74 comments on “The So Called Manosphere Is Nowhere To Be Found On This Either

    • Homeless men aren’t going to get treatment (except maybe by dumb luck) under Obamacare. Being men and being homeless, homeless men are going to be at the back of the line for health care. That’s because Obamacare is anti-male and being homeless, homeless men have no other insurance or assets to fall back on.

      In principle, Obamacare might be better for homeless men, although I doubt it, but in practice it is definitely not.

    • No they’re not hypocrites. I want nothing to do with Obamacare. I’m sure many others believe the same. Most in the manosphere are conservatives.

      You want to see what Obamacare is? Talk to a vet who relies on the VA and ask them if they’re satisfied with it? That’s the only place I’ve ever witnessed pills being given out in paper bags.

      • All Conservatives will disagree with Obamacare. It’s a standard M.O. Not to get all rhetorical,but what about Romneycare?
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        • Who said the Manosphere was conservative for the most part? Sure,many most gamers will be ant-gay marriage(as I am),but doesn’t mean they’re Conservatives on most issues. On the exception of those white nationalist pricks,who need to be eradicated from the Manospehere.
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        • The manosphere (with a few exceptions like PMAFT) aren’t conservative. They’re Ron Paul dick suckers. They’re against everything including both Romneycare and Obamacare. The fact that they’re consistent in this case is a complete coincidence. Remember these are the guys who are against groups like the US Libertarian Party.

        • BPs right, the manosphere is full of fygm types.

          My youngest sister has had MS since she was 16, an aggressive form. Without the health-care system provided by Canada (one of the things Canada rightly has pride in) she would have no access to wheelchairs, costly drugs, and a service that keeps her from being socially isolated.

          Many in America, including so-called traditional conservatives and Christians, would rather she either die off and the money I hold in trust for her care seized and distributed amongst the capitalist and feminist classes.

          Libertarianism is eugenicist, although it tries to put a happy face on it (aww doesn’t Ron Paul look like such a nice old grandfather while he calls blacks fleet-footed?). Never forget that.

        • the manosphere is full of fygm types

          I don’t really agree. If the manosphere was full of true Libertarian FYGM types, that would be an improvement over what they are now which is anti-everything Ron Paul types. While Libertarianism has its own problems, the manosphere isn’t really Libertarian. They just hate everything including the U.S. Libertarian Party. I have read several blog posts from the manosphere where they go into contortions to explain how they are “libertarian”, but the Libertarian Party is bad. The ultimate proof of this is how they will suck Ron Paul’s dick, but would never think of supporting Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party’s candidate this year for president.

          One thing I will say in support of Libertarianism is that it would guarantee my freedom from feminists and manginas. Libertarians would dismantle the feminist government apparatus that oppresses me and other men. Men would be completely on their own under a Libertarian government which many would object to for good reason, but we are completely on our own under the current system too. It’s all the same except that women would be completely on their own too which is preferable to the current system.

      • I am a vet, I rely on the VA and honestly its the best healthcare I’ve ever had. Its by no means perfect, but its way better than the care I had growing up in Biloxi.

        • Hi Will thank you for your post. You are most likely correct that the VA gives you better health-care you could receive but it is only because otherwise you would probably receive NO care. When I was in Las Vegas last year I was standing in front of the World largest gift shop on the strip and a homeless veteran was asking for money. The Americans around me looked upon this man as though he were infected with a terrible disease (he was a black American which may have something to do with it as well…)

          I took him to Panda Express and bought him lunch and he spoke to me at length about just how terribly veterans in your country are treated. I am very anti-war, but I left my politics aside and I just listened to this man speak (he was clearly mentally ill but had no resources to get treatment).

          Unfortunately the only way your country will get national health-care is by directing 90-100% of its costs onto men and consumption 90-100% by women. Meanwhile, those who are most affected by your predatory healthcare system are nearly 100% poor men.

