22 comments on “If You’re Going To Do The Time

  1. Feminists are so horrible. If I had a dollar for every feminist website that whines about men who “objectify” women, then posts a picture of Ryan Gosling or some manlike that and practically drool over it, I’d be writing this on the deck of my yacht.

  2. here is a quote from a former incel who is now successful with women: “If it wasn’t for the hole between their legs, there would be a price on their heads”

    those bitches play mind games with each other every day on who looks prettier, younger, who’s got the trendiest fashion and the latest jewelry. If you are unattractive bottom you will be added to that shit list.

    as for me, I trained my ass off to be AVERAGE looking. Average guys are invisible to them so I am not on their shit list.

    • +1 on the hilarity. You may have overdone it with the plethora of super-sized fakies.

      Sounds like the hamster wheel is running full speed ahead, trying to rationalize why she should care at all about this, when it’s clear that she doesn’t (but it does justify any money she may be making for blogging this crap.)

      “Hate” has been so overused that it this point people should be taking it far less seriously.

  3. A good chunk of the male population hating women. That is going to end well for them whether they care if we live or die, or not.. Oh but that’s right they have the guberment to protect them at the expense of the undesirable.

  4. If you are truly unattractive then there’s no reason to hate people for not being attracted to you.

    Just find other avenues of happiness in your life. Meditation is a good place to start.

    • That might be true if women were willing to leave us unattractive men alone. But they aren’t doing that. Like the feminist bitch I linked to, women are trying to start a moral panic about unattractive men.

  5. After commenting on Clarissa’s post she replied, making the claim that male sexual attractiveness is all about ‘finding a happy, exuberant sexuality’, and that therefore it is totally within your control. She used that claim to argue that unattractive men who hate women are lazy. Unfortunately, her claim goes against a juggernaut of scientific evidence showing that a lot of factors that make men sexually attractive are totally out of our control (see: height, facial symmetry, penis size). Just…wow.

  6. Clarissa is insane. There is not point of taking anything she says remotely seriously.

    I know a guy who is physically attractive to women but he hates women. This is because he can’t talk to them because mentally he is completely fucked up. However he is tall, he has a huge dick and he is good-looking.

    On the other hand I know an ugly guy who hates women too.

    I am somewhere in the middle and my views on women are deeply ambivalent. I am not a huge fan of them as a whole but there are some I love.

    And pure physical attraction is a huge component and has always been a component of dating. To believe anything else is ridiculous. There are prudish women who are incredibly hot. Believe me….men definitely want to fuck them. And yet their sexuality is most certainly not exuberant.

    Also its pretty clear that physical beauty is important across cultures and history. Read your history and you will see again and again that women often want handsome men as their partners. This also happens in tribal cultures.

  7. I think clarissa has had one too may injections of bad boy semen. Her cunt is smelling like toe cheese and all the STD’s are starting to affect her brain.

  8. Remember how you said White Nationalists are actually White Vagina Worshippers? Look how Roissy proves you right.


    • Of course an omega would be expected to liken “I’m attracted to White women” to “I worship White women.”

  9. It’s the old threat narrative way to deflect the fact that a lot of men are waking up and watching what women DO rather than what they SAY, and are of course finding that women’s real preferences judge an astonishing ~80% or so, give or take, as “below average.”

    Most of the traits women use to qualify men as sexually attractive or not are completely congenital as you’ve covered: Height, facial symmetry, full head of hair (guys who bald can’t control that), penis size.

    The only one real trait a guy can control is his body shape, his musculature, and even there it is far more effort than the common woman complaint about “guys” (the ones they are attracted to) not wanting to fuck them because they’re obese while they themselves are also repulsed by obese men.. That women even try to call men “shallow” is obscene to anyone who watches women’s actual choices in men.

    You may have noticed over the past few decades as I have growing up that “bigorexia” has become absolutely widespread to the point where it’s completely ‘normal.’ When I was growing up as a small child, I saw very few men young or otherwise who lifted weights obsessively following routines, watched what they ate and so on. Now that I’m of age, it is the norm. I admit even I do it because if I did not, I’m certainly not a 6ft+ tall male model looking guy with a 10 inch dick and there is probably no way I’d be getting laid otherwise if I didn’t keep in shape. It’s not “game” getting me any results, it’s basically physical appearance and large numbers of approaches.

  10. Sometimes hatred or what could be better described “righteous indignation” for the privileged position women occupy in the Western relationship sphere, is one of the few compensations unattractive men have.

    Feminists hate men for viewing women merely as sex-objects, why they hell shouldn’t men feel something similar when women view us in a utilitarian manner. What are we, non-beings?

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