29 comments on “Will Gamers Become Terrorists Now?

  1. I dunno if PUAs have the spine for any really bold acts like that. it would require a little more self respect than they can muster.

  2. I made a comment about this in the last thread. A recent trend now is for gamers to study personality disorders with the aim of actually becoming them. They are actually writing articles now explicitly about how to become sociopathic and clinically narcissistic.

    They even created a reddit so that they can share article links about these personality disorders. All to get women. I don’t believe you have to deliberately become mentally ill to attract women, but if it was necessary to do so to attract a woman I’d choose not to have one then. How bad must your pussy begging mindset be to study terrorists, convicts, and the mentally ill all for the hope of pussy?

    I also agree with hisoj. I can’t see them actually carrying out terrorist acts, much like I don’t believe for all their posturing and keyboard jockeying they ever leave the house and approach women. I think obsessing over terrorism, serial killers, clinical personality disorders, and convicts will just be the new focus of their keyboard jockeying and lies.

    • Grizzly,

      acting like a criminal will not get a man laid unless he is already good looking to start off with.

      Even ugly criminals have to provide somekinda benefit to women such as drugs or money.

      Have these pick up artists not heard of the halo effect?

      • Yeah, that’s my point below. These women find Tsarnaev’s LOOKS attractive, not what he did. I’ve not read many comments about Osama bin Laden being “hot”. Similarly, with Ed Gein.

        A handsome face is a handsome face, no matter who possesses it. Just like a pretty face is a pretty face, and that’s why Jodi Arias and Casey Anthony have male admirers.

    • “I think obsessing over….personality disorders….will just be the new focus of their keyboard jockeying and lies.”

      Mimicking Aspergers sure won’t get them the “alpha” terrorist/psychopath credentials they’re gunning for, regardless of the stereotyping by the neurotypical lamestream media in their use of Adam Lanza to demonize Aspies, saying we “lack empathy”(of course Lanza’a shooting spree had nothing to do with Aspergers, as we are actually less prone to murder than “normals”). Psychopathy, sociopathy….those are the domains of the alpha(some are “naturals” at it).

  3. Haha, what? I really like you black pill, I think your a refreshing voice in the MRM, specifically with regard to your stonch criticism of gamers, I think the MRM needs more of that. But I sincerely hope this is a joke.

    • I wish it was a joke, but (Roissyite) gamers would be crazy enough to talk about it. Actually doing terrorism to get laid is another matter as they are all keyboard jockeys as has already been pointed out. Even if they got to the point of actually doing it, they would screw up.

  4. this is interesting….


    also something I noticed about some PUA’s-they don’t seem to have a their own personality…

    some of the guys were so obseqious it made me sick-they were all-“oh, all powerful beautiful woman what do you want me to be for you?”

    and as far as going to a club and hitting on lots of women…

    Well, to me personally, that would be more effort than spending time at my job…

    I don’t like going to clubs, I occasionally like dive bars and really like metal shows (not a great place to meet women unless you are in the band and backstage.)

    It seems like the type of guy who would fall into this already doesn’t have a strong sense of self…

    • I disagree that PUA’s are sociopaths based on your link. Because sociopaths generally succeed in getting laid, they have no fear of rejection. Sociopaths don’t need game, or any of that bullshit!

      • Right. Unfortunately for PUA’s, psychopaths are probably innately psychopathic. As far as “nurture” goes, they are, at most, tempered a little in early childhood by abusive mothering. So, try as he might, poor Roosh can’t make himself a psychopath any more than you or I can transform ourselves into Kobe Bryant.

        Even though I find their ideology misguided and distracting, and dislike their callow, blinkered poon-obsession, I can’t help but admire PUA’s for their ingenuity and willingness to innovate. What will they think of next? PUJihad?

        • Right. Unfortunately for PUA’s, psychopaths are probably innately psychopathic. As far as “nurture” goes, they are, at most, tempered a little in early childhood by abusive mothering.

          It is not quite true that psychopaths are innately psychopathic. From what I’ve read, some people seem to be have genetics that make them more predisposed to be psychopathic than others, but they still need to be exposed to certain environments for those traits to become activated. Your genes don’t just make you become psychopathic. To make a similar analogy, I may have great physical genes for muscular physique, but if I never put physical stress on my body in some form, be it weightlifting or athletics, my body will never achieve that genetic potential. For most psychopaths, the environments that activate their genetic predispositions toward psychopathy are experienced very, very young. If you read a lot about serial killers for example, they have remarkably similar childhoods.

          It’s still a fool’s mission as an adult to try to become psychopathic just by reading up on psychopathy though.

        • I think “nurture” simply determines the degree and tenor of anti-social behavioral expression. A psychopath raised in a “supportive” environment becomes a corporate executive or politician.

