12 comments on “Where Is Paul Elam On Conspiracy Theory Now?

  1. “4. A “lack of realism”. ”

    Black Pill claims to make a living from programming “computers”. But what are these “computers” he talks about? Do such things really exist? Or is it all an elaborate lie to fool people and disguise his real goals?

    * * *

    Fortunately, Paul Elam seems lately to be more interested in real-life activism than giving space to people who sit around thinking up wild theories, which is admirable. Coordinating poster hanging and organizing letter-writing campaigns will, hopefully, get people out of the habit of wondering if the CIA started feminism to undermine the Bilderburg Group, or whatever.

  2. If Paul Elam were a double agent he wouldn’t be paranoid about avoiding raising embarassing issues like the age-of-consent on his blog. Double agents have protections and don’t mind raising such issues.

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