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  1. I just realized something important Black Pill. The “just world across all times and space” fallacy answers another huge question I could never answer about feminists.

    How is that feminists who have SONS support insanely anti-male and hyper-misandric theories, legislation and actions? How do they not see it will hurt THEIR OWN SONS?

    Well… I finally have the answer. Remember that feminist who was surprised that her own son got screwed over by a false accusation from a bitter ex girlfriend? And only then did she realize the stuff she had promoted actually screwed her own son?

    People asked how can someone be as insane as she was.

    Well “The just world” fallacy answers it. It seems to apply to all areas of life, not just dating. Feminists believe that BAD THINGS only happen to bad men.

    In other words, feminists believe that if they give every woman a magical button, one that when pressed robs a man of his life and possession – feminists believe it would ONLY be used against bad men.

    It’s not that feminists don’t believe bad women exist. They just believe any man who has bad things happen to him “must have earned it somehow”. So even if bad women do misuse a feminist-legislated power… the victim can ONLY be a man “who had it coming”.

  2. “My mom doesn’t consider herself a feminist like yours does SWAB, but it really doesn’t matter. For example, my mom thinks its a good idea for me to get involved with a single mother. You have to wonder what my mom’s real priorities are.”

    Anecdotal evidence-time I spent on a dating site, revealed that most women, even early 20 somethings who already had kids didn’t want more…

    Most of the women who didn’t have kids and were never married wanted kids or would say unsure.

    So even though a mid 30’s lady who had never been married may be past her prime biologically…If she felt you were the one, she might do everything in her power to have a child with you. Sad, but true, most the other ladies are looking for a sugar daddy.

    If your mom wants gran kids, statistically, your best bet would be a never married younger woman. It would be best to avoid divorcee’s as statistically, I think it’s somewhere around 70 percent that they’ll divorce again. Would you go into business with someone who declared BK? (And yes, I know that good people with unforeseen medical expenses have declared BK.) I’d personally be a bit more generous towards widows. ie-they intended to spend their life with this person but because of unforeseen circumstances they couldn’t.

    Either she is unaware of those things or she doesn’t care about you carrying on a genetic legacy….

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