    • I wouldn’t consider either of them part of the manosphere. I like Genderratic. I’m not a big fan of feminist critics because they’re too deferential to feminists for my taste.

        • Great idea for future post. Ask commenters to help formulate a definition of manosphere, maybe? I think a cartoonish superalpha writing voice conveying delusions of grandeur should be one criteria. Claiming to hate modern women while basing their whole existence on getting their approval is another.

        • Oh and espousing shitty science, especially evo psych, and misinterpreting scientific studies in order to support their views is another criteria.

        • By the way, I’m not claiming all evo psych is shitty. I’m saying the way the manosphere misconstrues it and abuses it leads to shitty applications and misunderstandings of evo psych.

  1. Let’s all bring this up at any manosphere sites we visit. I just mentioned it at Voice For Men. For what it’s worth, Fathers and Families (in this blog’s links list) mentioned this petition too.

    The manosphere deserves criticism alright, but it’s not all bad. For instance a few days ago Voice For Men started a discussion about men who were abused as boys and helped a researcher get in touch with some of them to help her project. I think if a few people nudged it in the right direction that could really help make it more effective.

    • To be fair, I wouldn’t consider A Voice for Men a manosphere site. I think of the manosphere as those Roissy-loving sites. While I think AVfM isn’t perfect, and I was disappointed it didn’t take a stronger stance against Ferdinand’s site, I wouldn’t call it a part of the manosphere cesspool either.

      • To be fair, I wouldn’t consider A Voice for Men a manosphere site. I think of the manosphere as those Roissy-loving sites. While I think AVfM isn’t perfect, and I was disappointed it didn’t take a stronger stance against Ferdinand’s site

        AVFM never took a stand against IMF at all. They won’t even remove Hawaiian Fat Blob from their links despite the fact he has gone into full anti-semitism. They may not qualify as a “true manosphere” site, but they are too cozy with manosphere personalities like Hawaiian Fat Blob, and it is run by conspiracy theorists like John the Other who have used the site to promote BS about the Federal Reserve and other conspiracy theories.

    • I guess I don’t know what makes up the manosphere then 🙂

      Roissy is too busy telling men how to get a woman to smile at them to cover something trivial like the nation’s health care system.

    • Idiot posts as if he is the first person to call the manosphere a bunch of empty rhetoric mental masturbators.

      BP, pmaft and others on the fringe have been saying that for years. Roosh can copy pasta the same shit over and over again in a long winded diatribe. Doesn’t mean its a new argument. The ghosts are the only intellectually honest people who get the ‘mrm’ moniker.

      Better Roosh stick to what he is good at; being a sex-tourist in third world shitholes.

    • No kidding. Even if game was real, Roosh wouldn’t be a gamer. He’s a sex tourist. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it isn’t an accomplishment.

      As for Roosh’s article, why does he care? If he thinks the MRM is dead, then why all the hand wringing about it? All he has to do is go away and leave the dead MRM alone. The reason why he’s spending so much time on it is that the actual MRM (which has nothing to do with the fake anti-feminist manosphere) is far from dead and effectively is a threat to him being able to sell his books. That’s because the MRM (and MGTOW and ghosting) provides an alternative to sucking up to women. It’s also because as the larger game community goes he’s a nobody so he is dependent on invading the MRM for an audience. That’s what is really going on here.

        • oh you’re that sex tourist guy from a month ago. ahh ok. well cool i guess keep getting dem hookers.

          Visiting hookers is acceptable in my culture, unfortunately it is not in your anglo culture I believe. it is good that you went somewhere to satisfy yourself outside the anglosphere.

        • Are you not able to read? I said it is good, I also said it is accepted in my culture. Perhaps you believe all english speakers are americans or british?

          I would only point out that you needed precisely 0 game and/or social dominance to be a white guy and fuck south american women. And yes, whether you can comprehend it or not, you certainly paid a great deal of money to fuck Peruvians.

