Women Lie About Being Persecuted Just Like Conspiracy Theorists

With the presidential election just a couple of days away here in the US, those of us in the US are getting bombarded with political advertisements via mail, radio, TV, internet, etc.  A lot of these advertisements basically say women are being persecuted by evil men or will be if anyone but Obama gets elected president.  It’s all lies.  Both Obama and Romney are working for women.  One example of these ads involves a bunch of women talking about how [insert politician here] is going to take away their “choices” and doesn’t respect their “constitutional rights”.  In reality this isn’t going to happen.  I wish it was.  I wish that the politician these women are attacking really was bold and courageous enough to stand up to women, but that isn’t the case.  On top of that, these women are hypocrites.  They work to take away my choices and the choices of other men and to take away my constitutional rights and the constitutional rights of other men for real.  Even if I hadn’t read about PMAFT’s suggested voting strategy, I would vote for whoever they are attacking.  I would vote for that person even if they were the devil for the same reason that Winston Churchill would support the devil if Hitler invaded Hell.

Whether it’s that female political ad or the many others, they all the same thing, that (a significant percentage of) men are conspiring against women.  Most people reading this know that’s a lie, but the evidence that it is a lie is the fact that women can get on a multitude of media to say men are conspiring against them.  If (a significant percentage of) men were really conspiring against women, then women wouldn’t be allowed to say so on national TV, radio, the internet, etc.  The opposite would not be allowed to happen.  Just try getting a commercial shown on national TV that shows the truth that women are oppressing (non-alpha) men.  You won’t get anywhere.  Women are persecuting (non-alpha) men and lying about men persecuting them.  This is another example of how women project their own ideology and behavior on to men.

Who else lies about being persecuted?  Conspiracy theorists.  No one should be surprised by this similarity.  Women believe that (a significant percentage of) men are conspiring against them just like how conspiracy theorists think that the Federal Reserve or the government or the Rockefellers are conspiring against them.  Conspiracy theorists lie about the government persecuting them all the time.  Women are choosing to be conspiracy theorists when it come to men so it’s natural that they would lie about being persecuted just like conspiracy theorists lie about being persecuted.


17 thoughts on “Women Lie About Being Persecuted Just Like Conspiracy Theorists

  1. Fear and hatred of men is as American as apple pie, but it is also prevalent in anglo societies around the world, and increasingly, thanks to American media, is finding some female politicians in the Netherlands and Sweden barfing up the same thing.

  2. Hey BlackPill, check this out. It’s a comment from Roissy’s blog that he found so insightful he tweeted it to all his followers on twitter. He’s been losing it after the Obama election, because Obama is half-black and all. But apparently he and his followers are getting worse than ever in conspiracy kookery. It’s a long comment but worth reading to the end to see the prescription suggested to cure all of society’s ills:


      • I didn’t even read the responses to that guy, so I missed that “White men must convert to Islam” guy the first time. Hilarious! The best part is the pro-Islam guy uses Hitler’s admiration of Islam as the endorsement behind is reasoning!

        It’s amazing how many normal commenters and readers that guy used to have, and how many kooks he has now. It’s almost 100% kookery now in the comments. The most amazing this is Roissy himself tweeted this comment. He doesn’t just passively ignore his kookiest commenters, he outright celebrates them.

        • I did, and do you know what else I noticed? Fully 1/3 of the comments on that post have the same “gravatar signature” that little icon that appears next to your post (yours is green on green for example). It is that same nut posting over and over again under different names. Including replying to his own post with a different name.

        • Figures it would be the same nut posting under different names. That’s why they accuse me of being PMAFT or Alek Novy. They’re accusing me if what they do. It’s projection in action.

        • It makes me wonder just how popular Roissy still is. It’s obvious he’s past his peak, but his decline may be worse than we suspected if 1/3 or more of his comments are now the same sock puppets over and over.

        • A bunch of new posts under new gravatars have popped up in the last day or two so its not really a 1/3 ratio like it was before.

          I’ve never followed Roissy as he is pretty open about his white nationalism. And being from Italy and looking more like Roberto Luongo than Manuel Neuer, I’m the wrong kind of white.

        • An update: I did a test comment over there. If you put nothing in the address field of the comment that seems to be the default gravatar. I made an Anon comment and got the same one.

          So it’s not the same guy posting over and over it seems. There really are multiple ppl over there singing the praises of game and islam as the ultimate solution

  3. The government is using women as tools of manipulation in order to divide the genders. Once the genders are divided they can no longer come together as a result family honor, morality and social stability all die. Feminism has liberated men face the facts you are liberated the creator of this blog has no reason to be an anti-feminist and I use the term loosely, because both MRA’s and feminists seek equal treatment under the law. Women are the weakest link they fell for the manipulation that they are the society’s victims. Well now thanks to feminism women really are societies victims. Men constantly use women for sex and if she gets pregnant leave her to leech on big daddy government.

    • I don’t understand the problem you have with equal treatment under the law. It seems as though equal treatment to wider society means: Privileges and perks for women, responsibilities for men.

      Why would men want this system? After the legislative war that men have had unleashed on them in the last decades, why would any man care what happens to weak women?

      Y’all can go chill with my girl Kitty Genovese for all I care about y’all anymore.

    • Of course feminist Rebecca Watson took the time to put on a red dress and tart herself up like a French Whore for a skeptical convention…

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