Conspiracy Theory Leads To Inaction And Apathy

I have been saying for a long time that conspiracy theory leads to inaction.  This comes from my observations of conspiracy theorists both in and out of the so called manosphere (but particularly those in the so called manosphere) who are ideologically opposed to any action against feminism particularly anything involving political organization.  They come with absurd BS reasons like “any mens rights organization would be controlled by the NWO”.

Conspiracy theorists apply the same inaction and apathy to their personal lives.  All their talk about game is just a smokescreen for their failures to get laid.  After reading manosphere blogs, it becomes obvious that these guys never leave the house (probably because they believe that’s what the NWO wants them to do).  This is why the so called manosphere has no use for a man who is actually trying to get women.

It turns that my observations have been scientifically studied and validated.  Two studies done at the University of Kent showed two things.

  1. “Exposure to information supporting conspiracy theories reduced participants’ intentions to engage in politics, relative to participants who were given information refuting conspiracy theories”
  2. “Exposure to information supporting conspiracy theories increased feelings of powerlessness” which made them want to engage in politics less

This proves that any conspiracy theory is the enemy of the MRM.  Anyone who is serious about mens rights is going to have to act against feminism and organize politically.  Since it has been scientifically validated that conspiracy theory leads to political inaction and apathy, conspiracy theory sabotages the MRM simply by being near the MRM.  This is why we must oppose any conspiracy theory in the MRM.  We can’t even tolerate just a little conspiracy theory in the MRM because that just opens the door to refusing to act against feminism.

There is no benefit whatsoever to having conspiracy theorists in the MRM.

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