        • man your bitter, youv been to south america, and iam jacking off right now, its awesome.

        • Who is this retard named nick?

          Hey dude, you had your dick in a warm one for free? I salute your achievement, you can put a star on your shoulder and be a general now. Only problem is, I have done that as well, multiple times. You are not very original it seems. 🙂

        • Its a good thing it was raining here all day or I wold have felt like a horrible asshole wasting so much time responding, but I truly believe the guy isn’t ‘bad’ he’s just married to a couple ideas a lot of us have held:

          He is desperate addicted to ‘self-improvement’ through RSD after the failures of PUA and game for him. Yet he does not see that self-improvement for the sake of pussy doesn’t work. A woman will always pick the man with the better dating skills over the man with the more high quality life and character. He doesn’t even see that going to Peru to get pussy is about as bottom-rung as anyone he would try to mock.

          Also he is under the mistaken notion that everyone on here is a basement dweller, incel, or virgin. I am on this site because Blackpill has interesting things to say, and I am anti-gender-bullying and anti-shyguy-bullying. I don’t feel the need to describe at length my exploits in life the way he does, and his exploits are absolutely nothing compared to mine. His projection of his own securities interprets this as having no stories to tell, rather than a lack of desire to go into voyeuristic detail about our personal lives.

          Or as they say, those who talk the most about sex at those having the least.

        • Don’t bother responding to Nick anymore. I banned him because he’s the same person as Rick and Wheeler doing the same trolling he always is. I had to ban the whole network he was on to do it, but he’s gone now.

        • Yo Blackpill I’ve seen Aleks blog popping up on google search again, says its private but he’s still making posts. Can you let him know I’m looking to read up on his new stuff:


      • Right Backpill, and that’s why despite laughing at how dumb it is, I still want the manosphere blogs around. They not only form some entertainment for me, but they are a big, juicy, distraction from the MRM work going around in the real world.

        Go ahead SPLC and attack some bloggers on the internet, meanwhile the culture is shifting drastically against feminism and yes, even women in general (the democrats are hoping the war on women meme catches on in the US for example, it won’t).

        Even manboobz learned that trying to attack the cultural shift that ghosts represent by calling them losers is met with a big, loud, yawn.

        • i think the main difference with people like roosh and people like yourselves is probably age.

          Your average young western guy has the potential to live a fucking awesome life.

          Other than if you were involved in a divorce in the states or accused of rape,(most guys i know havnt been accused of rape) i dont think it affects young guys to much.

          Your middle aged dudes well, for the most part if you didnt live life when you were young then your fucked.

          Young men who are enjoying their lifes just dont give a shit about some scorned old mans noble cause to improve mens rights.

          Question to both of you, have you ever had your dick inside a hot chick raw for free before.

          Its fantastic.

        • Not really, the question is: Why are YOU here. As you can see, sex is not the purpose of the discussions we have here. I’m sure your RSD lessons have taught you to think ‘free sex’ (which does not exist) is the be all end all while you are ground up by the prevailing cultural milleu.

          It may be pleasant to be a white male who doesn’t experience getting sent to prison for being a minority, being forcibly removed from your household and never allowed to see your children, being denied medical care because you are poor, but just as long as you get dat pussy right bro?

          Check your privilege casper.

        • Iam just pointing out why your mrm will fail. The new generations dont give a fuck about you.

          Yes iam very privileged by being a genuine caucasian. It has some major advantages in certain parts of the world.

          As for free sex it does exist. As in i never bought her drinks, never paid for a hotel and it was awesome. Did this several times with several girls.

        • So if you don’t care why are you here? I’m sure it bothers your delicate social dynamics sensibilities to see that people care about things other than being a supplicating wimp who only lives to prove himself to whores enough to get a cookie, but the nice thing about not basing your entire existence on getting pussy is that it seems to make the job a whole lot easier, not that you’d understand.

