33 comments on “There Is No Subsitute For Results

  1. Another big manosphere site, alpha persona, called it quits. Here’s is a telling quote:

    “A lot of readers are keyboard warriors, a lot of readers are just looking for a place to be angry, and the number of you who actually practice this shit and work on yourselves and try to be better is frighteningly slim.”

    He’s trying to distance himself from the embarrassing reality that the culture he committed has been exposed as completely lame. It’s also interesting how he talks in the comments section about the over-abundance of game blogs:

    “there have been too many game blogs for a while now. I get this email all the time, “Dude, I’m starting a game blog – help me out/link to me/help me name it/come up with a gimmick?”

    These recent shutdowns and “rebrandings” from Roosh, et al, indicate The manosphere now is just a giant headless chicken of interchangeable keyboard jocky blogs with varying degrees of incoherent prose. RIP.

    • I’m afraid that is not the end of them. Dozens (perhaps many more) have burned out this way, but this has not stopped the tidal wave of stupidity that is the PUA.

      Roissy and Roosh are of particular interest to us because they attacked MRM. But there are others interested in somehow co-opting MRM for their nonsense.

      • I can’t understand why anybody would want to co-opt MRAs. What’s the point? That’s like UFC co-opting a CPA convention.

        • No one’s as useless as you though Firepower. Online or in real life. A guy that just lives to troll and contributes nothing. Even FB IMF banned you, then published your weepy, near-suicidal emails crying about it for everyone to see. Yes, some of us remember that, lol. Most pathetic display I’ve ever seen. Tool.

        • With *activists* such as yourself, doing all that “activism” and BlogSuccesses like I’m Morti Fied plugging away and surviving for decades…

          MRM is secure of its place in herstory.

          I wrote pages and pages alllll about it: The main reason it limps is it has zero leadership. Zero Leadership + Aimless Membership = fail.

        • BlackPill, Firepower is a troll who seems to be racked with self-hate and impotence issues in his real life. So he creates this super sarcastic annoying troll persona where all he does is project his own feelings of impotence on others in order to keep from feeling his own self-hate. So he just goes from blog to blog pointing out how useless they are in the struggle, even though he doesn’t do anything better himself. Check his blog, it’s pure garbage. Roissy sphere blogs are useless but Firepower is even more useless.

        • har har.
          an article entitled: “No substitute for results”
          attracts “mras”
          Activists…without Any Activity.
          Sounds like…
          a charity!

    • “there have been too many game blogs for a while now. I get this email all the time, “Dude, I’m starting a game blog – help me out/link to me/help me name it/come up with a gimmick?”

      Their gimmick used to be to attack me. A while back quite a few gamers tried to increase the popularity of their blogs that way. When I linked to one of those blogs to point out its stupidity, the owner of that blog admitted that my link delivered more hits in a day than he got in a month. None of those blogs exist anymore.

      What is happening with game blogs is a pyramid scheme problem. Roissy and Roosh were the first to come up with the idea of invading the MRM. Subsequent Roissyite game blogs are just copycats of that so there is no reason for them go there instead of Roosh and Roissy who have their own problems (which is why Roosh is rebranding his online presence to “return of kings”).

  2. I suspect this self-help fad has largely just run its course, like they all do after half a dozen years or so. After the bubble is done bursting there’ll be a few who can make a legit go peddling it, just like there are a few new age bookstores left.

    The industry has always had a problem marketing to men (a Good Thing IME) — 90-95% of the purchases of self-help are by women — but with “Game” they scored pretty big on men for once.

    It’s gonna be interesting (well, not really) to see what they can come up with to top it.

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  4. “I’m Morti Fied”…
    isn’t much of anything anymore…

    But, with all you *mrm activists* doing all that “activism”
    It’s apparent your abandonment of The Spearhead http://wp.me/p2kmGE-2R
    is due to your needing a separate site
    to share in all the Daily Victories
    that just keep rolling in

    • Tell me firepower why dont you care about the things mras talk about? Are you white? Middle class? Are these things not important to you because they happen in larger numbers to “them”?

      • It isn’t that Firepower doesn’t care about what MRAs talk about, it’s that he constantly accuses them of being repetitive and impotent and not doing enough real world activism and making real world progress. Keep in mind that Firepower does nothing except spend the past few years trolling the Roissy blogs over and over with unfunny jokes (repetitive), being racist (repetitive), claiming that they just waste time being Internet blog warriors (even tho he has been commenting daily for years on blogs and now has a (lame) one himself, it’s everyone ELSE who’s a keyboard warrior). As you can see, everything he accuses everyone else of applies to him more. He just transparently projects the reasons behind his self-loathing onto others. One really funny moment, probably the only good thing on IMF is after years of trolling Ferdinand finally banned him. The Internet tough guy who kept mocking IMF and MRAs for being lame wrote a whiny, butthurt sobbing email to Ferdinand crying about his banning and his hurt feelings and huffed how he was going to keep commenting over at Roissy’s where he was “appreciated.” It was the Internet equivalent of taking one’s ball and going home after already kicked out of the game. Ferdinand published the crybaby email and everyone had a good laugh at Firepower’s expense. Funny how a guy who claims he’s better than everyone is so desperate for their attention and validation that he has a hissyfit meltdown when they ban him.

        • So I don’t like Coloreds…
          Tell me why I should
          WHAT have they (your kind) done?

          Nice and MRA Bravely-Brave to stick around the Sweat Lodge
          Big Talk.

          I followed Years of Ferdinand?
          that would make him 12 years old a the time…

          Don’t be angwee that
          roissy like my acidic wit
          instead of your mewlery sniffles

          Quit preaching to the choir and derailing your hosts thread
          come over and play
          you, won’t…

        • As much as I’d like to understand your arguments Firepower I simply can’t follow your disjointed, schizophrenic writing. I can’t parse anything out of what you write beyond that you may have an undiagnosed mental illness or a drug addiction.

        • Yeah, no one ever knows what the fuck he’s saying.

          He’s clearly insane and delusional probably from years of being bullied in real life. When you can’t get any positive attention in the real world, you dedicate your life to negative attention online. Sad and desperate, really. His one good feature is that you can’t help but feel good about yourself after contemplating how loserish his life must be. 😉

      • Because you’re whiners
        Who don’t do a god-damned thing
        Except whine about the guys who call you whiners

        Is a real effective
        Strategy – I’m looking 4ward to seeing moar
        Super-Duper Results 2000!

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  6. I see you posted a response on your site to get page views instead of replying here. As I thought, you don’t care because they aren’t “your” problems. Good to know. Its always the middle class whites who don’t care, you don’t notice know fragile that little bubble you live in is.

  7. uman shut down? I hadn’t noticed… maybe because I deleted their bookmark after it was clear they were going over the bend on the whole “PUA but really pro feminist” bullshit. but that seems like it should be a big deal, even dalrock posted about their articles (a guy who by all rights should have nothing to do with that shit).

    a google search only found one other blog posting about this event, here is the first few sentences of his article that I could be bothered to read:

    “This is posted in conjunction with the University of Man’s ‘Shame The Beta Month.’ It was supposed to be a guest post there, but I decided to throw it up here too. Edit: It made its way to UMan. You can read it there.

    Have you decided to be Alpha yet?

    If you said, ‘Yes,’ then I’m calling bullshit. Alpha isn’t a single decision: It’s a byproduct of a collection of life-changing decisions.”

    so if any PUAs are out there wondering why no one gives a shit what you say, here’s a tip; it’s because you can’t write for shit.

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