34 comments on “You Are Only Allowed To Criticize Game In Very Limited Ways

  1. I could not believe this motherfucker….


    He berates a guy who doesn’t include a picture but I bet he would go to hell and back defending a woman who doesn’t share a picture because creepers, employers and teh patriarchy…..

    And then he shames the (anonymous) guy on his looks or lack thereof…

    then he’s got that male feminist bravado that he’s used okaycupid as a sexual ATM…

    Just remember, your not a bully ™ when you align yourself with a powerful hate movement like feminism….

  2. there really is no hope for christianity, they just don’t belong in society anymore. new churchianity is completely feminized bullshit that is withering with rot, directly trying to help women steal from men without realizing that they really need male donations to keep themselves alive. orthodox religions of all types are completely batshit, and are still nothing more than a step away from white knighting for the poor helpless wimmins, no matter what they claim to preach.

  3. Hey BP,

    Have you heard of the high profile roissyite manospherian Pax Dickinson who got fired from his job recently? Pax Dickinson was Chief Technology Officer at Business Insider. This alone made him unique among manospherians because he actually had a job. Anyway the guy was doing the usual type of trollish baiting behavior that guys like Roissy, Roosh, and Forney do, but on a high-profile mainstream platform, which is Business Insider. How he flew under their corporate radar so long is amazing.


    His tweets were full of roissyite language and stock phrases.

    He was a regular Heartiste commenter:

    He also followed and interacted with roissy on twitter:

    Of course like a typical roissyite, he is now playing the victim after doing all this stuff trolling for controversy.

    • I have never head of Pax Dickinson. I’m not surprised by this. It’s clear that if a Roissyite manospherian has a job, they will do something to cause themselves to become unemployed (or end up at a minimum wage job) sooner or later. We shouldn’t be impressed that this guy was “CTO” of Business Insider. Business Insider doesn’t have a lot of technology involved in it. Pax Dickinson’s job would be better described as head webmonkey.

      Had this guy not used his real name, he would still be employed right now. So much for Roissyite manospherians and all their bragging about how they use their real names.

      The end result of all this is that it gives those of us who are actually trying to fight feminism in the tech industry a much harder job. It’s almost like Pax Dickinson was secretly a feminist sabotaging anti-feminist efforts in the tech industry.

      • Actually, I had no idea who he was at first either. But I saw all these news outlets picking up this story about some supposed hotshot tech guy who was a raging antifeminist, racist jerk who got fired. My first assumption was that it was some unfair anti-man witch hunt in tech, like that chick who complains about women in video games or Adria Richards getting those guys fired.

        But as I started reading the story more, they included his tweets and he had lots of the same stock phrases and cliches of a manospherian. That stupid opposition for oppositon’s sake tactic of trolling with stuff that was blatantly geared to piss people off, then bragging that the fact people were pissed off is proof he’s fighting some good fight. Bragging about what a badass he is and how he’s sitting around with an “alpha smirk.” Bragging about badass smirks is a popular Roissy line. The childish tone and the attempts at projecting a persona of amused mastery 24/7. It sounded just like one of the many manosphere shills that occasionally troll this blog or have blogs themselves. I thought he had to be a roissyite, but he was actually gainfully employed, not unemployed or underemployed like a true manospherian, I thought it couldn’t be the case.

        On a hunch, I googled his name and added the word “manosphere” and sure enough all his manosphere commenting came up. He commented at Roissy and at GL Piggy, the site BP profiled last year written by the idiot who claimed Newt Gingrich was using PUA tactics. Of course manospherians like Roosh and Chuck Ross are writing articles to defend him today, and as usual with manospherians they do their own cause more harm than good. (You can read the pieces at Return of Kings and Glpiggy.net. I don’t want to link to those sites anymore because anytime I do a bunch of rabd manosphere shills pop up to troll.)

        I agree he’s probably not a big deal in reality, but you can sure bet the media will paint him as a big deal in tech as a way to slander the whole field and fit their feminist narrative. Even worse, it turns out he played a role in hiring engineers and other stuff. It’s coming to light that he personally posted job listings and people are popping up all over the internet to say that they interviewed with him. So add to the narrative now the fact that they can say this guy played a role in hiring decisions.

        Some of the Roissyite sites he would comment on were white nationalist scientific racism sites, which preached that blacks are genetically inferior to whites intellectually. To the point that they are incapable of ever being as smart as even the dumbest white people no matter how they grew up and what their education or socioeconomic background is. Roissy and Chuck Ross both openly support this idea that blacks are genetic dead ends in terms of IQ levels. Some of the people who have come forth as having interviewed with Dickinson are black. Put 2+2 together now: Picture a guy you can paint as thinking blacks are genetic dead ends in charge of hiring decisions? What a gift for people who want to discredit antifeminists in tech!

