27 comments on “Moral Arguments About Game Are Part Of The MDAD

  1. just an observation…

    all the moralists and all the PUA’s will get super mad if you say you want to bang a prostitute…

    There are women who freely choose that career like MaggieMcNiel and it’s probably a hundred times more ethical to pay a prostitute than use Roosh’s tactics with drunk women…

  2. You might want to consider the possibility that “sunshinemary” is not a woman, but is part of the scams. It’s a blog that sounds like some manosphere dudebro’s idea of what an ‘edgy’ Christian housewife ‘into game’ would be like. Comes in handy when manosphere bloggers want to point to a female voice in support of their scamthink.

    • While it’s possible that Sunshinemary could be a guy (since manospherians like Forney-Bardamu create fake personas all the time), I’m not making that leap about her without some evidence. Plus, there are women who are seeing which direction the wind is blowing and using “red pill” ideology as a new form of feminism.

      • Women talking about the red pill are bullshitting unless
        – they are willing to accept a lower standard of living on one salary
        – they are willing to accept responsibility for either career or homemaking
        – acknowledge that women say one thing to “men they find attractive” and another to “men they find useful”.

        So-called “Christian” women are no different, how many of them still actually hold the right to wear white at their own wedding?

        And “conservative” women nowadays are just a feminist variant of your everyday female leech, that wants men to pay her way while she takes the credit without the responsibility.

  3. Far more than any “dating advice” of any kind would be advice on finding female friends who treat men they’re not attracted to as human beings, and not as objects to exploit. Women like that do exist, at least in my experience, but too many men have never known women like that.

    • I would love to see advice on finding female friends who treat men they’re not attracted to as human beings. Or rather I would like to see people attempt it and squirm as they have extreme amounts of trouble providing working advice to do that.

  4. I’m glad that the morality of “game” is called into question. FInally, time for some real Christian discourse on such a thing. Hope you gents have a bag of popcorn, a nice cold Sam Adam’s or Landshark, and are settled in, cause this one is going to take a while. First off, in regards to SSM’s rebuttal, I was making the original comment on the presupposition that whatever “Just Julia”, the commenter who claimed that SSM’s husband cheated on her so many times and SSM’s unilateral forgiveness because of his “studliness”, was a correct statement. I stated my case based on a big “If” and such a precondition was identified, if she were to clearly read the entire commentary as it stands. Frankly when I read Just Julia’s initial comment, it floored me as really exaggerated and therefore I was refuting Julia’s obviously exaggerated claims of “game”. I would have thought that Julia’s comment about SSM’s husband would have caused more trouble with SSM than my comments. I stand by what I say. Whenever bringing up Scripture, someone comes in and wants to secularize things by saying that all that Bible talk is great but men will continue to burn with lust so we have to play to win. When you fight and when you play by other people’s rules, you stand to lose and lose big. Just because I praised an article that she wrote in the past doesn’t mean that I am relegated to maintain the same level of agreement with her in everything she says. Regardless, my comment was directed towards Julia in trying to invalidate Julia’s comments about the wonders of game in marriage and her over-exaggeration and falsification of SSM’s personal testimony.

    Now, onto the main topic about the “morality of game”. Regardless of the validity or existence of game, which can be debated one way or another, I want to discuss the morality of dishing out “game” advice to young Christian men who are considering the modern marriage and relationship market. Instead of telling them, straight out, that this is how women are, and that the likelihood of a decent “marriageable” woman finding them attractive enough to marry them is very slim, almost to the point of the odds being better of them winning the Powerball than ending up in a working and relatively happy marriage, these Christian “manospherean’s” like to paint a rosy picture of a woman being cajoled into a man’s “dominant masculine frame”. It is an outright fraud and deceit of the highest order to raise the hopes of those who are truly hurt and lost and to set them up for further pain and suffering. It’s not in me to watch other men go through what I had to go through when I was younger and not at least offer a helping hand and help them expedite themselves so they can embrace the truth and start living their lives for something higher than pussy.

