14 comments on “The Next Great Manosphere Meetup Of Doom

  1. Russia is second world, not third. Apart from that, though: yeah.

    Having said that, I’m not sure that russian men will rush to the defence of russian women. I gather there’s quite a bit of history relating to misandry in the USSR legal system.

  2. (cross post from a comment on aaron’s blog)

    HEY GUYS I had to post this breaking update…

    Leading manosphere PUA admits that game doesn’t exist:

    Krauser has come out of the closet and posted a post where he admits that today, at his *peak*, the best results has been able to attain are a 6-7% approach-to-lay ratio. (that to him is cutting edge)


    What’s so special about this? Well, the fact that this is the same ratio that people get when they do the “beta, unalpha, no-game approach… as was demonstrated by GLL last year:


    GLL also got 6-7% ratio and effectively disproved game…

    Leading gamers will of course strawman away

    For example the douchebag in question (mr. Krauser) has set up this cute little strawman painting anti-gamers as virgins who are jealous of his big mega-game.


    One problem, most of the leading anti-gamers have laid more chicks, better chicks and with a lot more ease (mostly because they’ve learned not to bother as much with highly-ineffective venues such as bothering random chicks on the street and have prioritized more effective strategies). Oh, and we we were getting 6-7% daygame ratios before you ever did your first street approach dumbass.

    Another issue is he completely misrepresents the anti-game position:

    -> Anti-gamers SAY that you will get THE SAME success whether you approach or escalate with any of the 56983 game methods, or use NO game methods whatsover.

    THAT is the fundamental claim of anti-game, that your success rate is unaffected by this overly convoluted mental masturbation known as game, it’s nothing more than placebo or mental filler. The only major determining factor is how many chicks you escalate, that’s it.

    Anti-gamers are NOT telling you to stay at home and not approach chicks, we’re just telling you not to bother with the overly convoluted models, lines, strategies and all this worrying about what to say, do, and how to act. Just escalate and if doing streets accept a 93% failure rate. It’ll be there no matter what you do.

    -> He MISREPRESENTS anti-gamers as a bunch of negatives who sit around saying you’re doomed to celibacy and should stay at home and you can’t get laid…

    We don’t. In fact we’re trying to save you time and stress and energy. Try to get laid as much as you want, just go out and escalate, no need to focus on 3242213 factors that make no difference in the end outcome.

    IF you approach indiscriminately (without waiting for siginals) -> your conversion rate is determined by your looks, REAL status (not perceived as claimed by game) and the VENUE/context in which you do the escalating. It is not determined by any mythical game (or lack thereof), since game doesn’t exist.

    For gamers to prove there is such a thing as game they’d have to get significantly better results than no-game… and so far none of them has ever demonstrated such a feat.

    • Yeah well, for some guys “just going out and escalating” is abstract and won’t get them anywhere. At least having canned lines from a blog gives you something to start.

  3. as far as #1–well, if they just want it in the booty, there’s always Hugo Schwyzer and Jack Donovan….

    funny thing, those guys never talk about STD’s–that’s the one great thing of celibacy (along with no pregnancy scares….)

    Just like fatuous Manboobz, Roosh is a bully who can dish it out but not take it…

    • it’s also easier to disprove a false rape accusation when people don’t see a man and woman leaving a place together.

  4. I actually used to read university of man until their “shame the non-PUA month” marketing gimmick. it’s funny because mentu really kind of has an attitude about being faced with his failure. I kinda wonder if he has killed himself yet, or if he has somehow been able to afford the amount of alcohol required to keep him from thinking about the past.

    I’d try looking it up, but I don’t really care that much.

  5. If this Russian meetup actually gets off the ground, what will actually happen to the Rooshites in Russia?

    None of them will get laid unless they go see a hooker (or get ass raped in a Russian prison cell)

    Lots of beatings from Russian men (and maybe a few Russian women) because pushing women around and pouring beer on them won’t go over well in Russia

    At least a few suicides

    Several deaths that will get reported a suicides by corrupt Russian police (see number 2)

    Several experiences with the Russian prison system

    Various infections and other medical problems (but not STDs) caused by the Rooshites’ filthy living situation that will inadequately dealt with the third world medical system of wherever the Rooshites end up

    More manosphere blogs will get deleted out of embarrassment (or just never updated anymore)

    This is why I like reading your blog – you have such a positive outlook on things.

    I wish them all well too!!!

    (sarcasm – joke – etc…)

  6. Why don’t they just go to a prostitute? Instead of leaving their jobs, buying a plane ticket to the other side of the world, renting a place to live, spending all their time in bars buying people drinks…just spend that money on a hooker here at home. Damn!

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