9 comments on “I Support Gary Johnson

  1. I’ll be voting for him despite not believing he has a chance to win. if we can just get the result above 2% it will help show how much less this country wants to deal with the worthless two party system we have now.

    • If a political party gets 5% of the national vote they are eligible for federal matching campaign funds which would be a big step up for a third party.

      It’s a sad thing, but not surprising these days, that so few political parties address men’s issues. You’d think there would be more than one!

      • The Libertarian Party has qualified for matching funds in the past, but they refused to take them because libertarianism is opposed to all forms of government welfare. Matching funds are welfare for political parties.

    • I couldn’t make this up even if I tried. A bunch of (Roissyite) gamers meetup in DC, fail to get laid, and one of their blogs dies afterwards. Are they trying to prove me right about them?

      • The best review was the one guy bronin that said he did more approaches in one night than he haddone inn the previous five months. He approached two women according to what i read, some pick up artist. I talk to more women waiting to buy my cigarettes.

  2. Both the red and blue teams seem to have maxed out at 47% (or a little more) here in Colorado.

    One very early poll (June?) had Johnson at 4%, with Jill Stein (Green Party) at 2%. If almost all the third party voters except the most hardcore eventually gravitate to voting for the most visible alternative candidate, Johnson could easily get 5%.

    And from the number of Ron Paul bumper stickers I see, you’d think he was running neck-and-neck with Romney and Obama. If lots of them decide to blow off Romney and the Retards, Johnson could get 7-8%. He and the Libertarian Party might be on course to being the big scapegoat with whoever loses here, like Nader was with the D’s after the Florida/Supreme Court debacle in 2000.

    The other wildcard is Amendment 64, to regulate marijuana like alcohol. It could bring out lots of Libertarian types – no one knows how many – and no one knows how (or if) they might vote for Prez.

  3. wonderful, turns out he wasn’t even on the ballot in my state.

    as much as I dislike both of the main parties, I hate the democrats in particular for playing dirtier than anything.

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