An Example Of How Conspiracy Theories Are Scams

Anything and everything the so called manosphere (or gullibleosphere) believes in is a scam.  That’s true when it comes to game, the paleo diet, and to conspiracy theory as well.  A good example of how conspiracy theory is a scam is with Agenda 21 conspiracy theories.

As the so called manosphere believes in every conspiracy theory out there, they believe in Agenda 21 conspiracy theories too.  To them Agenda 21 is a secret (or not so secret) plan to murder billions of people via environmental sustainability.  The reality is that Agenda 21 is a non-binding, unenforceable, voluntary policy paper, developed in 1992 and signed by 178 countries including the United States.  It’s not even a treaty.  Anyone can ignore part or all of it without any repercussions whatsoever.  That’s what most do.  The reason why is was signed by 178 countries is that it doesn’t require anyone to actually do anything.

Since there is nothing to Agenda 21, it wasn’t even noticed by conspiracy theorists until a few years ago despite being created in 1992.  This is supposed to be some evil plot to murder billions yet the conspiracy theorists couldn’t find it for close to 20 years.  (So much for conspiracy theorists being “truth seekers”.)  On top of that the only reason conspiracy theorists are talking about Agenda 21 is because of Glenn Beck.  A few years ago, Glenn Beck started talking about Agenda 21, and the conspiracy theorists took it from there.  This means that conspiracy theorists are in the best case scenario for them, incompetent.  If they’re right then they should have been on top of this since 1992, but they couldn’t figure it out without Glenn Beck’s handing it to them.

Glenn Beck is making money of the Agenda 21 conspiracy theory.  He is selling a book about it to gullible people like those in the so called manosphere.  There is no Agenda 21 conspiracy.  It’s all just a scam to enrich Glenn Beck just as game is (or was) a scam to enrich Eben Pagan and the paleo diet is a scam to enrich Joesph Mercola.  All of these scams operate in a similar manner so it’s no surprise we see all of them under the same roof in the so called manosphere.

Just as Agenda 21 conspiracy theories are a scam to enrich Glenn Beck, other conspiracy theories are a scam to enrich others in the conspiracy theory community like Alex Jones and David Icke.  Like everything else the so called manosphere believes in, conspiracy theory is a scam.


13 thoughts on “An Example Of How Conspiracy Theories Are Scams

  1. I’m not a fan of the paleo diet but calling it a “conspiracy theory” is nothing but liberal cliche. This blog peddles more “conspiracy theory” than the paleo diet does.

      • The Paleo Diet sounded interesting, or at least harmless, at first. I’ve read other sources suggesting a “cave man”(they didn’t live in caves!) diet wouldn’t be a bad basis for nutrition, basically what was available to early humans hunting and foraging. So I assumed that’s what Paleo was. Then I found out nuts and potatoes were a no, no and did a double take.
        I’m pretty sure early humans ate whatever they could get their hands on. The no nuts thing was so arbitrary I didn’t bother perusing it.

        • Paleo is basically (like every other diet fad scam) a convoluted way of getting you to cut calories.

          The reason they have to cut out nuts (even though they did exist and WERE eaten in cavemen times) —- is because nuts are calorie dense.

          You can actually get obese on a diet of nuts. Its easy, they have a ton of calories, many of them are tasty, and its easy to eat a lot of them.

  2. Every news station knows that bad news will get you more viewers than good news will.

    Sometimes, people who use information as their primary product will not just highlight the bad news, but they will exaggerate it as well, doing so in varying degrees anywhere from slight embellishment to outright fabrication.

    This makes conspiracies fertile grounds for exploitation and exaggeration for people who just want to gain viewers or sell products.

    However, that does not mean that some or even several of them aren’t legitimate. If governments absolutely never conspired to do anything that would be harmful to their people, then everyone would be able to trust their government 100%, save for blunders…but anybody with eyes and ears knows that this is not the case.

    You present an example of a false conspiracy. However, it’s not hard to find ones that aren’t: just Google conspiracy theories that turned out to be true, and you will find them easily. So ‘conspiracy theory’ itself is not a scam; some of them are, some of them aren’t.

    • You present an example of a false conspiracy. However, it’s not hard to find ones that aren’t: just Google conspiracy theories that turned out to be true, and you will find them easily. So ‘conspiracy theory’ itself is not a scam; some of them are, some of them aren’t.

      I have been through these arguments a million times before. The “conspiracy theories that turned out to be true” never actually happened or were never conspiracy THEORIES before being outed.

      Also, you can’t separate conspiracy theories from each other. You conspiracy theorists have spent decades linking conspiracy theories together and defending every conspiracy theory out there regardless of how absurd or evil it is. You don’t get to come here now and say that some conspiracy theories are right and some are wrong. You don’t get to have it both ways.

      • It helps to make the distinction between the people inventing and pushing the conspiracies, and the people who but into them.

        The first group are almost without exception sleazy conmen making a buck.
        The second group can be naive, gullible, or simply misinformed, especially in the case of a well crafted hoax that fools even real scientists, like Andrew Wakefield’s claims vaccines caused autism.

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