The “Galileo Defense” Fallacy

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A common logical fallacy in the so called manosphere is what I have seen called the “Galileo Defense”.  The “Galileo Defense” can be summed up as “I’m being persecuted so I must be right”.  A person who uses the “Galileo Defense” will compare themselves to Galileo.  Since he turned out to be right, they must be right too.  There are two relevant logical fallacies in the “Galileo Defense”.

  1. Galileo was persecuted, but so are cannibals and Nazis.
  2. Often times when a person invokes the “Galileo Defense”, they are lying about being persecuted.  There is DOCUMENTED EVIDENCE that the so called manosphere has lied about being persecuted, so this applies in a big way to them.

There are other problems with the “Galileo Defense” like how Galileo wasn’t persecuted for his ideas as much as for being an asshole to various powerful individuals at the time, but that is particularly relevant.  What is important is that the so called manosphere’s use of the “Galileo Defense” is wrong because being persecuted doesn’t automatically mean you’re right, and even if it did, the so called manosphere is lying about being persecuted.

The “Galileo Defense” is relevant now because as the great die off of the so called manosphere continues, the groundwork is being laid (either intentionally or unintentionally) for the lie that the manosphere died because of persecution using the “Galileo Defense” .  (This is likely to be the so called manosphere’s last scam.)  There is no persecution of the so called manosphere going on, but that won’t stop them from lying about being persecuted as they did in the pastSome are laying the groundwork to blame being persecuted by the government.  Others will blame persecution by employers (even though this can’t make sense for the reason that no one in the manosphere has consistent employment).  A few will blame persecution by MRAs, MGTOW, and “anti-gamers”.  (I’m sure this will include some conspiracy theory about how MRA’s, MGTOW, and “anti-gamers” are working for the government or the Rockefellers.)  It doesn’t matter which one anyone in the so called manosphere picks, they will be lying about being persecuted invoking the “Galileo Defense” as their ideology goes down in flames.