22 comments on “Penis Size In The MDAD

  1. Women say “size doesn’t matter” but they lie about so many things when it comes to what they want that a man can’t help but wonder. And of course they address his shyness without ever suggesting that maybe women should approach men now and then. It’s up to this poor guy to become less shy. Just because women want equal rights doesn’t mean they want equal responsibilities.

    • Women say “size doesn’t matter” but they lie about so many things when it comes to what they want that a man can’t help but wonder.

      Right, and the problem is more complicated than that. One thing I have wondered about is whether “size doesn’t matter” is true, but women imply otherwise as a control tactic (while trying to maintain “plausible” deniability about the whole thing). This is really the worst of all possibilities when it comes to penis size, and what I suspect to be most likely to be true. At least if size mattered, then in the end there is no reason to worry about it since you can’t do anything about it.

      • Whether it’s a man’s height, income, education, looks, penis size, whatever… women always leave out the first part, about there being a threshold: “as long as he makes at least X dollars, money doesn’t matter.”

        It would be like a guy bragging about how “looks don’t matter”. Sure, as long as she’s an 8 (or a really horny 7)…

        It’s just like a hidden reserve in an auction.

        That movie is really one with female characters being played by men. The thing makes a whole lot more sense when viewed with that in mind. Hollywood loves to play that gender-bending trick on audiences. A forty y.o. virgin is a complete failure in the sex/love/relationships department if the person is a woman. A man that age may just be entering his era of maximum attractiveness, whereas for a woman it’s almost certainly long gone by then.

      • “To her (the anglobitch), sex is a weapon used to manipulate and hurt men.”

        Rookh Kshatriya said it all in that one sentence.

        Matters, does not matter – all irrelevant – sex, sexuality, sex advice – all designed to hurt men.

        Deal with it.

  2. ‘Women will use callous attacks on a man’s penis size as a weapon against men to keep men in a state of permanent anxiety.’

    This is spot on. Women try to induce feelings of nervousness, anxiety and self doubt because a man with little self belief/confidence is easier to manipulate and less of a threat to them. This may be why anxiety disorders are on the increase in men, because men have been led to believe that women ‘have their best interests at heart’ when the complete opposite is true. The result of this? Men full of self doubt, with little confidence and always seeking to improve themselves by what means? By asking women. The people who induce the neuroses and anxiety in the man in the first place. It turns into a viscous cycle of continuous self doubt an self questioning that is nigh on impossible to get out of, unless you are lucky/foruntate enough to stumble across the MRA/androsphere, or be endowed (by the gods so to speak) with a short burst of confidence and/or mental clarity.

  3. there’s a simpler answer, only pursue/have sex with smaller women. They often won’t be able to handle large and will be much better satisfied by decent/average. Also try to watch out for markers that she might be abusive. I won’t throw the first punch so if I’m with someone who also won’t-zero chance for DV….

    Leave the large, masculinized women who can’t hold their liquor and throw punches to dirtbags like Hugo Schwyzer, Dave Fatrelle and Roosh….

    • Most women are smaller than me (unless you want to start talking about weight and how many women have become land whales). That’s true for a good portion of men, possibly most men. This just shows that worrying about penis size is stupid, and women use accusations of having a small penis as a weapon against men.

    • It’s progress, slow progress, but progress none the less.

      My only question is if Paul Elam has truly said goodbye to the manosphere. Conspiracy theory is a vital part of the manosphere, and so far I haven’t seen anything that clearly says Paul Elam has ditched that…yet. It may just be a matter of waiting until 2017 when he realizes that conspiracy theory is a bad idea just as we had to wait for years for Elam to admit that inmalafide became a haven of white supremacists and other kooks.

      • I hope that your writing. And our commenting had some effect on elams decision and he is conscious of it because he used a lot of your terminology in that post

      • I wonder what finally made Elam realize he was wrong about IMF? Even after IMF closed down and the old posts were taken down, Elam was still over here defending Ferdinand despite what we told him and claimed we were exaggerating. By that point the site was down so he couldn’t go check for himself even if so inclined. So I wonder what changed his mind? Did he read a cached version of the site?

        • Paul Elam needs as many allies as he can. He does good work, and our criticisms of his ‘fair-weather friends’ is only because we want to ensure he is protected from those who would try to stain him and his work by trying to pull him into things AVFM has nothing to do with: Conspiracy, Racism, Anti-Islamic, White Nationalism.

          AVFM gives a voice to a voiceless class of people in the most public way that has ever been for the MRA. I put my efforts into ensuring the fifth column stays far from the MRA on the internet and in real life.

          I’ve found MRA memes very fruitful among the aging members of my rotary club (we were forced to integrate and most of them aren’t very happy with it). The best thing I can do to spread MRA thought is doing so among the clubs I am in.

        • I wonder what finally made Elam realize he was wrong about IMF?

          Honestly, I don’t know. While Elam has always been anti-game, he was still defending Bardamu. Maybe he has finally realized that it is time to get rid of the lunatics.

  4. Funny thing I’ve noticed. When a man complains about penis size and feeling inadequate, he’s told that he should get counseling. When a woman complains about breast size and feeling inadequate, she’s told to schedule surgery.

  5. So a week ago I was out with a group friends who live in my building, three of them were women. One of the women who had a boyfriend out of town, despite being in a relationship she was letting some guy get all on her. It was rather shocking (guess I don’t get out much) how she let this other guy fell her up and put his hands down her pants in the middle of a bar, given that she has a boyfriend. Anyway I digress, she didn’t go home with him, she ended up in the same car as I and one other girl. The other girl mentioned what she was doing with the guy and she said (and I’m paraphrasing here) “I would never have slept with him, he was too small.” I, half drunk and not thinking blutred out “small” and she replied essentially “Yeah his di*k, I don’t go for small men, I could feel it through his pants.” She might just have been looking for an excuse, they were getting very personal. But honestly sometimes women disgust me. This incident was one of those times.

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