48 comments on “The So Called Manosphere Is The C Team (That’s C As In Cuckold)

  1. ‘Susan Walshes, and millions of others are co-conspirators to the dating advice scam’

    That’s one thing I don’t understand about the manosphere: Why, on the one hand do they complain about women being unreasonable people and incapable of thinking about others (solipistic as Vox Day calls them), and then on the other do they actually try and ‘reason’ with these women and accept dating advice from them? It doesn’t make sense. Either someone is reasonable or they are not. You can’t have it both ways. Is it cognitive dissonance that they are suffering from, or am I missing out on something glaringly obvious?

  2. I had it out with dalrock once over Susan Walsh. Don’t get me wrong, the woman is a moron. But the proper reaction to an idiot like Susan Walsh is the reaction BP and Pro-male had: IGNORE HER.

    Instead dalrock and her start a little pre-teen slap fest in each others comment sections. Its just so….effeminate. It was at that point that I started to think ‘Why should I be listening to this guys advice about women again?”

  3. HEY GUYS, I found an old email I sent last year to a famous MRA who wanted to write an expose on GAME. It’s from a long lengthy discussion we had where I educated him on the history of game, seduction community, eben pagan etc…


    Ok, about how it got started

    Well it’s kind of murky, because it came out of an earlier movement, the “fast seduction” community. Let me explain how fast-seduction worked, and then later how it transitioned into game.

    There was a guy called “Ross Jeffries” who is now called the “grandfather” of the seduction community. This was probably the first guy on the planet to start teaching advice to guys on how to get laid more.

    Now, even though this guy is far from perfect, he had a good heart. He has integrity and has never used fear-mongering in his marketing. In fact, he is the current game community’s greatest critic.

    Think of this guy as being what suffragettes are to today’s feminism.

    His students formed the first community

    Guys who studied Ross Jeffries’ stuff decided to form a usenet group where they could exchange tips and ideas. This was the alt.seduction.fast newsgroup back in the oldie usenet days (we didn’t have forums back then). In it, guys were very brotherly, cooperative and pecking orders were almost non-existent.

    Here Comes DeAngelo

    One of Ross Jeffries students was a young marketer by the name of Eben Pagan. This young scammer (he actually admits in business seminars that he spent most of his youth trying out different get-rich schemes and scams) –> figures out that Ross is not milking the cow efficiently well. In fact, in his business seminars, Eben explains how he came up with the idea of selling this crap to guys. He saw that mainstream dating advice was too PC on the one hand, yet on the other stuff like Ross Jeffries is too underground and nobody knows about.

    That’s when he got the idea that with great marketing (think scientology-like fear-mongering) he can turn this into a massive industry. He infiltrated fast.seduction and started pushing his own magic-bullet crap onto guys. He read a few evo-psych books, and decided that evo-psych can be fitted very well into his marketing. Basically, he knew that he can fear-monger guys into believing that there’s this SECRET to attraction, and he Eben has it. He took up the pen-name “David DeAngelo” and started fear-mongering guys to death. To get a sense of how he did it, see the following:

    Or as a better example, see this article:


    Here, John took what DeAngelo says, and flipped it by changing “men” to “women” and vice-versa. Basically it’s marketing that plays on guys insecurities and always keeps them coming back for more. Read that second article and just notice how it’s crafted to fear-monger guys into always coming back for more information and finer distictions and more products.

    What happens next? The birth of PUAs

    This DeAngelo guy single-handedly managed to fear-monger several million guys in just the first few years of creating his business. Seeing what this unethical prick is doing, his mentor Ross Jeffries kicked him out for selling snake-oil. Did that stop DeAngelo?

    No, he kept going and decided to create a whole network of “gurus”. In fact, he was the one who discovered mystery and made him famous. Within months, mystery had gone from a canadian nobody to a rich entrepeneur, mostly using the same evo-psych scare-mongering that DeAngelo (eben) had invented. He called himself a pick-up “artist” and called pick up an “art”. This is when the term was born – it was basically just another marketing spin. The “more mature” victims went to DeAngelo’s brand of “attraction studies”, the more gullible tards went to Mystery’s school of “pick up arts” –> It was basically the same thing, and both used the same perverted interpretations of evo-psych to fear-monger guys into membership.

