19 comments on “We Need Male Spaces That Are Hostile To Women

  1. The wymyms are seeing signs they’ve pushed it too far.Out of mine own best interest I’ve shut down inquiries from unwed mothers and they actually let out a bit of a whimper when they find the old tactics no longer work,the interest is not there.
    You cannot sell a product to an unwilling consumer.
    This product is very dangerous to liberty,finances,free time,peace of mind,and ambition.
    No sale!
    Talk all you wanna,NO SALE.
    Men can and ARE improvising,adapting,going around,and avoiding the toxic imbalance of relations in this misandrist environment.

    • It does work to a point (I am a part of such organizations, and I attend such conferences), but one woman is all that is needed to cause trouble. Even conferences that are pretty much all male still can have booth babes. On top of that there are always manginas complaining about the lack of women.

  2. I wrote a post at PMAFT’s blog about various strategies for keeping women out of male-only spaces. These include:

    1. Having a lot of physically/cognitively demanding tasks.
    2. Having entry-level qualifications that usually only men can achieve.
    3. Having activities distasteful to women.
    4. Making them inaccessible to women. An example of this would be holding classes very late at night. Or instead of a regular location/time shlot, the group would meet up at different places and times. Teleconferencing tecnnology would also be useful here.
    5. Flying under the radar. Usually this means keeping the group small and informal. If women aren’t aware of your group’s existence, they can’t shut it down.

    PMAFT has pointed out that women will attempt to shut down a space they try to invade but are unable to. This is something to be kept in mind when adopting strategies to exclude women. There also needs to be a unified ethos among the members of a male-only group. One of the biggest problems a woman can cause is ‘divide-and-conquer’ where she adopts an unpopular cause and appeals to white knights to protect her from those dastardly men who are preventing her from getting what she wants.

  3. What always happens in oppressive societies? They talk out the thinking class. Extermination or Siberia, it’s all the same. They don’t want people getting together and thinking about things, that’s proven to take a toll on empires.

    • They don’t want people getting together and thinking about things, that’s proven to take a toll on empires.

      Great idea, until they need someone to fix their shit when it breaks.

      • True enough, but while for women the practicalities of who will fix the broken shit is an immediate/short-term problem, men getting together and putting their collective heads together to recognize the raw deal they’re getting under the current system is a longer-term problem.

        Best to keep us seperated from each other by keeping us anchored to them.

    • Very much correct. One of the best examples is the Khmer Rouge who explicitly went after people who wore glasses and had watches because those were signs of education and intelligence. Feminists have always hated (male)whose nerds, and as of late been stepping up their war on nerds. When I get the time I am going to write a post on the more recent developments in this area.

      • This is so absolutely true. I never would have thought that feminism hated nerdy men like me until I started looking into it more. Wouldn’t you think that feminists would see men who are intellectual and introverted and kind of outcast as the most likely to come over to their side? Yet the opposite is true: if they could get rid of one kind of men, it wouldn’t be loud boorish aggressive type A men but would instead be geeks. In many ways, that’s what feminism is all about: smash the “patriarchy” so that women don’t have to marry a dorky guy to have a good living.

        • Well, there won’t be any ‘dorky’ people anymore. Since women who have above-average (for women) intelligence are such because of genetics or they are fat or ugly. Surprise that the ‘dorky’ women are also those who are simply making themselves extinct by delaying children until past their reproductive period.

          Feminists can (and do) hate nerds and other assorted ‘unattractive’ males but their nerdy and unattractive sisters are just as useless to men.

          2-3 generations from now, the ‘intelligent’ white woman will be almost completely extinct, while the last of the nerdy men have either expatriated to Asia/South America or gone ghost.

          I do have pity for one very polite and smart lawyer girl that I know. Shes now 32, likely cannot conceive, and would have made a very very good parent if she hadn’t wasted her reproductive years in law school. She is not pretty enough to have ever attained an alpha male even for a one night stand, but she is quite smart and competent. Comparatively anyway.

          Feminists will make their own ‘nerdy’ sisters extinct at the same time as the male ones.

        • Feminists will make their own ‘nerdy’ sisters extinct at the same time as the male ones.

          Feminists will make lots of groups, not just nerdy women, extinct barring cloning, artificial wombs, and life extension technology. (And I wouldn’t count out that kind of technology.) Putting that technology aside, the extinction of nerdy women (and other groups of women) is an accidental side effect of what feminists are doing. It’s not like how feminists (and women in general) hate male nerds.

        • “their nerdy and unattractive sisters are just as useless to men”

          I don’t know, it seems to me that there are a heck of a lot more men who would date a nerdy girl than there are women who would date a nerdy man. A nerdy girl isn’t most men’s first choice but she has her appeal.

        • You’re both right, what I mean is that those women aren’t having children anymore. They are going through university for 4-9 years depending on law, medicine, etc. prime childbearing years.

          By the time those women are ‘ready’ for children its too late.

          Their extinction is self-imposed is the distinction between that and the nerdy male who is hated by women and will likely find himself forcibly euthanized by the rad-fems and their beta-boys like Romney and Obama.

  4. For MSHTW #1 I’d propose… drum roll and the envelope, please – Mars.

    Women can have Venus. Or the moon.

    Actually, the latter would make for a good science fair type proof-of-concept project for STEM and Title 9.0 obsessed feminists. Anybody think a female only enterprise, right down to mining and smelting all their own aluminum (i.e., no male tainted help in any fashion whatsoever), could ever make it back to the moon? After at least 40 yrs of “women’s progress”? At least it might be entertaining.

    But I’m serious about Mars. Imagine having an entire planet to stretch out on..

    • Here’s proof of the merit of the idea, by way of one of the more thoroughly deluded ones:

      “All places where women are excluded tend downward to barbarism; but the moment she is introduced, there come in with her courtesy, cleanliness, sobriety, and order.”
      – Harriet Beecher Stowe

      I might go as far as saying women wearing short skirts causes men to be polite (have you ever seen a man get on the bus ahead of one?), but that would more qualify as an example of the opposite of what she was talking about. Another woman who was impoverished by a lack of nerdtruth…

      • What Harriet said might have been true back when she was writing “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” but today women are far from civilizing, with their slutwalks and binge-drinking and yelling and punching.

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