11 comments on “The Womens Party Won On Tuesday…No Surprise

  1. I’ll give Roissy this: the election seems to have made him snap and now he’s gone from passive-aggressive in his racism to as forthright and honest about it as I’ve ever seen him. Not only is he tweeting open racism now and getting everyone to turn against him on twitter, he’s thrown down the gauntlet in his latest blog post as well. He may be a kook still, but at least he’s less cowardly and coy about it now:


    This comment by one of his readers is great too. Without a hint of irony one commenter says:

    America subjects its white population, younger ones in particular, to pressures that UN Charter for Human Rights classifies as genocide.


    • He just can’t admit the harsh reality:

      White middle class women are the #1 benefactors of affirmative action programs.

      White women of all classes are increasingly turning to ‘choice motherhood’

      The concepts of white privilege and white racism are the byproduct of white feminists, not of minorities.

      The reason High-IQ individuals are increasingly fewer is due to lack of reproduction by white women, and intelligent women of all races. Where they reproduce, they do so with low-iq individuals.

      White knight nationalist through and though. The prettiest lie of all is that white men and women are allies and black men and white men are enemies.

      • Great comment, YBM.

        Muhammad Ali said “no Viet Namese ever called me n-word.” I say, no black man has ever done me wrong. White women, on the other hand…

        • Case in point:


          White American men just have to admit how deeply and fundamentally white women hate them with every fibre of their being and are at war in the home, the street, and in the office with them every day.

          I’m fortunate, I’m not American and if Canada gets any worse I can pack up and move back home to Europe.

          White men need to expat or ghost in America. The level of hate they receive is really a shame, and it’s all from their own sisters, mothers, daughters. All in some misguided crusade for revenge for something that was largely fictitious.

          It really is a shame, and there really is no way back. Or as chief wiggum on the simpsons suggested, there is no way to “dig up”.

        • Telling.

          So white women sit around in the coffee klatch bashing men in their monolithic representative of Mitt Romney. But when it comes to who they NEED, they look to him to fix what they have screwed up.

          Extrapolate that out to the micro scale now: “I hate privileged white males but they damn well better marry me!”

  2. “and white men need to convert to Islam because Hitler said it would be a good idea.”

    No way someone said that! He has to be exaggerating.

    [reads comment]

    Oh man, he wasn’t exaggerating!

  3. Actually there was a tremendous split among white women with married white women mostly voting for Romney while nearly 70 percent of single white women voted for Obama.

    Just in the interests of truth and all.

  4. My point is that you don’t get anywhere if you operate off incorrect information, such as the Real Peterman was peddling.
    I made no other claim.
    But since you asked for an opinion about something:
    Married women tend to vote more like their husbands.
    Only perhaps in your bleak black terrible little world could that be regarded as a bad thing.
    And no one here denies that both parties are harmful to men, though usually in different ways. But from a demographic point of view knowing that married women tend to vote more like their hubbies could be useful information for nascent political movements.

    Just saying. Now go back to whining about how evillllllll women are, and how all the blogs that have shut down lately are due to the influence of your little cabal ( I notice you took no credit for the Christian Mens Defense Network) and not threats of being outed or boredom.

    • Married women tend to vote more like their husbands.

      You sure it’s not the other way around? Or that it isn’t a temporary coincidence? Or will still hold with pro-male political party? You haven’t even considered those possibilities since science is something you Roissyites have a problem with. I have seen women vote the same as their Libertarian husbands, for example. They will even say they are Libertarians like their husbands, but they all think that government programs that benefit women shouldn’t be eliminated by Libertarians. This is evidence that women voting the same as their husbands is meaningless.

      how all the blogs that have shut down lately are due to the influence of your little cabal

      My “cabal”????? Why is everything a conspiracy theory with you Roissyites? Roissyite gamer blogs are shutting down because reality has bitchslapped them enough. My “cabal” (which you must think includes everyone from anti-gamers like Alek Novy to non-Roissyite gamers like Socialkenny which is a pretty big “cabal”) has simply stood up for the facts. You just can’t deal with that your ideology is a failure. The Roissyite gamer DC meetup fiasco speaks for itself. That’s reality trashing your ideology.

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