    DeAngelo kept going and kept introducing new gurus

    Some of whom were virgins, or barely got their first date only months before becoming a gur. One of them has a podcast out, talking about the scam. He talks about how he was a 27 year old virgin, whom after barely getting his first lay was invited by DeAngelo to be made into a guru, and he actually was a PUA guru for several years… He now has a radio show bashing the community.

    Within years, there were HUNDREDS of gurus all mimicking and trying to replicate DeAngelo’s success and following his model. By this time, he, DeAngelo had made hundreds of millions of dollars selling this stuff.

    It was in trying to mimick DeAngelo that today’s beast was born

    A lot of the small time scammers saw DeAngelo and Mystery’s commercial success and those sweet millions. They decided to replicate it by replicating the fear-monger cult-like evangalizing language. Unfortunately, unlike the originator, deangelo, these guys were not professional high-level marketers.

    In trying to mimick him, they ended up creating a cult, and this where people selling free scams popped up (think roissy). In essence however, at least 99% of the core of game still originates in DeAngelo and Mystery and Style.

    Fun Note: DeAngelo is a new-agey organic, raw vegan… think “dear woman” guys. He actually apologizes each time he uses the word “mankind”. I do not kid, whenever he uses the word “mankind”, he stops and apologizes for using “such a sexist, patriarchal word” – > his actual words.

    Why the fast growth?

    Maybe a sociologist needs to study this, but somehow DeAngelo’s original marketing method worked even better than DeAngelo intended. His original goal was simply to fear-monger guys into buying his seminars, products and those of the 20-30 gurus he created. He crafted it in such a way that guys would be driven insane with a desire to evangelize and spread “the message” and make him mucho money.

    It spread way past that. Currently there are tens of thousands of gurus. In fact, you might have noticed almost every PUA seems to have a desire to be your “personal guru”. They troll other communities trying to find people to “help” with the message of “game”.

    • Ross Jeffries wasn’t “the first on the planet”. I was there. R.J. actually emailed me back when I had my website up, ~15 yrs ago. I had a page on speed seduction, one in which his ideas were part of the discussion, as just a part of the body of knowledge extant (so far as I had discovered by then). His email was somewhat prickly and confrontational, but we went back/forth a couple of times before the convo ceased. I wasn’t very impressed by his understanding (or lack of understanding) of what I had written, so I thought he was making spurious arguments – and just didn’t seem very good at defending his points. At that point in time, the WWW was finite enough that someone like him could hope to go around policing their reputations and trying to put out little wildfires, which is what I took to be his motivation. And, just to be clear, I was discussing his and other’s work, not calling him names, though their branding method I more fully understand now does mix up the two. My hobbiest site was at a .edu address (in my personal account) so I had no concern for any business considerations, only ideas.

      Anyway, there are quite a few lineages on the evolutionary tree of “how to get girls”, which go back all the way into the mists of pre-history. “Game” and its precursor(s) might be the dominant strain now, but these things come/go. At some point the young bucks coming up will scoff at the silliness of “Game” the same way my gen did at Hugh Heffner in his silk boudoir attire smoking a pipe.

    • That looks like it’s another woman engaging in the usual ‘poor little me’/’Women are victims’ etc syndrome; with a huge dollop of psychological projection yet again (i.e. women projecting their hatred of the opposite sex onto men and calling it ‘misogyny’). And this, from a female Professor no less.