        So now this one Roissyite has given ammunition for the media to call tech not only antiwoman but also racist. Like all manospherians, they do more harm than help to the causes they claim to support. Any rational antifeminist voices out there will now be ignored so that the media can instead focus on this attention whoring troll. It’s like how the Southern Poverty Law Center lumped sites like In Mala Fide in with Paul Elam and used them to make MRM look crazier than they actually were. What also doesn’t help is as more roissyite blogs write about the “unfair witch hunt” and link to mainstream articles, their readers go to those articles and comment up a storm. And as we all know, manospherian commenters are fucking insane and illogical. So it gives more “proof” in the mainstream that only fringe kooks are antifeminist, sabotaging antifeminist efforts in tech even further.

  4. Check Google News and the progressive blogosphere. Everyone is coming out to use this as validation and proof of misogyny and woman-hatred in tech industry, using Dickinson as a representative of the so-called norm. And our friend Manboobz has joined the dogpile:


    And like I predicted, he’s gleefully using the attempts of manospherians to rally around and support Dickinson as even more proof of racism and sexism in tech industry. These guys’ solution is to double down on the frothing racism and psychotic sexist slurs. These guys really do seem to be covert saboteurs against normal, rational anti-feminists, like BP said. Some of the blog entries coming out in defense of Dickinson are like a feminist’s wet dream as far as painting men’s rights in a terrible light.

    • These guys really do seem to be covert saboteurs against normal, rational anti-feminists, like BP said. Some of the blog entries coming out in defense of Dickinson are like a feminist’s wet dream as far as painting men’s rights in a terrible light.

      The whole situation is just too perfect for feminists. I have heard of brogrammers before, but I had never seen one until you told me about Pax Dickinson. They’re that rare. When you look at Adria Richard’s victims or the guys that Anita Sarkeesian is talking about, they all look like typical tech guys. In a situation where they have been attacked by feminists, your typical tech guy is smart enough to lawyer up and listen to their lawyer when he says to keep your mouth shut. Pax Dickinson is the exact opposite of a typical tech guy. This means that an army of feminists have been searching forever to find a guy like him that they can use as “proof” of racism and sexism in the tech industry. It almost seems more believable that Pax Dickinson is secretly a feminist pretending to be a misogynist to make anti-feminism look bad.

    • Quote from the intro: “a more insidious force of angry beta males…”

      With male feminists like that throwing misandry stink bombs hither and yon around the twerp-o-sphere, who needs armies of actual Amanda Marcotte type feminists doing their own dirty work?

      Did anybody see the exchange in the com-boxes at Dalrock’s between “TFH” (The Fifth Horseman) and ybm? I think it was almost a year ago. Every tired and worn out old anti-male TV trope — basically the whole catalog of `em — was lobbed at ybm, and then some. I was thinking of going back and trying to find it because it was such a classic. Maybe if he rolls around he might remember what the actual topic of the post was about.

      • Quote from the intro: “a more insidious force of angry beta males…”

        The greatest irony here is that only a “beta male” would refer to fellow men as “beta males” 😀

        Note: not that I buy into the classification, it’s a very cartoonish taxonomy of the human race. But even if you did buy into alpha/beta dichotomy, you’d notice that in real life “alphas” (succesful, high-status, get laid a lot, smooth charismatic kind of men) THOSE MEN never put down other men, or rant about how “beta” other men are.

        I mean that’s the fucking whole irony of these bozos not realizing they’re not following their own theory!!!

        The cargo cult of game is based on a theory that states that “if you act and emulate the outward actions of an alpha, you’ll get the same success/influence/pussy he gets”.

        Ok… so do ALPHAS sit around on online fucking forums and blog comments calling other men “betas”? 😀 😀 Do “alphas” spend 4-5 hours a day blogging about being alpha? 😀 Or are they too busy fucking/being awesome? Would an “alpha” as they understand him, have a daily updated blog with 3 page essays micro-analyzing women? 😀 😀 😀

        Fucking gamer imbeciles can’t even follow their own theory.

    • I’m almost surprised that game being a scam wasn’t listed in that link. Almost surprised because gamers have good reason to be afraid of the facts. That’s why whoever wrote that piece won’t talk about how many of us “game denialists” know game is a scam.

        • All of it is based on misinterpretations if not outright lies about what anti-gamers say. And it’s not limited to anti-gamers. I have noticed the same misrepresentations and lies when manospherians talk about doctors. I have been meaning to write a post called The Blue Strawman documenting this behavior.