    Instead of denouncing “game” as something non-sensical and absolutely immoral in its own right, (I’m specifically talking about the Machiavellian approach of side-stepping all bounds of morality and ethical conduct because it would be justified in the end with the guy getting the ‘good Christian virgin bride’), these “manosphereans” go about parading it as if it were a cornucopia of marital bliss. The fact that it requires one to basically assume the subtle nature of a criminal (or what they like to call the Dark Triad personalities/characteristics) should give the third-party observer enough evidence to realize that such a lapse in moral judgement is a dangerous proposition that easily will err one on the wrong side of any modicum of ethics or morality. I suppose singlehood for many men is a final test of how deep their moral convictions go. How far are they willing to stand on their biblical convictions and seek God’s righteousness..even if it means isolation and solitude? Are they prepared and have they counted the cost for carrying their own crosses for Christ? It’s a question that all Christians have to answer to. Now I AM NOT SAYING THAT THIS WILL BE THE CASE. So any naysayer’s who want to accuse me of hinting that being a Christian precludes giving up relationships, they are only attempting to put words in my mouth. I said that for each person, God may want us to sacrifice such a thing for His glory. That’s not entirely out of the question, yet since everyone is going off and getting married, it seems like these “manospherean’s” want to pretty much want other men to jump off the same cliff instead of thinking outside of their very simplistic “alpha/beta” binaries.

    Peddling the idea that marriage is something for most everyone if they learn trick A, or trick B, or trick C is where the immorality comes in. Because all of those things run counter-intuitive to living to impress God, not anyone else. I don’t give a damn what other people think of me. Frankly their opinion of me PALES in comparison to what God sees in me. If I am on the ground running and doing what I need to do in prayerful study, hard work, and in service to the Lord, then frankly I don’t give a damn if women find that hot. If they don’t, then that is something they have to deal with, if they choose to deal with it. It’s sincerely not something that should be relegated as an additional cross for Christian men to bear. The ethics and immorality comes not in the PUA game or how it is taught, it comes in the very essence of seeking worldly wisdom when it comes to matters of the heart instead of seeking God…and in THAT specific regard, it very much IS sin, and therefore morally wrong.

    • I agree. When men first started complaining about being ass raped and having their children stolen by women and their pimps the State in the kangaroo divorce courts, the were told to Man Up! and just get a prenup, which would fix everything. Not having one then made it (again) all the man’s fault when bad things happened to good men. It’s an idea that still won’t die.

      Then they came up with what I call DIY Patriarchy, aka married “game”, as exactly the same sort of faux solution — since you can’t change the System, the woman/wife herself becomes the focus of salvation. Like it’s the man’s job to deprogram a woman from a lifetime in a culture of feminism. And, again, when it fails, it’s his fault for not doing it right, learning enough “Game”, etc.

      This approach is based on the lie that patriarchy is not an entire social system but merely another personal, lifestyle choice.

    • “Because all of those things run counter-intuitive to living to impress God, not anyone else. ”

      Yeah, that’s the really weird thing with all those supposedly “Christian” game promoters. They are living to impress other male online pua-wannabe’s, living to impress strange women online, and generally being fake and interacting with other fake people they don’t even know in real life.

      I mean, you CANNOT tell me this is a formula for a successful marriage, and yet most of them claim to have spouses and kids and even “home school”.

      How in the hell do you home school your kids when you’re blogging and commenting on blogs all day long?

      I know several happy couples. None of them are into this weird Dom/sub fake religious stuff.

      None of them are chatting online all day either.

    • Regardless of the validity or existence of game, which can be debated one way or another

      If you investigate the history of where game came from, namely Eben Pagan, how he’s a con artist, and his membership in the online scammer group, The Syndicate, it becomes pretty clear that game is scam and completely fraudulent. (This makes it immoral by definition.) Any moral argument about game that doesn’t question the foundation of the game worldview (and the Christian manospherians fail to question the game worldview) is not an argument against game at all.

  5. I think it can be explained by looking at black guys in the black community, especially the thuggigh brutish ones, whether they’re broke, ugly, drug pushers, or any form of lowlife types, who always seems to have a harem of hot sexy black girls at their beck and call and that harem includes women of all walks of life. It is called GAME also (though a different type) by blacks or MACKING and SWAG (a more civil version) but one major characteristic of it is that it seems to come naturally to these guys, who most of the time are verbally and physically abusing these women who seems to get off on that. I honestly think that the GAME THEORY sold by those in the game community is a poorly copied watered down attempt at replicating the behavior of black thugs while at the same time having you pedestalize women which makes it even worse off.