      (Of course not all women engaging in, effecttively, psyops against men. Erin Pizzey is one of the few women, who I am aware of, who stands up against misandry and the demonization of men, even when she suffered because of it. Unlike the ‘trad-con’ women who fraudulently claim that they were ‘against feminism from the start’, yeah, sure, right…)

  4. The good news: Manospherians have stopped trying to ally themselves with the MRM.

    Bad news: Now they try to smear it. It seems like now there are more and more youtube videos and blog posts dedicated to attacking it. I guess since the MRM unequivocally rejected them, they now have to attack them.

    Good news: Manosphere is declining in influence and coherency so quickly, it probably doesn’t matter anyway. If anything, it just makes the MRM look better and the manosphere look worse.

    Bad news: People are still trying to label manosphere nuts as part of men’s rights movements so as to easily discredit the real MRM:

  5. Here is another problem with the manosphere and why it will implode. Matt Forney, one of the WNs ybm brought our attention to for his anti-MRM podcast with the robotic weirdo Aurini, has this new post on his site, a blatant piece of trollbait, I assume to get the attention of feminists and get them riled up for cheap attention.


    I don’t know if he thinks it’s a satirical blow against false rape accusers or what, but I notice a lot of this movement is about just the theatrics of incurring outrage. I have no problem with pissing off feminists, but at least let there be a point to it. This guy bashes MRAs but then thinks this is helping men? It’s so childish, this need they have to piss people off and then point and laugh about it. Roosh and Roissy are big on this too, as if pissing off the chronically offended is proof of some great social achievement.

      • My biggest issue with these fuckheads isn’t that they get scammed and try to recruit others. They truly believe the cult when they’re members of it, so they do at some level believe they’re doing it for your own good when they try to evangelize game onto you.

        MY ISSUE with these fuckheads is that they don’t have the balls to STICK AROUND after they WAKE UP. They did exactly as a I predicted. I predicted a year before the blogs started shutting down and disappearing that this is what they would do. Because once you spend so much energy building up a persona centered around a ludicrous insane plenthora of cults and conspiracy theories, once you wake up the shame and embarassment is so huge, you just feel like killing yourself (or at least your persona). So as I predicted, they would just randomly close websites, delete all traces, some with no explanation, some with a lame excuse.

        MY ISSUE IS, why is that AFTER they wake up and go “Omg I was scammed, OMG I was such an idiot”, why don’t the fucking stick around to prevent future men from being scammed. Bunch of fucking spineless cowards. Be a fucking man and overcome the embarassment of having been suckered, and stick around to admit it to future potential victims so you can prevent OTHER men from being suckered.

        I did. I’m here telling guys “look I was a bigger idiot than all of you, I get suckered and scammed into that ideology harder than most of you, I was the fucking most naive idiot around”. But these guys won’t do it, they just fucking disappear like the fucking cowards they are fucking pieces of shit.

  6. @BlackPill:

    “but they don’t care because it serves their anti-male agendas.”

    Wait – are you saying that the man-o-sphere is actually a male-hating agenda?

    This is a sincere question, not an accusation, nor an innuendo.

    Please answer calmly and logically.

    If I am reading your post correctly – I think my respect for you has just gone up…

    • I was talking about both the so called manosphere and the other pushers of dating advice like Susan Walsh, Dr. Manginalove, etc. Most anyone who pushes dating advice (except for rare exceptions like Aaron Sleazy) without doing it for the money has an anti-male agenda.

    • One of the many ways “Game” is just like feminism is… the solution to any failure of “Game”/feminism is always more “Game”/feminism.

      Consequently, it has to be designed not to work — by sounding to the gullible as if it should/could/might.

      • And it’s also circular.

        Any failure of feminism is said to be a result of “not enough feminism”. When feminism fucks something up, this is not seen as evidence of it failing, but evidence that we need EVEN MORE feminism.

        Game cult is the same. If someone fails massively with game, this is seen not as failure, but as proof he needs EVEN MORE game, and to buy even more game products, hire even more game coaches and spend even more hours prosletyzing game, every day.

