the purpose of getting some decent pussy.

        • rsd is a scam fraud cooked up by pua to sell you crap. wheeler i honestly feel bad for you that you are so married to rsd that you dont see that having to go to peru to get hookers is not improving your life at all.

          i know a guy a lot like you in my real life, he goes to bootcamps, buys audio books, he only gets sex from escorts.

          state doesnt exist man. dont live for pussy, live for yourself.

        • @yaboy, i havnt bought a thing from rsd, nor do i ever plan too, i just really enjoy tylers videos, i find them funny, insightful and overall just very valuable. As in there all for free.

          I also told you i didnt pay for sex once while in Peru i didnt have to, and the ego that i built up from what was happening in peru wouldnt allow me to even consider it. But hey if it helps you to sleep better at night to believe that such places and things exist or happen then you go ahead.

          Im pretty sure you just made that last bit up about your friend, he doesnt actually exist now does he.

          As for state, what exactly do you think it is and why do you want it to not be real.

          I dont just live for pussy but hell it sure is one of the finer things in life.

    • Heavy metal singer Pete Steele posed in Playgirl….

      I doubt he was gay or bi….

      Caveat to ad-some of the most “many” guys I’ve met are gay/bi….

      I know a guy who sings in a metal band who is gay, yet looks almost like an NFL football player, sings in metal bands and drinks allot of beer. Girls love him and he seems like a role model for traditional masculinity….

  15. The Wheelers of the world are a great example of how the top ways to prevent social change are to try and convince people to think about themselves to the exclusion of all else, to limit their vision, to be “realistic” (as opposed to being truthful), and to adapt to the status quo. Adaptation is a crucial part of the self-help model (which is what “Game” is), though it’s usually couched in fake terms of “improving yourself”.

    Wheeler is clearly not very much improved. I daresay some of the bad stuff from all those bitches seems to have rubbed off on him.

    Or, as Jack Kammer put it, “it’s not that we don’t get it, but that we don’t *buy* it.”

    • What are you the inventor of scrabble or just autistic. If your gonna make a point go ahead and just make the point.

      What are you trying to say that people shouldnt improve themselves in an attempt to get pussy.

      Sorry man my IQ just isnt high enough to know what your trying to say.

    • Adaptation is a crucial part of the self-help model

      I’m a firm believer of adapting to the world. I’m an equally firm believer in living ‘in’ the world, not being ‘of’ it. That viewpoint can allow you to function while still being able to understand if a situation is fucked up or not.

      (which is what “Game” is), though it’s usually couched in fake terms of “improving yourself”

      As someone who’s bought his share of “self-improvement” books, one of the things I’ve noticed the most is how shallow the subject matter is. Most of them say the same thing over and over again.

      • What “self improvement” books did you buy?

        Also i think nearly everyone who hates the game community e.g. black pill and majority if not all commenters on here have tried it. Tried it and failed. They have been full of hope when they first heard off it, i know i was when i first read the game.

        Rejection broke them down then they became members of pua hate.

        • Wheeler wrote:
          What “self improvement” books did you buy?

          Dale Carnegie (How to Win Friends And Influence People), Maxwell Maltz, (Psychocybernetics), Tony Robbins. They’re lame, formulaic, and repetitive.
          But don’t tell any of their hordes of fans I’ve said that; they might get mad at being told the emperor has no clothes.

          Also i think nearly everyone who hates the game community

          I wouldn’t say I hate it myself; am more or less indifferent to it. A few gamers have irritated me by strutting about as if they’re all that and a bag of chips. I can’t speak for the other posters here.

          e.g. black pill and majority if not all commenters on here have tried it. Tried it and failed.

          Well, maybe that means game isn’t that effective a method of self-improvement.

        • Dale Carnegie (How to Win Friends And Influence People), Maxwell Maltz, (Psychocybernetics), Tony Robbins. They’re lame, formulaic, and repetitive.
          But don’t tell any of their hordes of fans I’ve said that; they might get mad at being told the emperor has no clothes.

          Of course. The self improvement cult is just as useless as Scientology. The only difference between Scientology and the self improvement cult is that Scientology has an army of lawyers to attack its enemies. The self improvement cult only has annoying bloggers and commentors on blogs like Wheeler.

