111 comments on “The White Supremacist’s 14 Words Of Misandry

  1. “the beauty of the White Aryan woman”

    I guess I can’t be a member of the exclusive Kool Kids Klub because I don’t find pinched faces, blotchy skin, and Prognathism something remarkable.

  2. I have a gut feeling that very soon, the MRM will turn against Jews, as well as Christians and Muslims too.

    Just a hunch.

    More and more, the MRM and red-pills are showig their true nature.

    • Do you mean the legitimate MRM or the red pill/Roissysphere bastardized version? Outside of John the Other I don’t recall seeing much antisemetism in the regular MRM.

      • There was one guy who visited AVFM and left a comment, “Is it my imagination, or are Jews pretty much responsible for all this”.

        Of course, this was year or so ago – and he got bomblasted.

        Just watch. The so-called “legitimate” one.

        Just a hunch – and I could be wrong.

  3. I’ve noticed allot of feminists are racists. They will go out of their way to deny it, but look how upset they get when men talk about going to a foreign country to get a bride. It’s all that you CAN’T handle an empowered white woman, you aren’t man enough…

    I know I’ve dropped this link before…


    hehe, what’s that term they use in the feminazi indoctrination camps? Intersectionality???

    • They want the “loser men” to hang around their same country, so that they have a cohort of sex-starved men to use as an ATM.

      When those men leave, feminists have to compete (in an obvious way) for fewer guys.
      Most women hate doing that, as it gives men power to pick and choose.

  4. I like comparing feminism to the KKK anyway. what with godwin’s law and everything, it’s a lot more effective to compare the tactics of one group of hatemongers who talk out of their ass with another.

  5. Fuck the white supremacists. Fuck them sideways.

    What’s the matter, have trouble “performing” in the bedroom, so you have to rail against all the non-white men who are supposedly chasing after your women? Pathetic.

    • White supremacism actively contributes to the “problem”. The very fact that a non-negligeable amount of people will kill you, your GF, and your offspring for “race-mixing”, does make “white” men less attractive to women. OTOH most “non-whites” think the right father makes you part of the incrowd. This makes their men attractive.

  6. as a “victim of miscegenation”–it’s insults from WN’s like Ryu who make me want to leave my MGTOW ways and create more victims of miscegenation so GL Piggy can complain that “his” AmeriKKKa is getting browner, smarter and less traditional…

    • stonerwithabone said:
      so GL Piggy can complain that “his” AmeriKKKa is getting browner, smarter

      The more colored a place gets
      the more wondrously successful
      ALL that DIVERSITY makes it!

      Just look at Detroit, Baltimore and LA.

      You have coloreds, you get THAT. You get Tijuana and Somalia.

      • Why not say “look at how multiracial America did against racially pure Germany in World War 2?” Why not use New York City as an example of a multiracial city? I guess you’ll be moving to Bosnia soon, that’s an all-white place.

  7. Ah, this must be a Murmer site. Who runs this site? Another self-hating white man?

    Feminism is nothing. You guys think you’re badass because you challenge a few women.

    You want some real heat? Talk about negro crime. Talk about Mexican immigration. No Murmer deserves to be on the SPLC hate list. You’re not worthy of it.

    I’m happy to worship white vaginas. Everyone on this site worships the magical negro. The negro is your god and he is omnipotent, above all criticism. You guys love colored more than your children or your own futures. Even more than your own lives.

  8. That would be fabulous. PIglet should become a racist.

    Where is the owner of this blog? I demand a response. I want to know if this guy is yet another self hating whitey.

    • Listen to this guy: “I demand a response.” ROFL!

      Note, too, how he clumsily sidesteps the issue at hand. The truth is, white female pedistalization by WN’s neatly reveals them for what they are: cowards and supplicants.

      It’s really a shame, as white guilt and anti-white racism are alive and well in the Anglosphere. They should be countered. But all these jokers want to do is race troll and white knight for aryan barbie.

    • Where is the owner of this blog? I demand a response.

      You “demand a response”? Of all the entitled…

      Shut the fuck up, cunt. You’re as powerless and insignificant online as you are in the real world, so start acting like it (and don’t pretend you aren’t a loser in real life, because no one accomplishing anything in the real world is attracted to WN in the firsdt place).

        • Seems to be a group blog that includes social recluse misfit Fap-power and this tool with delusions of grandeur. I too am tempted to think they must be the same person posting under multiple aliases, because it’s hard to believe multiple genetic misfits like that can exist much less find each other. They actually make the rest of the manosphere seem sane.

      • I have claimed the right to speak for white people.

        Only myself and others like me are qualified. I am one of the few who likes being white.

        This site is written by and frequented by white males. None of you knows what that means though.

        • Maybe both MRM an WN are flawed, and white men should pursue their portmanteau interests, in the way Islam looks out for the interests of arab men, in particular their sexual-reproductive interests. Islam is as close to J-Haplotypism as you can get, and still be a religion.

