34 comments on “Five Reasons Why Being Repulsive To Women is a Good Thing

  1. This is a form of game I practice.

    Gamers are so enthralled on how to attract a woman.

    The real problem for some people lies in HOW TO GET RID OF A WOMAN… without her going psycho or demonic on your arse.,..


  2. Being repulsive didn’t help that singer Seal.

    And Danny DeVito is now basically a little ugly troll of a man, but the women of The View think he’s sexy and adorable.

    A woman in love will do almost anything for a man except give up the desire to improve him (Nathaniel Brandon), so the best course is to be so impeccable as to be unimprovable.

  3. This is off-topic, but funny. I’ve realized that Roissy likes to pretend anything and everything he finds cool is somehow using game concepts and is a validation of game.

    Now even pickpockets are actually somehow gamers in disguise using game concepts:


    Then he quotes one out of context sentence and adds the word “pussy”, to try to further push the questionable premise of pickpockets and pickup artists being similar:


    Of course GL Piggy, the guy Blackpill mocked in the past for trying to say Newt Gingrich was applying pickup principles in his presidential campaign, chimes in with words of support.

    Even though these guys have given up on infiltrating the MRM, I still can’t help checking in on them occasionally to see what new stupidity they’re adding to the gospel of game. I’m never disappointed.

  4. I was catching up on my reading and I saw that two skinheads have started a podcast and YouTube channel attacking the mra. When did the roissysphere recruit skinheads to be there public face?

        • Manboobz has a crush on Fatt Horney…

          the other guy always has his glass of scotch and cigerrette to go with his lisp and condescending attitudes…

          haha, someone called him the white Advocatus Diaboli…

          yeah, they are the White Nationalist lite ™ part of the manosphere…

        • I saw Aurini’s Eat the MRA vid, and as someone who’s watched a decent amount of his material I’ve become increasingly turned off by his BS. This video was the last straw.
          He shames men who can’t get laid using feminist language, which speaks for itself.
          He rants about how people who don’t share his ideology are being intentionally evil, which alone is ridiculous enough to discredit him.
          He says that MRAs are pussies because they complain and lobby (apparently an inherently leftist tactic that must be condemned without exception), but what is his solution to misandric laws and attitudes? That men should go their own way, have fun, and game sluts. That solves nothing for society at large. MRAs are trying to do something, and he considers any sort of actual pushback to be utterly contemptible. He is nothing but an obstacle.

        • lobby (apparently an inherently leftist tactic that must be condemned without exception), but what is his solution to misandric laws and attitudes?

          Aurini is just like the rest of the so called manosphere in his opposition to activism. They all use the same bullshit reason that activism (or more specifically lobbying) makes the government “more powerful”, and they use conspiracy justify their bullshit. That’s absurd so it’s just an excuse to not do anything to improve the lives of men and boys.

          You are correct by pointing out that Aurini and the rest of the so called manosphere is nothing but an obstacle to real progress.

        • You say that the Roissysphere is making white nationalists the spokespeople for their “movement,” but Roissy himself is a white nationalist (although he only recently became forthright about it) so from the beginning the Roissysphere had a white nationalist spokesman – Roissy himself.

          Aurini looks like such a phony, such a fake, cultivated persona of what he thinks a badass should look like. Google “Anton LaVey” and tell me that’s not an intentional imitation. And he’s smoking an electronic cigarette.

        • I meant actual face, since roissy IS a liar and doesn’t make videos. It makes it a whole lot tougher for idiots like those two trolls from December to claim ignorance.

          I thought that nut looked more like Kane from command and conquer than anyone else, but a skinhead nonetheless, same with forney.

        • I meant actual face, since roissy IS a liar and doesn’t make videos. It makes it a whole lot tougher for idiots like those two trolls from December to claim ignorance.

          Ahh, great point.

        • I thought that nut looked more like Kane from command and conquer than anyone else, but a skinhead nonetheless, same with forney.

          The reason I think he’s going for Anton LaVey is that LaVey was a famous satanist who wrote books on psychological manipulation, human nature, individualism, and the “dark arts.” The little I’ve read of Aurini, there’s a lot of overlap, and he mentions “dark arts” a lot too. I’m not saying he’s a satanist, but he does seem to like the image of being some dark lord of manipulation.

          I’m researching more on this Aurini. Man, what a ridiculous, grandiose, racist twat. Look at this:


          He apparently got really butthurt when his genius wasn’t recognized and when his blatant racism was called racism. Which leads me to another thing I don’t get about the manosphere white nationalists: why are they so committed to racism, yet get enraged when called racist?

      • Yeah, they sure did do wonders in U.S. cities, but not over 40 years but coming up on about 100 now (Great Migration runs about 1915-1940) – meaning they were there in U.S. cities in the north in time for WWII, to work in industry. Making tanks and planes to fight the Nazis who were….um…yeah, that’s right, white supremacists Read some history.

        • Yes, and a majority of Allied crimes in WW2 were because of black rapes.

          Black men didn’t make tanks; white men did.

          “White supremacists read some history” – Real history is racist, and yes racial realism is racist, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

          Look at Detroit then and now, and tell me if they didn’t do wonders.

        • Oh great, another white supermacist. Shitter, why don’t you go over to Heartiste or another HBD site where you’ll have a sympathetic ear. And yawn, don’t bother engaging Fap-power. He’s a professional troll trying to project his feelings of worthlessness and self-hate on anyone he can. He literally trolls all day. It’s his whole reason for existence. Engaging him just feeds him.

        • nazis nazinazis……
          you Brandonz always forget about the Italians and those pesky japs.

          History Boldly Says America only nobly fought the war to emancipate those poor help-wess Auschwitz-ies.

          Back to your LibHist’ry: Coloreds only ran their own cities since ….like Firepower says…forty years. That’s “1970,” to you. I know numbers are difficult for ya.

          Blacks did inhabit big cities earlier, but they were well-behaved. That’s why whitey invented whips.

    • Aurini comes off like a complete parody; his look, his posture, that affected way of speaking etc. Sudely he is.being a little ironic?

      Either way, it is hard to take him seriously.

      Game has some value imo, esp in regards to establishing and maintaining a solid frame. I also think it is possible to create attraction, but not in the sense that game adherents mean. Attraction can develop over time, but how it develops is far more complex than a simple dominance-submissiom formula.

      • Attraction can develop over time

        This is true and the science tells us this is true. Long-term attraction CAN be developed (when you get to know someone over months). And yes, it’s a lot more complex than “me alpha, your pussy wet” lol.

        The biggest scam in game is the idea that you can affect short-term attraction. This is the idea that you can walk into a room, and a woman that would have never considered fucking you at 9pm, will at 11PM be begging you to fuck her.

        Or even worse. That you can approach an otherwise unattracted woman, and within the first minutes of interaction (based on the angle of your body and “opener” hahaha) change her attraction level. This is scientifically invalid and nobody has ever accepted a challenge to prove they can do it.

        WHAT THEY DO DO (which conflates things) is that they confuse interest with attraction. Yes, what you say and and how you say and do it CAN change interest even in the short-term (but not attraction). In other words how you go for the kiss can affect whether you get to kiss her, but it doesn’t change WHETHER she wants to be kissed by you or not lol.

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