        • Hey man you have got me thinking. Some guys probably just dont care that much about getting laid. I mean the mindset i had in peru was pretty fucked up. I missed going up machu pichu because it would mean missing 2 nights worth of fucking in cusco.

          Thats why although i loved the lifestyle i lived in peru i realised you need a purpose in life.

        • Hey man you have got me thinking. Some guys probably just dont care that much about getting laid.

          If you read blogs like Stickmanbangkok, there are a whole crapload of stories about guys who come to Thailand and carry on like kids in candy stores. But after a while the nonstop booze and sex gets old for them.

          I mean the mindset i had in peru was pretty fucked up. I missed going up machu pichu because it would mean missing 2 nights worth of fucking in cusco.

          It’s not fucked up, We all have different priorities and are at different stages of life. I suspect that you’re fairly young and of course sex is going to loom higher on your list than when you’re older.

        • I dont give a shit about any of these books. I just think improving yourself is generally a good thing to do.

          Getting an awsome body, travelling around the world having a massive range of life experiences. And i love banging chicks.

  16. Wheeler wrote:
    I also told you i didnt pay for sex once while in Peru i didnt have to, and the ego that i built up from what was happening in peru wouldnt allow me to even consider it

    Why did you have to go to Peru to have sex? Couldn’t you have done your PUA magic in America?

    • First iam not from america, iam from Scotland.

      Second, yes i could have just not to the degree of success i had in peru. It wasnt pua magic, i just went up and talked to them, looked for signs of attraction, escalated if it was there or left the person if there wasnt.

      Third i went to Peru because i happen to love latinas and have a lot of desire to actually fuck them.

      Also i did a lot of research into where in the world that my looks would give me the highest sexual market value.

      Out of anywhere with latinas it came out top.

      Also the fact i was craving some adventure and bored of europe.

      • First iam not from america, iam from Scotland.

        My bad, should have asked.

        Second, yes i could have just not to the degree of success i had in peru.

        Is that because the local (Scottish) women are often stuck up, obese and unattractive, and have attitude problems? I think it’s fine that you went overseas and got laid. But it’s not clear to me why you’re pimping some video on ‘self-improvement’. You changed your venue to a place where there are hotter, more approachable girls. You got laid. End of story, let’s move on.

  17. Just as you cannot will a woman to find you attractive, women have NO CONTROL over what they find attractive. This is why what they say they want is so different from what they spread their legs for. Don’t get me wrong – when a woman says she wants, X, Y, and Z she means it – it’s just she doesn’t find those things attractive. I learned that long ago. Heck, sometimes I feel bad about some of the things I do to women, but only for as long as it takes me to get another one back to my place.

    So, understand that they cannot control what gets their juices running. Heck, I am everything a woman says she doesn’t want in a man – I hit on anything that I find attractive, have zero loyalty, and will bed a woman’s friends if they are attractive and available – and they keep coming back for more. So I figure that I provide them a service – they get to b*tch about me to their friends, after I’ve done things to them that they will never admit. Which is EXACTLY what they want… Life is good…

    So if you want women to find you attractive – do not be a supplicant, demand that they do what you want. Put yourself in a target-rich environment – if you can’t find one, create one which benefits you. I once taught a non-credit class – Everything a Woman needs to know about her Automobile… That one didn’t have nearly the number of attractive young women that I wanted – now I go with other things which tends to have more young women apply… 🙂

    The key is to make no excuses – demand she do what you want, and make sure that women know you take no back-talk. I don’t know why it turns them on as much as it does – and I don’t care, I just know that it works for me. Of course, your mileage may vary…

    • Maybe here’s your answer:

      “I am afraid that women appreciate cruelty, downright cruelty, more than anything else. They have wonderfully primitive instincts. We have emancipated them, but they remain slaves looking for their masters all the same. They love being dominated.”
      – Oscar Wilde (The Picture of Dorian Gray)

      Good to hear you Manned Up and Womanned Down. Bimbo wrangling is a tough job, but someone’s gotta do the shit-work that needs to be done.

      Attractive young women already know everything they need to know about their cars, so we could have helped you there, too. In the future, don’t be afraid to ask for advice in advice of going to so much trouble as setting up a class. (BTW, did you make it Pass/Fail? Chicks dig that. People say it’s an analog world, but I swear chicks are flaky binary.)

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