      • Honestly one of the things I’ve been struggling with lately has been in terms of terminology. I’ve spent all this time talking about how game doesn’t exist…

        Which it doesn’t.

        Unfortunately, this is easily often misread as “there’s nothing you can do about your success with women, and there’s no skill and it’s all looks” – the sad puahate position.

        Truth is, when I (or Aaron, or other anti-gamers who actually have success) – when we say “game doesn’t exist”, what we mean is “you can’t trick a woman into being attracted by what you say or do, some women like you, some don’t”, all you can do is find the ones who like you, and know how to show interest/make moves in the right way.

        OF COURSE there’s a skill to getting those women into bed though. Flirting is a skill, socializing is a skill, making physical moves is a skill. When it comes to getting laid though, the skill can be summarized as nothing more than “ability to read and give signals, and knowing when to make moves”

        The problem is that extremists do exist on the anti-game side (puahate perma-incel crowd), so its easy for gamers to perform this strawman. Where they make it seem like the world (the 7 billion people in it) are either Roissyites or puahate members. Obviously a silly notion, but still… that’s how their polarized gamer brain works.

        You either buy into game with all its 500 crazy premises (roissyite), or you reject the idea of dating skill altogether (puahaters).

        • But those skills, are the specific to interacting with women? A guy who is socially skilled in general, is it plausible that he won’t know how to flirt with women? He might fear women, but that’s a separate thing.

          Point is, there is no specific and separate skill set needed to interact with women. Flirting relies on the same ability to read cues and respond with nuance and flexibility and appropriateness as regular social skills. It uses the exact same parts of the brain and the exact same abilities. Flirting is not any different than being able to interact normally with people. Same with making physical moves. Again, you need to be able to read cues and act with nuance. I don’t know a single guy who knows how to have normal interactions with people but can’t flirt or make moves. I know guys who were scared of women so weren’t able to interact normally with them, but once they got over the fear they were naturally able to flirt and make moves and all the rest.

          Social skills count in ALL human interactions, why would anyone assume that they wouldn’t be a factor in interacting with women? They are factor in making friends and finding jobs.

          Now, as for specific actions that need to be taken – like actually making physical moves, which is so important, these are actions, not skills. It might be important to tell guys which actions they need to take, but it’s not skills.

          Then there is the question of can social skills really be taught at all? I personally hugely doubt it, and certainly I doubt it can be taught through book, concepts, or theories. It might be learnable through observing and modelling someone else, but even then only slightly. In the end, trying to “learn” social skills consciously, through thinking about it, is probably extremely harmful to you and should not be attempted at all. It probably will make you inhibited, full of self-doubt, uncertain and worse as a socializer. Each of us simply has to go out and socialize without thinking about it much and our brain will adapt naturally to the extent that it can – there is an infinite amount of information that has to be processed on the subconscious level. If you’re still not very smooth, too bad, but thinking about it will probably make you worse.

          So at the end of the day certain abilities ARE involved in bedding women, it’s not just looks, but these abilities are unlearnable. They are acquired unconsciously through practice to the extent that they are acquired at all, and everyone has different abilities in this area like in everything else.

          So what is the point of even talking about? In the end, being good with women simply is not “learnable”. The ONLY thing guys can do to help themselves in this area is not attempt to learn anything but only to get over their fear of women, as much as they can, probably through simple exposure, then just “be themselves” without consciously trying to do or act any way not based on impulse or instinct.

        • So you can learn how to get women in any meaningful sense. You cannot learn how to make women sexually like you and you can’t learn how to make her act on her already existing interest in you. Those are unlearnable abilities, largely unconcsious, and thinking about it will mess you up. The one thing you CAN learn is that it’s hugely important to approach and physically escalate, but that’s not a skill, its an action. It’s not a “how to”, it’s a “do”. The “how” part is beyond your control. Only the decision to “do” is.

        • @Kevin
          There is an overlap between social skills and “escalation skills” if you will – yes. Thing is we lack the right words. I hate using “escalation” since it’s a pua term.

          But flirting isn’t the correct word either, since you have guys with triple-digit-lay-counts who never flirt. The one process that’s a must is escalation, everything else is optional. I sure as fuck don’t flirt. And am asocial (barely up to average social skills), yet I get laid more than 99 out of 100 guys I know.

          You have super-super-social guys (in fact they’re quite common) who have hundreds of female friends, but can’t get laid to save their lives, so no you are wrong that its “the same skill”. It might share the same “hardware”, but its not the same software. Geek analogy, but I hope it make sense?

