18 comments on “Nothing The So Called Manosphere Says Should Be Trusted

  1. I almost hesitate to ask, but what does putatively knowing a hitman have to do with PUA? Is it supposed to be some sort of Tough/Badass Guy merit badge?

  2. BlackPill, I made a few references to you in my own blog, and I have been reading some of your older, archived posts from years ago. I just have a question to you as to have you ever wondered the reason why woman are so nasty to you is an issue of your looks? We all know how nasty they can be to men they are not attracted to physically. Have you considered changing your dietary habits, fitness, or even an aesthetic make over to get them bitches off your back?

    • Sorry, Black Pill could answer this himself – but I have to break in here.

      When I was in college, I lifted weights and jogged everyday – and did other various exercises. I was in no way fat, I did not have bad acne or anything like that – nor did I look like Toxie the Toxic Avenger…

      Looks, Money, and whatnots – there is no correlation.

      A hatred of men has been installed in women. More specifically, men they believe to be “patriarchal” or “privileged” in nature.

      In other words – straight, wealthy, smart, well-to-do, well-raised (i.e. “nice”) etc…

      Women now find these things repulsive.

      I have never seen The Black Pill – but I’d wager a guess he is a normal looking guy – and fits into the categories I just listed.

      Accept this – you’ll be better off.

    • I second everything ScareCrow said. You are focused too much on looks as the problem. The real problem is that women are attracted to social proof. In other words women are attracted to men other women are attracted to. I’m already not ugly and not fat so there isn’t anything that I can do in the looks department since it won’t solve my lack of social proof.

      • “Looks” are a problem, just not in the way most imagine.

        Allow me to digress for a sec… One of my sisters was homecoming queen, and if you saw my mom’s HS graduation pic (taken in a studio by a pro) you’d exclaim, like I did when I first saw it around age 35, “You’re mom was a total babe!”. I turned down an athletic scholarship to go to a better academic school -but they paired me with a 6’6″ roommate from the swim team anyway. So I’ve always hung around a lot of jocky smart guys (or smartish jocks) and speak from much experience.

        Manospherian mythology has it that women throw themselves shamelessly and sluttily at such guys, but the opposite is true. When women say BS like “men are intimidated by smart successful good-looking yada yada yada women”, where do you think they got the idea from? A: projection.

        It’s really more like the behavior exhibited by Julia Roberts’ character in the movie “Pretty Woman”: when the great looking guy w/lots of money shows up, the price immediately goes way through the roof. From each according to his ability to pay…

        Net: it’s probably like IQ, where the sweet spot is being just a little above average, but not so much that you stand out.

        • Exactly – look at the Duke Lacrosse Trio of young men. They could not get girlfriends, so they had to hire a stripper for any form of sexual stimulation.

          All three were superior athletes – playing Lacrosse – which is a rigorous sport.
          All three were upper middle class – from wealthy families.
          All three were well groomed, and in no way deformed,.
          All three were attending college (so they could not have been mentally inferior).

          When they were accused (FALSELY) of raping the stripper they hired – far too many women believed the stripper over their word.

          This is because women today see men (good looking, wealthy, good athletes, well groomed, and well raised – from a good family) – as being the enemy – and secretly raping women whenever they can.

          This is part of our culture now.

          If those three “alpha thug/jocks” had women throwing themselves at them – why did they have to resort to hiring a stripper for sexual stimulation?

          Why did the majority of women in America just assume their guilt?

          Answer: the majority of women now hate men – period.

  3. Anyone know of a manosphere blogger that is “Alpha”? Reading though sites all I could find is guys that need a lot of work themselves. Middle aged, angry, broke, divorced, ect. Trying to understand the draw, but it doesn’t add up. If the military put them on recruiting posters, would it make men want to join?

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