          As to the ‘mrm will fail’ canard. We don’t even say that an mrm exists, and judicial reform is wholly outside what YOU define as mrm that your opinion on it is largely irrelevant. What matters is the culture, the ideology, and whether you understand it or not, your ability to live the life you do is precisely BECAUSE we are winning.

          Don’t bite the hand that feeds you loser, you might not like the white feather in the other hand.

        • Im bored brah.

          Maybe your right there.

          As for my whole life being deicated to pussy, i seen this was a fun path in peru i could have lived that way for years but i knew after a month of it i needed another purpose.

          From next May and for the following 3 years after i will be dedicating myself to becoming the best fighter i can while travelling around south east asia.

          I wil however be going out everynight trying to score pussy. I would just like to bang like a 1000 chicks because it sounds so ridiculous. Pretty pointless but i like the idea.

          If peru was anything to go by, i figure i could pull it off within 3 to 5 years and i just turned 21, so your looking at mid twenties.

          I shouldnt mock you guys, everyone has their interests and opinions all formed by our life experiences.

  2. Giovanni Dannato wrote about the manosphere here:


    anyways, as I’ve said before, it’s important non-feminist voices critique it….

    hopefully what comes up in the next few years will be much better than what we have now….

    hopefully there will be a space for men to talk about their lives without deferring to feminists, feminist theory, women, other men and society at large….

    • A good post. People are interesting in that thought follows a pretty well-studied and well defined pattern, otherwise conservatism and reactionaries would not exist:

      Orthodoxy->Decay->New Paradigm->Consolidation->New Orthodoxy

      The ‘gateway drug’ to all of this is consciousness in a marxist sense and the internet has now made this inevitable. It is good that Blackpill calls the ‘pill’ meme an outdated one, as the film Inception seems to be a better pop-culture film for what is going on right now.

      we are in the middle of the decay stage at this point, what will matter for men (and Roosh correctly identifies this) is not to allow the ‘masculinists’ the ‘man-up 2.0’ types, the ‘trad cons’ and above all, WOMEN to hijack what could blossom.

      That is why Roosh is a fool to attack incels and ghosts, they are the only ones I would ever trust to create a real mens ideology.

      Other than myself that is, hahahah!

      • the only thing I would trust Roosh to do is to use the sleaziest sales techniques to try to bed women, and heck perhaps even men….

        Kinda liked how he pissed off the feminazi’s and white nationalists….The enemy of my enemy is my friend? Nope, already been down that path, doesn’t work……

        Roosh is a douche and he ain’t gonna define my masculinity…either is Schwyzer….

  3. I think Romney is being shoved down our throats by the PTB this time to *keep* Obamacare/Romneycare from being flushed by the Republitards, who their voters actually think are going to get rid of it after they dutifully vote for them.

    Kinda like how the war fatigued country swung towards the D’s in 2006, thinking they were voting for a quick end to our involvement in the wars in Iran and Afghanistan. Only to have Bush II immediately announce the Nth Surge, which the D’s then voted to fund – `cause we have to support the troops.

    Obamacare/Romneycare was the private health insurance industry’s bill (i.e., the R’s bill) to begin with — who wouldn’t want the State to force people to buy their product? — and Obama made a huge political miscalculation in thinking he could reach over to the other side and get points for bipartisan cooperation — I mean, in thinking he could steal their bill and rebrand it as his own. Of course the R’s are going to start screaming “Socialized Medicine!”. So now we’re in NeverNeverLand with the R’s ostensibly opposed to what was originally pretty much their bill.

    I have no idea who to vote for (or against), but I do know voting *harder* and thinking ones desires just have to get through to them eventually is a fool’s errand.

    If the R’s get in, they’ll make a meaningless faux reform of the bill, claiming the D’s won’t allow them to do anything more. I could be wrong in all this, but I think SCOTUS was our best hope, and they went pretzel on us to keep the thing in place.