          – Ton of triple-digit-lay count guys who are utterly asocial
          – Ton of super-social and charming guys who can’t get laid to save their lives

          (these are the guys who whine about being stuck in the “friend zone” – a lot of these guys are amazing at socializing but it just gets them tons of friends, no lays)

          I do agree with your other point though!! Its learned subconsciously! There’s nothing to learn in terms of detailed theory!

          When I say its a skill, I don’t mean a skill whose details need to be taught consciously. If anything teaching/learning the details consciously will FUCK YOU UP.

          The worst thing the community does is that it overanalyzes and over-teaches details consciously which are best left learned UNCONSCIOUSLY through real-world calibration.

          (as one example) If you want to get good at the “get club make outs” skill, all you do is you force yourself to kiss 10-20 girls. You’ll find that by the 20th girl you’re super-duper calibrated and somehow you’ve gotten the “getting quick club makeouts” skill automatically and subconsciously.

          Its still a skill though – the solution to gameism extremism isn’t to claim that getting women isn’t even 0% a separate skill.

          It is true its learned naturally/subconsciously, its true its based on the same hardware as social skills.

          But you do have to develop it separately. Social skills develop naturally when you force yourself to go out and interact with people. You won’t auto-magically develop the ability to lay the women you befriend though. You do need to spend a time forcing yourself to escalate on every woman you can, until escalation becomes natural and subconsciously learned too.

          Hope that helps…

        • How true! Although I was able socialize with girls, I did not succeed in escalating to lay or even BF/GF stuff. However, my abilities with women far outshone my abilities with employers or even my general social skills.

  5. I’ve tried this “game” stuff myself and it almost never works. The only times it did were on plain-looking Mexican girls. I’ve only ever had sex with one White girl, and that time I dropped the “game” crap pretty fast after I first met her. “Game” only works for guys who are very physically attractive. THAT is the variable here. These guys act like assholes, sure, but their success comes from looking good, not acting like assholes. I’d bet that the causation is backwards, that success with women makes you an asshole, not the other way around. If you are an average looking guy, like I am, your best hope is for an average-looking girl. Even then, they reject you 9 times out of 10. My advice to any guy would be to do it over and over and over and eventually find the one rare desperate girl who isn’t horrible-looking, and then get her really drunk.

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  7. I had noticed this and been meaning to write about it privately for a while now, never got around to it, so I’m glad you wrote this post.

    The first time I noticed this was when I read feminist criticism of PuaHate. I literally went “what?!”.

    Like I read several articles where feminists were bashing anti-gamers and anti-puas. Why? Apparently, according to these feminists puahate sucks because it doesn’t attack pua for the right reasons.

    APPARENTLY (according to these articles) being SCAMMED by pua is your fault, and you’re a dumb idiot, and you shouldn’t criticize puas for scamming you, but you should instead criticize PUAs for teaching in non-feminist approved ways. I literally saw a dozen of these – and they all made the same point. These were feminists who all said that game should only be criticized for not being feministic in its PRESENTATION – not for not working (being a scam)

    And when I saw dr. nerdlove’s blog, that made the whole thing click. HERE HE IS – a guy who TEACHES PUA CRAP. Literally, he teaches roissyite, pua, mystery, deanushole theory WORD FOR WORD and he has a legion of feminist fans who praise him/love him.

    What gives? Well, the presentation. He literally (like roissy) steals word-for-word the pua theory invented by marketer/scammer puas, EXCEPT he wraps it in feminist lingo/framing. Let me demonstrate.

    A PUA WOULD SAY: If you want to bang yourself some sweet ass hotties, you gotta really be the ALPHA BRO, so DO XYZ. You gotta be the man bro, you gotta be alpha, you gotta do XYZ, because XYZ creates ATTRACTION and mind controls that bitch!

    DR Nerdlove would say: Because of male privilege and your sins as being male in a patriarchal society, when you see a woman, you have a duty to do XYZ, because rape culture, and doing XYZ is the only way you can redeem yourself for the sin of being male and male privilege.

    *Make sense?*

    XYZ = insert any pua/game technique/way of doing things claimed to “create attraction”. If you simply couch it in feminist lingo, feminists all of a sudden love it, lol… So they don’t mind the fact that game is a scam, they only mind that it isn’t 100% feministic-approved.

    Dr. Nerdlove proves that. He can teach the exact scam and be approved by major feminists (even marcotte loves him) – all he has to do is put it in feminist frame of “men bad, women good”.

    PUA: If you wanna bang some bitch, you must do xyz.
    DR NERDLOVE: Men bed, women good, therefore you must do xyz

    But its the same “xyz”!

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