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  9. BP I don’t know if you’ve been keeping up with this but the Manosphere is continuing to attack the MRA, just like we said it would. This time, its based around how legislation and legal challenges are failed strategies, which is debatable. But the reasoning behind it is the part that makes you laugh:

    “This is where we find a lot of the prominent voices of the MRA. They’re documenting the decline and focusing on “education,” which is useful, certainly. However they don’t have a game plan. Proposing legislation that will never be passed is not a game plan. We’re not women: we can’t rely on hypergamy to push our views. We can’t change laws without changing culture.

    This is the push. This is where we set goals and do things instead of letting the bitterness eat away at our resolve. The nihilism isn’t helpful. The re-emergence of hope in the form of the Game and MRA community will come from playing and winning. The odds are still stacked against good, common men, however with an in-depth grasp of the rules, our situation is far from hopeless.”

    Yup, BP, forget all that legislative reform BS, just learn GAME.

    • So all the guys who got drafted in WWII and ‘Nam and who got killed…

      It was because they didn’t have tight game…

      So all the guys who ever faced racism, heightism, and whatever else ism,

      It wasn’t because of a disfunctional bigoted culture, but because they didn’t have tight game….

      So all the guys who were ever picked on or bullied, even if after a few years they became significantly stronger than the bullies…

      it was because they didn’t have tight game….

      If your not a billionaire….

      it’s because you don’t have tight game….

      hahahahaha, they use it like a jedi uses “the force” or a feminazi uses “patriarchy”……

    • The last thing the so called manosphere wants is honest to goodness action on anything. Legislative changes would mean that no one would have any reason to listen to them. Plus, the so called manosphere just wants to rant on the internet and lie about getting laid not change anything.

      It’s also worth pointing out that working towards legislative changes do not line the pockets of Eben Pagan, Frank Kern, Mystery, and Mercola. Actual legislative changes are a threat to their income streams. Again, this means that for any particular manospherian, we can’t tell if he is working for Pagan/Kern/Mystery/Mercola or just a keyboard jockey. And there is no meaningful difference between the two. Whether its for personal reasons or scam business reasons, the so called manosphere is clearly trying to discourage the MRM.

    • That’s how they lost the debate on AVfM. Some gamers actually came in and said that if you’re the victim of an FRA, it’s because you “lacked game” and you deserved going to prison innocent.

      Another idiot said that if you got robbed in divorce court, it’s because you didn’t know how to game the judge…

      I shit you not…

  10. BP, get ready for the next stage of manosphere wackiness, straight from the minds of some culprits we’ve previously discussed. Matt Forney, Frost, Koanic and possibly Aurini (at least 3 of whom have bashed the MRA in the past).

    It’s called Edenism.

    Start here and see if you can spot the paleo overlap:


    Here’s more:





    • Grizzly, I have been tracking this edenist/neanderthalist nonsense for a while now. I haven’t talked about it yet because I didn’t want to tip my hand too early and causing this to be driven underground.

      Do you know who is responsible for introducing edenism to the so called manosphere? Hawaiian Fat Blob. He promoted a blog called Vault-Co run by a kook named Cleve Blakemore/Texas Arcane who is the original source of all the edenist/neanderthal nonsense.

        • The original source of this nonsense is Cleve Blakemore/Texas Arcane. Hawaiian Fat Blob picked up on his VaultCo blog because of its end of the world predictions (which were supposed to happen last year). From there Koanic Soul, Forney, and others ran with Blakemore’s nonsense.

      • Oops, hope I didn’t spoil anything. However I don’t think early exposure will slow them down. If anything they’ll just use it as proof that they’re on to something and just dismiss us haters.

        • At this point you didn’t spoil anything. What you have to be careful of is that there are a few guys who believe this nonsense but know enough to keep quiet about it if they know someone outside of the kookosphere is watching them. Then the try and pull “I’m only taking out of the manosphere what makes sense”. By waiting for this sort of nonsense to spread, they reveal that they believe in it, and you can hang them with their own words.

  11. Wow, I was really late to the party on all this. I didn’t realize you guys already knew all this. And they’re so much crazier than I first suspected!

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