    Trying to make it all more equitable and male friendly is worth a shot, but women must suck down 60-70% of the health care resources, so they’re the ones who are most concerned, and they are therefore the voting elephant in the room who is going to be pandered to, by both parties.

    A complete male voting strike is the best strategy. What if 100 or 120 million women voters turned out in two months, but only 10 million men?

    Some MANdate, huh? Apathy within a structure will affect its collapse.

    • yea the unfortunate thing about the republican/tea party opposition to the health bill was that is was the correct response but for the wrong reason. They should have opposed it because it was a payday for the insurance companies, not ‘omg socialism’

  4. “They’re too busy trading conspiracy theories about blacks, the Rockefellers, and the Jews.”

    BS. That is obviously a fringe part of the MRM. All movements have lunatic fringes. But, then again, you’re too busy making up conspiracy theories about the movement you loath so much – the Men’s Rights Movement.

  5. By the way, the-spearhead went through drastic changes to completely kick out the white nationalists who used to troll the comments section. Did you mention this? Of course not.

      • Agreed. Between that and posting that article debunking the whole “foreign women are superior” myth, the Spearhead does seem to be taking some steps in the right direction.

        • Yes, conspiracy theory is the bigger problem. Getting rid of that is going to be much more difficult especially since conspiracy theory has a stranglehold in this space.

        • Sometimes I can only laugh at people who defend the spearhead when I see article popping up about carrying guns everywhere to defend against “psycho killers” (always a he not a her) and defending women around them. Also wanting to unleash bombs against “limousine liberals” (also a he not a her).

          The American cultural meme of the violent scary creepy male runs so deep it is taken as a given even at the spearhead. Misandry it seems, is a lot deeper than so called manosphere bloggers at the spearhead care to admit, even in their own thoughts an actions.

          Beware men of the manosphere, at any time a creepy male psycho killer might try to kill you, your wife and children, at all timesbyou must fear the unattended, strange male, even mores if he is a “loser” type.

          I’m humiliated to have defended the spearhead in the past, even they perpetuate the culture of fear against males.

        • That’s a good point. While I’m all for the right to bear arms, the fact is that carrying a gun wouldn’t help me against those who attack me. That’s because the “violent scary creepy male” doesn’t exist. The real problem is women, and since they use the law/government as their weapon, carrying around a gun isn’t going to help. When a woman makes a false sexual harassment charge against me, shooting anyone doesn’t help my case obviously so carrying a gun is useless. It would make more sense to have a lawyer follow me around everywhere.

    • It is also quite easy to expose the neo-con man-up masculinists masquerading as mra at the spearhead. As you attempted to do to that post entitled”manosphere” only to be met with the same casual dismissal feminists make.

      Feminism is simply the politicization of the female worldview, in time there may be a male version of the same. Tell me do you really want the vioce of that movement to be men who thinK you should slave, murder other men oppress oppress other men, sacrifice, and work for women because that’s what a “man” means?

      I don’t, and I don’t think you do either.

      • I would also note that nowhere in that discussion is even a passing mention of false rape accusations, gender based discrimination, family law discrimination, misandry in the culture, workplac accident statistics, Reproductive rights, civil rights, Healthcre rights, Or rape culture.

        No, all that matters is that you man up, that stuff only happens to “betas” or the wrong “kind” of man. If your a manly masculine man man patriarch the world is your oyster!

  6. White & Nerdy (or do you prefer Black Pill now?) there was plenty of talk about this on reddit mensrights before it passed. I am fairly certain there was even a few articles about it.

    The thing about this is that it went through with lying by omission and by giving women special provisions that aren’t extended to men. Not a lot of people really caught this. I did, but am not an American citizen. I compared it to my own country’s system.

  7. Just a quick remark – I am almost ready to be completely done with petitions on change.org.

    That particular one, I never came across in any of the blogs I read – If I had – I probably would have put it on my blog.

    But – as I mentioned – those change,org petitions are – well – kind of sad.

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