23 comments on “Gamers Have Options Other Than Roissy

  1. You raised some great points in this comment:


    Each new manosphere defender is lamer and more confused that the last, is younger, and just seems really confused. If they have blogs, they are blogs with a very small readership. The days of visits from people with big blog followings has died out, because the big blogs have either moved away from game into lifestyle bullshit (Roosh) or outright race war crap (Roissy), or shut down altogether (Ferdinand).

    Everyone is gone and the people left are either young and stupid and not likely to remain into game for very long (like Alek Novy says, most young guys who dabble in game end up leaving it embarrassed and get over it fairly quickly. It’s the older guys who get sucked into the cult who seem to have the biggest trouble leaving it behind).

    So I guess my question is, while it’s fun to keep bashing the kooks who are left, since very few of them are trying to get into the MRM and poison it anymore, what should the new focus of this blog be. I see what Shackleford means now when he says that even tho an anti-game blog would be fun he doesn’t see the point of it after the post-meetup meltdown of the manosphere.

    For further proof the glory days are over, check out this post by Roosh trying so hard to recruit new manosphere fresh blood:


    So what should the next focus be? Maybe donation and activism opportunities, like when you posted the link where people could donate to the Brian Banks documentary?

    • Certainly, we should focus on more donations and activism from now on. Another thing I want to focus on is dating advice outside of the so called manosphere (i.e. the misandry of guys like Dr. Nerdlove). Feminists like Dr. Nerdlove have been using game, but repackaging it in a pro-feminist manner.

      I have also found out so more information about the scam nature of game so that will be a running topic.

      Overall, one of my goals is to neutralize the “you’re just pissed you can’t get laid” argument used by feminists and other misandrists.

  2. That post is interesting for its comment about Roissy, and also because this guy, who probably thinks Game can let him control women in any way he wants, is terrified that a woman he games will find out about what he writes. Oh no! So much for being a master of women.

    • Yes, apparently according to this post Roissy began focusing more on race war crazy talk and keyboard jockeying because of being outed to a chick he was dating, showing like you said he really isn’t a master of women. But also, it makes me wonder: what kind of chick would be okay with race way conspiracy kookery and endless collapse porn? It’s not exactly an improvement. I understand why a girlfriend would not want to read about Roissy actively picking up women, but I don’t see why she would find keyboard jockeying, white nationalist fantasies, and collapse porn conspiracies much better.

      • Grizzly, there are 2 answers I can come up with to that question. The first group of women that such talk would attract would be crazy women like the mother of the Newtown shooter. Insane women like that aren’t worth it especially if her son shoots you.

        The second group of women would be women who are looking to shift responsibility for women’s actions away from women. I have seen a few women on manosphere blogs say that they “used” to be feminists, but then they found out the “truth” about how the Jews/Rockefellers/Rothschilds/etc. were behind feminism. These women refuse to take responsibility for their misandry, but they see the writing on the wall on how men are figuring out what women are up to. This group of women is looking for a scapegoat which race war, conspiracy theory, & collapse BS gives them. (Obviously, the roissyites don’t realize how they’re being used.)

        Of course, everything I just said only applies to attracting new women. You have to wonder about the wives of the married Roissyites. Since the married Roissyites got married before getting involved in race war, conspiracy theory, & collapse BS, I can’t see women wanting to stick around. A lot of the married Roissyites still ended up divorced which is what we expect. The Roissyites who are still married obviously haven’t told their wives their views which means they’re nothing but keyboard jockeys who are scared of their wives.

        • BRILLIANT! Makes a LOT of sense.

          A gamer who actually games is bad for a women who wants power because she doesn’t want a guy who is actually giving himself options and looking for other women. If he has options, she doesn’t have power.

          But a keyboard jockey is a different story. He is preaching pussybegging, which is a belief system that helps women in society as we often discuss. But he’s not actually going out there and MEETING other women. For a woman a keyboard jockey is the best of both worlds: all the pros that come from pussybegging (changing yourself constantly to cater to a woman’s whims) with none of the potential.

          Conspiracy theory, like you say, because now instead of holding women accountable for feminism, you can blame Rockefellers, the Jews, the liberals, etc. For white women who recognize and don’t like the burdens of feminism because they realize the old system benefited them better. These women aren’t antifeminism because they empathize with men but because they realize the old system was a better way to brainwash and exploit them.

          White Nationalism I can see now just adds to this pro-woman agenda, at least pro White woman. WNs are the biggest white knights of all, because worrying over which races of men are or aren’t fucking white women implies that white women are a prize worth putting on a pedestal and fighting over.

          Thanks for that BP. I wasn’t able to put it all together until your last comment.

        • Oops typo, missing words, the sentence I wrote above should have read:

          “For a woman a keyboard jockey is the best of both worlds: all the pros that come from pussybegging (changing yourself constantly to cater to a woman’s whims) with none of the potential CONS (LIKE MEETING AND FUCKING OTHER WOMEN).

      • ” WNs are the biggest white knights of all, because worrying over which races of men are or aren’t fucking white women implies that white women are a prize worth putting on a pedestal and fighting over”

        Excellent point!

  3. has anyone seen this shit–


    yeah, I know your all too busy looking at the titties, but look a little at the imagery….

    She has a sickle-covered in blood-the symbol of communism and is holding a severed pair of testivcles-the symbol that “all males are the oppressor.”

    and feminism isn’t a hate movement, yeah, right….

    • Good one.

      I’m not too familiar with the last two terms in your equation, but ~2 yrs ago something I saw caused me to start a list of All the Ways “Game” is Just Like Feminism. The list just kept getting longer and longer, and at some point the “if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, etc.” rule of thumb kicked in.

      So I’ve got voluminous confirmation regarding your first term. The ostensible anti-feminism of “Game” is like a candy colored sugar coating on the feminism pill, which the gametards have swallowed hook/line/sinker.

      More power to you if you can plumb the depths of scientology and jersey shore!

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