        • in the way Islam looks out for the interests of arab men, in particular their sexual-reproductive interests

          Telling large groups of men that they will get 72 virgins when they die combined with Islam’s allowance for up to 4 wives for those men who can afford it is not looking out for the sexual interests of Arab men.

        • “I have claimed the right to speak for white people. ”

          wow, it just occurred to me, you might be a troll trying to make white guys seem really stupid. Congrats….

          no one’s falling for your hate movement, you male feminist, you…

        • What real world movements are you making to advance your cause, you impotent cunt? I find that the bigger the delusions of grandeur online, the bigger the reality of failure in the real world.

    • You demand a response? You demand a response? Try taking the the stick out of your ass.

      The only way to be a self hating (white) man is to become a white vagina worshiper or a vagina worshiper. I am neither.

      • That’s a homophobic response. Not allowed in modern Murka. You might lose your job for that.

        You do hate being white. You’re ashamed. And you’ve swallowed the blue pill they gave you in school completely.

  9. It is true, white women vote democrat. 97% of all blacks voted Obama in the last election. 75% of all Asians and Mexicans. There is no diversity of opinion among them.

    Your black, Asian and Mex male buddies are all voting Obama and democrat. The MRM is almost 100% white. The question you have to ask yourself is where you and your kids will end up when Murka is majority Mexican in 20 years.

  10. My question was not answered.

    I want to know how the owner of this blog feels about being white. Write it down for all to see.

    • Ryu, you have stumbled upon a society that is actually secret. The term “Black Pill” is actually a cult that worships the magical Negro.

      We believe that the Magical Negro will help us jump higher and play basketball better – as well as defeat the evil white vagina.

      Sorry Captain Black Pill – but it looks like he is onto us.

      Our cover is blown.

      All Hail Magical Negro!

  11. I would agree that tingles transcend race and ethnicity. Women dig jackasses. It is also true that women find the vast majority of men– regardless of race– unsuitable for mating.

    On the other hand, North American whites of our generation seem to be reproducing at numbers significantly below replacement. And these numbers are likely trending down.

    As a white man, this doesn’t particularly bother me. It does seem to bother some of my… er… phenotypical peers like Ryu and Firepower.

    And that’s what strikes me as funny. Ergo:

    Who is ultimately responsible for whites’ demographic destiny?

    Not Leroy, nor Jose, nor Mustafa, nor Shlomo.


    Ensuring that the “beauty of the White Aryan woman must not perish from the earth” is Kaitlin’s bailiwick.

    Kaitlin, the UMC SWPL soon-to-be-thirtysomething carousel rider. She is so repulsed by the thought of mating with a white “beta,” she would rather slave away at her non-profit and delay reproduction to the very last possible second, if at all. She will be lucky if she manages to produce one healthy offspring, never mind the 2.1 required just for population equilibrium.

    If Kaitlin, and to a lesser extent Kacey– her downmarket, trailerpark equivalent, were at all concerned with continuing their race, they would be: 1) reproducing like rabbits and 2) ardently shaming their peers into reproducing like rabbits.

    Instead, we see “Girls” and the “Nice Guys of OKCupid.” Indeed.

    So why aren’t guys like Firepower and Ryu busy calling out the actual arbiters of their demographic future?

    Stupidity? Cowardice? Anyone? Bueller?

    • On the other hand, North American whites of our generation seem to be reproducing at numbers significantly below replacement. And these numbers are likely trending down.

      That is the case for both whites and non-whites. Currently, only hispanics are above replacement, and they’re on their way down just like everyone else.

      • Yes, you’re right. In this case, I singled out white reproductive failure to illustrate how utterly ridiculous these WN guys are.

        Assuming they are earnest in their belief in white superiority, and assuming they are therefore– being white, ya’ know– paragons of rationality, why are they wasting their time bleating and blustering here?

        Rhetorical question. LOL.

        • I knew it.

          Your people are going extinct. This doesn’t register or bother you in the slightest.

          That’s why you can’t speak for white people. You aren’t white. You are a multiculturalist who has no conception of white. There is a black, there is an asian, but to you, there is no such thing as being white.

        • You are wrong in assuming I am a multiculturalist. Furthermore, I am as white as you are, perhaps more.

          You are correct asserting that the demographic fate of “my people” means nothing to me. I am my own man: all I can do is speak for myself. While I appreciate my heritage, I owe nothing to you, my ancestors, or my soon-to-be extinct genes.

        • Further, if you are so concerned with the fate of future white America, why do you and your ilk steadfastly refuse to hold white women accountable for their obvious collective failure to produce white children?

          And how do you excuse their support for a punitive legal and social regime that actively discourages– and harshly penalizes– white males for the crimes of forming families and reproducing?

          You do neither.

