26 comments on “Everyone At Manboobz Is Guilty Of Libel And Being A Hypocrite

  1. I wouldn’t worry about that fat eunuch’s opinion or his pathetic minions. He’s just a disgrace to the male gender.

  2. It’s a badge of honour; You don’t want them approving of you do you? And of course “virgin rapist” is the best they can do. I’m always quite satisfied to get that kind of whining from WK’s because it lets me know I am heard and I am hitting the target.

    • You don’t want them approving of you do you?

      Of course I don’t. I’m a very evidence based thinker so I like gathering evidence of things and documenting it. That way when a third party comes in who has never heard of Manboobz, I can provide a single link proving everything I say is true. Too often in the MRM we just keep repeating things that we know are true when it comes to someone like Fatrelle, but someone from the outside doesn’t know what is going on.

  3. the desperation of feminist language is being ratcheted up very slowly and carefully.

    will feminism self destruct before all men are accused of being both rapists and virgins just for breathing?

  4. Ugly american lardass says something stupid on the internet, small following of also ugly american lardasses stand on sidelines and think they are causing ‘feelings’

    Better call Ripleys.

  5. You have to consider that all those lesbians with useless wymyns studies degrees have nothing to do but sit home on the computer throwing 50 cent words about to justify their mental disease.
    In real life no one can stand to be around them.
    To avoid contamination by proxy you should avoid them.They have nothing but snide hatred and feminine spite to offer.
    What do 10,000 battered wymyns studies graduates have in common?
    They just don’t listen!

  6. I got a lawyer once – for a post I made – exposing a woman for applauding that asian woman who cut her husbands penis off – and ran it through the disposer.

    She asked me to take her name and the entire post down.

    I got a lawyer and faught it.

    It cost me a total of $60.00.

    It is easy – go to the lawyer referral service (it is an 800 number I think – I forgot it already – call any lawyer in the phonebook – and ask them about the lawyer referral service).

    The initial consultation was only 60 bucks. And the initial consultation was enough.

    If Futrelle and his yucks are calling you a rapist – that is libel.

    Talk to a lawyer and find out.


  7. I am serious Black Pill – find the number for the lawyer referral service. At least you’ll be educated as to its existance – in case you went through what I went through – and somebody asks you to pull down a post…

    • Wouldn’t I have to reveal my real name? Legal proceedings are done with real names. I don’t want to give fat manboobz that kind of info even if I can have his blog shutdown.

      • Hmmm. I am not sure. When I was asked to remove a post from my blog, my name was NEVER given to the party asking me to do that,

        Like I said, initial consultation is cheap – 60$ (in NV anyway), you might be able to get a cease and desist order against him – without ever revealing your name…

        But – it is your call. I do not know if your name would be revealed to him or not – only a lawyer could answer that…

  8. It’s just cognitive dissonance in action. Even this bunch of dim bulbs can sense a certain tension between their ostentatious progressivism and producing a tidal wave of eliminationist rhetoric when undesirable males.

    Ergo, they try and square the circle by announcing that they don’t want to victimise innocent men. No, sir and no ma’am, these men are actually proto-rapists. True, they haven’t, in the strict sense of the word, done anything at all. But they will, at some unspecified point in the future so, hey, that’s close enough for government work, right?

    And that’s without considering the overlap with more… traditional forms of bigotry:


  9. “they make up words like “rapey” to subtly communicate that I’m some sort of potential rapist”

    They probably think ALL men are potential rapists. After all, rape isn’t done by psychos who don’t care about anyone else, but by everyday normal men who have been brainwashed by the patriarchy–according to feminism, anyway.

  10. “One can easily argue that feminism is part of the patriarchy because many feminist groups are funded by the government.”

    Stop that!
    You are making heads explode!

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  12. Haven’t checked in for a while, swing by, see several references to your 15 minutes over at manboobz.

    Libel, eh? All of us? I’ll have to arrange a class-action afterparty.

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