    • How much of the success of black thugs with women has to do with the shortage of black men relative to black women? There is a disproportionate share of black men in prison which benefits the black men outside of prison with a surplus of black women.

  6. The black pill,

    Let me start off by saying that I am not trying to insult you. Honestly though, do you think that as a virgin you are qualified to make statements about whether game works? I understand that you are religious and that you are a virgin because of that, but if you aren’t out there dating and sleeping with girls then how would you know what does and doesn’t work?

    I used to be clueless about women. I didn’t lose my virginity until I was 20. And I frequently had dry spells for several months.

    I learned about game from Roissy a few months after being dumped by a 5. After reading about game within a month I was dating(sleeping with) two girls, a 6 and 8. I used to be so whipped by the 5 and rarely had sex and we did have sex is was boring and tame. Now when I date girls they try really hard to please me. I have even dated 4 girls at the same time. So I can tell you without a doubt that game does work.

    As for morality of game, it depends on how you use it. What is the the morality of a knife? Depends on if you are using the knife to stab someone or to chop vegetables. If you use game to attract one girl to date and marry then I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. If you use game to cheat on your wife then that is immoral.

    • Most of the most prolific anti-gamers are EX-gamers. One of them includes mystery’s former best buddy sinn who nowadays admits he spent a decade believing a placebo. He spent years teaching guys game, but now today realizes its just a) numbers game b) escalation. I.E the chick already likes you or doesn’t, if anything the only “skill” you can develop is the ability to get her to admit her attraction (i.e. the skill to know when and how to escalate in a way that allows her to bang you guilt-free, stuff like logistics)

      Both me and Aaron Slazy have had more sexual success than half the gurus combined, most of the guys on my private blog are ex-gamers who were in the community for up to 10 years… The anti-gamers on both my private blog and my forum are guys with 30+ laycounts.

      It’s all a placebo delusion my friend. We all exited “the game” when we started doing spreadsheet experiments. If you do an experiment, and track how many you get doing acting “beta” vs. “alpha” you’ll find you still get the same number of lays per number of escalations. Seriously, it really is as simple as that. Good looking loser did an experiment to prove it where he purposefully approached chicks in the worst-possible way opposite of what is claimed you have to do in order to get laid, and he still got the same lays per 100-approaches-escalated.

      “game” is nothing but a mind trick the “gamer” plays on himself to mask the pain of rejection. It really is that simple. You have to tease out false positives, placebo, and mis-measuring of results, and for some years it takes 10 years (yes I’m that stupid, it took me 10 years to overcome the game of scam).

      BlackPill as a virgin makes the same argument that 30-100 lay anti-gamers make. You know why?

      Because logic is logic. Its independent of personal experience. A scientist can make a better prediction than a non-trained person who has personal experience in a topic. Because he is trained in LOGIC and the scientific method, and specifically TEASING OUT VARIABLES and removing confounding correlations that aren’t a causation.

      In fact, science was SPECIFICALLY invented because people LIE TO THEMSELVES and are unobjective and fall for placebo and false positives. This is why people believe such ridiculous things such as astrology, game, tarot reading etc…

      I hope your recovery is faster…

    • Honestly though, do you think that as a virgin you are qualified to make statements about whether game works?

      That’s the great thing about logic, evidence, and the scientific method. They don’t care about your sexual history (or lack thereof).

      I understand that you are religious and that you are a virgin because of that

      Where did you get this idea?

    • If game is a knife, it’s a plastic butter knife. Whether using it to step people or to chop vegetables, it’s effectiveness is extremely limited, making any discussion about its morality a waste of time.

  7. And although game was originally created by a scammer, it works. Thousands of guys have seen success by using game learned from Roissy and Roosh. I have never read anything by David DeAngelo but I know that what Roissy writes does work.

    Just because a known scammer says something doesn’t make it automatically untrue. If Eben Pagan tells you Obama is president, does that make it untrue just because he scans people?

    • And although game was originally created by a scammer, it works.

      So you have decided to use the “fake but accurate” defense, which is also used to defend the anti-semitic piece of literature, The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

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