Joseph Mercola: The Eben Pagan Of The Paleo Diet

When you investigate who is originally behind game, you find con artist, Eben Pagan (a.k.a. David DeAngelo), who is a member of the internet marketing scam organization, The Syndicate.  As we know, this conclusively shows that game is nothing but a scam.  What if you did the same investigation for the paleo diet or better yet all of the medical and diet bullshit the so called manosphere believes in?  There is more to all of the medical and diet BS that the manosphere believes in than just the paleo diet.

When you investigate the manosphere’s medical and diet BS, you find Joesph Mercola.  Who is Joseph Mercola?  He is a “doctor” that sells advice that is in opposition to science based medicine.  He has has been listed on Quackwatch and made lots of unsubstantiated medical claims which the FDA has determined to be illegal and ordered him to stop.  I could spend years documenting all of the pseudoscience and lies Mercola uses.  Of course, he promotes a large amount of conspiracy theories about the FDA, the NIH, the AMA, “big pharma”, and the government in general.  This has made him plenty popular with conspiracy theorists and allowed Mercola to make himself rich conning people just like Eben Pagan did with game.

We know Joseph Mercola is a fraud and a con artist, but what does this have to do with the so called manosphere?  Let’s take a look at what Mercola believes and see if it matches with what the manosphere believes about diet and medicine.

The list just keeps on going.  It’s clear that Mercola bullshit runs rampant throughout the so called manosphere.  While Mercola may not have been the first person to promote this medical and diet BS (just as Eben Pagan borrowed from Ross Jefferies), he is clearly the equivalent of Eben Pagan when it comes to the manosphere’s medical and diet BS.

Like with game, it’s impossible to tell the difference between someone who knowingly works for Mercola to useful idiots who latched on the Mercola bullshit (probably because it fits with their conspiracy theories) so they should be treated exactly the same.

Given that Joseph Mercola is an internet marketing scam, is The Syndicate involved in any way?  Yes, The Syndicate is involved.  In fact, Eben Pagan is involved with Mercola.  Pagan sells a 20 DVD set called “Man Transformation” where Mercola appears as a guest speaker on the “health and wellness section. Mercola is also friends with Pagan. The rest of the “Man Transformation” DVDs have to do with game and the usual self-improvement BS we have seen in the so called manosphere. Almost anything the so called manosphere believes in is a scam started by Eben Pagan or a scam he is otherwise involved in.

The paleo diet and all of the other medical and diet BS that the so called manosphere believes in is just another scam.  Just like with game, the so called manosphere is the c team while Eben Pagan and Joseph Mercola make lots of money.  Given that everything the manosphere believes in was either created by Eben Pagan as a scam or is a scam that he is involved with in some way, the Paleo-Game Cult could really be called the Pagan-Mercola Cult because it’s all a scam.

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