          WNs are misandrists and race-traitors, and are too dumb to see themselves for what they are.

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  13. I think what they mean is, it takes BOTH the blond X and Y chromosome to continue the blond race. If you want to continue the BLOND race, 2 blonds MUST marry and produce children.

    There can be no miscegenation, in other words, for blonds to continue.

  14. (“Exactly,” as in stop being a bitch. I’d like to distance myself from the “human dildos” comment above. WTF, bro?)

    Another commenter alluded to the link between American feminism and racism.

    Feminism damages every man and has, historically, in America, been disproportionately detrimental to already-marginalized black men.

    Nonetheless, it’s undeniable: American feminism is brimming with anti-white male sentiment.

    After all, who is the boogeyman of “patriarchy theory?” And who constitute the “privileged” and “entitled?”

    For a more concrete example, and in case you’ve missed your daily dose of cognitive dissonance, check out this bit of feminist-endorsed insanity:


    “Get to the back of the bus,” anyone? Jesus Christ.

    I also posit that inter-racial antipathy spills over into relations between white men and women. While omegavirgin is correct when he says that fertility is collapsing across the board, I suspect internecine tension– specifically, disdain for white men– plays a significant role in the failure of white family formation and in whites’ falling birthrates. White women are rejecting white men; they are voting with their barren wombs. But that’s just my theory.

    • “I’d like to distance myself from the “human dildos” comment above. WTF, bro?)”

      It’s in reference to white bitch Tina denying that white women en masse are using black men solely for sexual turn ons while exerting the VAST majority of their institutional & cultural misandry against white men, and all the while having the nerve to fault white men for dating minorities(Asians), ie. white bitch Tina.

      You want to shame me for racism when there are REAL WN racists in the thread(would a true-blue WN endorse mating with Asians???)? You’re an idiot & an asshole.

      • I was pointing out how stupid it was for Tina to worry about the extinction of the “blond race” as she called it while denying that white women go for blacks/other minorites. I’m sorry I have to spell out every fucking thing I say for the fucking morons that hang on(and misinterpret) every fucking thing I say. I feel like I’ve had this fucking conversation 5000000000000000000 fucking times before with the same fucking person in my nearly 15 fucking years online. I’m fucking DONE.

    • I’ve been shamed here, at this supposed MRA blog, I sware, by no few people than I’d be shamed by if I was at a lesbian ultra-feminist site. I’m more and more starting to believe what this person had to day about this blog:

      Do you realize that you’re linking to a copy of one of the many manosphere blogs that imploded and was deleted by its original author?

  15. Check this out, 3rd Millenium Men, the manosphere defender and blogger who tangled horns with us in this thread:

    Gives an interview on Huffington Post Live, a roundtable live talk show conducted by the Huffington Post. He attempts to bring the manosphere to the maintsream. He even mentions the manosphere several times. I think he believes he’s growing the manosphere but doesn’t realize that bringing it to the light of mainstream scrutiny is probably the surest way to accelerate its demise IMO:


    • The “Manosphere” is long dead, and has been for a year now. After the activists divorced themselves from the “Manosphere” permanently last year the only thing the blogs have in common is the commentators in the comboxes.

    • I think he believes he’s growing the manosphere but doesn’t realize that bringing it to the light of mainstream scrutiny is probably the surest way to accelerate its demise IMO:

      You are right. The real MRAs (and even the Paul Elams) have already separated themselves from the so called manosphere because they were exposed to it. More mainstream exposure will just cause the so called manosphere to become an even bigger joke than it already is. I think some of the manospherians unconsciously realize this so they want to keep the so called manosphere isolated and small. 3rd Millennium Men isn’t even that smart.

      • 9.9 out of 10 it’s effect; has to be. People get jaded. They’re only human; and this is for any regular white man in the real world, not just “pua” guys(which are all races). Misandry’s main target, at least in America, is WHITE men. No doubt about it. I’m not saying there aren’t other male targets, I’m saying WE(I) are the main ones.

  16. MWIR/Kievsky has a double standard, he internalizes feminism. When Clytemnestra advocates wholesale conversion of “Whites” to Islam, with implied female access to swarthy cock, he sees little problem, and even admires her revolutionary insights.
    However, when I suggest the reverse sexual relations, he bans me.

  17. Israel has Racial Laws of J ew ONLY marriage ( in addition to roads, schools, housing, license plates et al) but you have not condemned such people, only those of another ethnic group that seek to to wish to preserve their future generations…

  18. oh knoes…

    those evillle POC’s are attacking my grrrl Mandy!!!!


    she’s really smart and sassy, a female version of Chuck Rudd.

    I keep on bashing low status men so she will peg me with a strapon but so far she only sends me happy meals and tells me to pretend the chicken mcnuggets are aborted fetus bits. (How can ya not love someone like that.)

    toddles misogynists…

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