2 comments on “Fact VS. Truth

  1. Unfortunately for your case, what you have written here, is nothing more than assertions, based…. on your feelings of what is true. Pot meet kettle.
    Of course you may cite the various points you raise in your previous articles. However if you will honestly appraise your efforts in this regard, they amount to little more than cherry picking facts, fishing for conflict, and attempts to create guilt by association. Nothing of any substance.

    I do not disagree entirely with your thesis. Much, or even most, of the ‘manosphere’ is odious, ignorant, juvenile and contemptible. We unfortunately live in an odious, ignorant, juvenile and contemptible age… and it’s coming from all sides. However, other than your condemnation of these facets, you seem at a loss to offer even constructive criticism, much less a higher vision.

    Perhaps you should adjorn your arse from purposeless criticism and see if there is anything anywhere in the effort that you find positive, and write of that.

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