          Do you like Phil Collins?

        • No, from the research I’ve read it still doesn’t work that way. If someone grows up to be a sociopathic CEO, they still had to be exposed to some environment that made them that way, regardless of genetic predisposition. Also, it’s hard to classify “supportive” environments. For example if a child is spoiled rotten materially yet is neglected or only given conditional approval emotionally, many people would say this child had a supportive environment because no one overtly tortured or tormented them. However such environments are considered prime breeding grounds for sociopaths. Another example of the difficulty of figuring out whether sociopathy has a genetic origin or not: its been found that many sociopaths have low dopamine receptor density and oxytocin issues which cause them to engage in thrill seeking and distrustful behaviors. However studies also show that early childhood traumas, even the kind found in what most people consider supportive environments, can totally screw with your dopamine receptor density and oxytocin. So even tho the genetic makeup plays a role, that genetic makeup was still influenced by the environment the person grew up in.

          Very few behavioral traits are either/or traits, meaning solely biological or solely environmental.

        • When one considers the state of the art of neurobiology versus the slightly less pitiable situation with respect to our understanding of oncological molecular biology, sweeping pronouncements of causes of disorders like sociopathy are really shots in the dark. Further, it’s hard to empirically study phenomena one has failed to even define. (See the controversy over inclusion of psychopathy in the upcoming DSM.) Therefore, I doubt the veracity of the research you mention and have, notably, failed to cite. Also, accordingly, I cannot support my earlier claims and therefore withdraw them.

          In general, I think cancer is a good analog for mental illness. Both are multi-form, poorly-understood sets of loosely-related disorders with generally murky etiologies. It’s obvious when you have malfunctioning immortal cells; (usually) hard to determine how and why you developed said malfunctioning immortal cells. Similarly, it’s obvious when you have a character disorder, and unless happen to be Phineas Gage, blah, blah. Unfortunately, it seems it’s also far more difficult to scientifically study mental illness: meaningful experimentation likely requires the suffering of sentient test subjects– a problem if you’re NOT a psychopath– and, worse, the field attracts people who often struggle with rationality in the first place, never mind niggling details like probability and statistics. LOL.

          Assuming psychopathy is heritable, and given women’s apparent attraction to dark-triad dudes, why isn’t it more prevalent? That’s what interests me and, yes, contradicts my earlier line of argument.

    • I forgot who it was, but somebody wrote a book – he lived in Britain I think – and he traveled the world at a young age. Upon his return (post feminism) many years later, he noticed that the “strong man” had been replaced by the “weak man”.

      When he said “strong” he was referring to character.

      Example – the accountant had been replaced with the drunkard.
      The lawyer had been replaced with the loafer.

      He was referring to women’s choices in mates.

      He referred to it as the biggest difference in his culture since he departed.

      Hence, I think you are onto something. They have no character – they are weak in character… They should just present themselves as the losers they are. Maybe that would help them.

  5. Hmmm. Hoping that other men get “ass-raped” who have different views than your own.

    With men like you in the MRM, how can it possibly fail.

    I am glad I am not a part of it.

  6. Maybe you’ll just call me a mangina (which is fine – everyone is entitled to their opinion), but I know there are truly androphilic women out there who meet and fall in love with decent men. I’ve seen the process happen. I’ve dated some wonderful women in my life and even though it’s never worked out long-term for me yet, another one always comes along….and so it’s bound to work out sooner or later. There’s no need for so-called game. Just be true to yourself and be positive. The gamers are foolish and most do show traits of being keyboard jockeys. There are solutions to the male-female problems in this world and good people of both genders can find them. I wish people could just act decent to each other.

    Thanks for letting me have my safe – let the mangina calling begin, if you wish!

    • Oh – say not safe – well then – I retract my previous comment – YOU MANGINA!!!

      kidding,… I meant everything in my first reply to you.

  7. Many terrorists are politically/ideologically motivated(brainwashed), believeing their murderous actions are for a benevolent, greater good, hence they’re actually less psychopathic/sociopathic than true psychos/sociopaths.

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  9. “It turns out that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, one of the Boston bombers, has a lot of women who are attracted to him. (Here are 27 examples of women finding him hot from Twitter.) I am not surprised by this. Women found Hitler and Stalin attractive too. Women will find any man attractive who is against everything that is good about civilization or is just all around evil and willing to engage in murder, particularly mass murder.”

    They find his looks attractive, not his actions. Just because a good looking person does something evil, it doesn’t all of a sudden make his face aysmmetrical or something.

    Jodi Arias and Casey Anthony both have their male admirers, because those male admirers find them physically attractive. You can even read on some of the “pro-Arias” blogs men writing how the jury should not sentence such a good looking woman to death.

    I don’t know if they actually believe her to be innocent or not, but they sure think she’s purdy.

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