24 comments on “The Holy Vagina Can’t Cure Mental Illness

  1. “I’m a paranoid schizophrenic with violent rages, but out of every 200 girls I talk to one gives me her number, so it balances out!”

    I’m surprised gamers don’t drive people insane, with their telling men to be cold and calculating and relentless.

    • I’m surprised gamers don’t drive people insane

      I would argue that (Roissyite) gamers do drive people insane. Just look at the number of conspiracy theorists in the so called manosphere.

      • Good point. Based on some of the manosphere trolls who have come here in the past, including the ones who argued vehemently for the Dread Pirate Roissy theory, as well as the other wack conspiracy theories they have, we have strong evidence that adhering to manosphere game makes you crazier and more out of touch with reality. Since being crazy and out of touch with reality was the source of this guy’s problems to begin with, learning manosphere game would have just hastened his meltdown.

        Here’s what we know about this guy by the way:

        * He got PTSD from 911 and decided to enlist in the Navy anyway.

        * He never saw combat duty, but was a screw-up. Still ended up being honorably discharged.

        * His best friend had to called the cops on him because he started putting sugar in his car tank.

        * He bummed around until he couldn’t take the voices in his head anymore and called the cops in RI.

        * Bought some guns and went on a shooting spree.

        A normal person sees all this and thinks, maybe one of the reasons the woman rejected him is because he had the kind of unstable mental issues I just listed. A gamer thinks, maybe he has the kind of unstable mental issues I just listed because a woman rejected him. Because access to a vagina is the most important thing in the world to them and is the sole motivation for all they do, they project that mindset onto everyone and view the world through that lens.

  2. Spot on.
    It’s circular justification and magical thinking.

    The fact is women cause most every fight amongst men.

    Ask any cop,he will tell you behind most altercations there is a competition for a woman.
    (pussy pleasure drug)

    The cops also say:

    “Never turn your back on a drug user.”

  3. It’s not just the people you talk about who subscribe to the “magical vagina” theory, but the whole US media(news, entertainment) and tons of idiots across the general blogosphere. I can’t even begin to count the times I’ve heard(or read) “Oh, he just needed(needs) [insert: attention/love/pussy/to get laid/female companionship]” etc etc, all indicating admission of the “magical pussy” theory. It’s downright insulting to my senses, and yet it prevails all across the idiotsphere(ie: everywhere).

    • You are correct about this. The difference is that the Roissyites try to pretend they’re somehow different than the rest of the world. In reality, they’re the same just with racism.

  4. You are right and this is pretty much openly admitted to by Roissy and Roosh. For them, women are a religion. They freely admit this and feel no shame. They base their religion on what they think is Darwinism. They openly and without shame say how women like you is your value as a man and a human being. They make no bones about it. They openly say that a mans sole purpose and end on this earth is to get women and this is justified by appeals to Darwinism. Game is far more than a mere tool for these guys. It is primarily an ethical system with a clear set of values (being “manly” , etc) that are more important even than the supposed ability of game to get women.

    Reading roosh or roissy for any length of time (not recommended) makes it very clear for these guys, game is a religion with a clearly defined theology, teleology, and ethical system.

    • That is a very well thought out and logical argument. The Roissyite response to this would be: “you’re just jealous because you can’t get any girls (even though I don’t know you at all in real life)” – in other words, argumentum ad hominem, which is a logical fallacy.

      I like to call this the high school girl argument. The reason it is fallacious, is that even if one doesn’t have sex, that doesn’t preclude them from speaking the truth. In fact sometimes those who have the least at risk are the most likely to speak the truth. And also, Roissyites don’t really know anything empirical about the personal circumstances of those who criticize them, so their counter-arguments are at best conjecture based on heuristics.

    • One of my favorite articles illustrating this was Matt Forney in his In Mala Fide days about why you shouldn’t trust or be friends with men who can’t get laid. Someone pointed out that he was basically saying he judges the worth of men by whether women approve of them sexually, meaning women indirectly control which men he befriends. The whole article was pussy worship in disguise. Of course Forney flew off the handle, accused him of being a hater and a beta, and totally missed the commenters point (or pretended to miss the point).

  5. Here’s the irony of all ironies…

    This is yet another kind of evidence for how gamers don’t even follow their own theory. Their theory is based on the cargo-cult notion that if you act like pussy-abundant-alpha, you will get pussy abundantly.

    Let me say that in simpler terms.

    – The “Alphas” of the world (think Michael Jordan) are generally seen to act indifferent around pussy. They can take it or leave it, they don’t care if a chick wants them, in fact, they lean back, and let HER impress him. This is because Michael Jordan genuinelly doesn’t give a fuck about pussy and gets no further validation from banging chick number 5687.

    – PUAs come along with their cargo cult theory and say AHA if you lean back to the same angle that Michael Jordan leans back, and if you adopt that “take it or leave it” voice tonality, women will throw themselves at you too!! Make sure you “qualify her too” and pretend like she needs to impress you and win you over.

    Now pay attention, here’s where the ironic part comes, you ready?

    – The irony is that gamers FUCKING CARE about fucking getting pussy. The alpha they’re trying to emulate does not “validate himself” by how much he’s gotten, coz he gets a ton of it (due to status, looks, whatever).

    The irony is they’re trying to emulate the symptom (speaking lines that communicate not caring about the outcome) while ACTUALLY basing their entire self-worth on whether they get her or not, and proclaim that your entire worth is based on it.

    But if your entire worth is based on getting her, why are you EMULATING the actions of men who think the exact opposite? Mind blown at gamer’s cognitive dissonance abilities.

    • But if your entire worth is based on getting her, why are you EMULATING the actions of men who think the exact opposite? Mind blown at gamer’s cognitive dissonance abilities.

      I’ve read you make this point for years Alek, and one thing that fascinates me the most about this cognitive dissonance on the part of gamers isn’t just that they engage in this contradiction, but their utter inability to even SEE this contradiction.

      It would be one thing is they recognized your point and tried to launch a counterargument describing why you’re wrong, but what I find most fascinating is that they can’t even understand why it’s even a contradiction in the first place. Every argument they launch against anti-gamers instead has to be riddled with strawmen. I wonder if they’re just too dense to get the point, or they know they have no good counterargument against it so they must deflect and distract instead.

  6. it’s not just PUAs who believe this.

    most of society considers male virgins to be a tremendous flaw that needs to be “corrected” as if virginity was some kind of magical curse.

    • That is true. The difference is that the red pillers make a big deal about how they think differently than the mainstream. This proves that the red pill is no different than the blue pill.

    • The gamer view is that a man who does not have sexual contact with women is somehow less masculine; moreover Roissy goes further and extrapolates that all that is good in Western Civilization emanated from male energy consistent with his view of prioritizing sex with women as the chief goal of a male’s existence. You all are likely familiar with the argument – the great alpha who invented things and built civilization is always the same as the great alpha who gets all the pretty girls. This view evidences a complete lack of understanding of the history of Western Civilization (and of World Civilization, for that matter). Gamers ignore the fact that most civilizations – including the West – have longstanding and recurring traditions of asceticism; often an ascetic tradition that includes (and even lauds) sexual abstinence. Moreover, the lack of sexual contact with women has been (in some periods and regions) seen culturally not as a sign of weakness and degeneracy – like Roissy would have it – but rather as a sign of strength and vigor. In some periods, de-prioritizing sexual relationships with women was actually a sign that a man was MORE masculine and “alpha” rather than less so Victorian notions of masculinity provide one of the clearest historical examples of this. The fact is, that “getting girls” and making “getting girls” an explicit priority is not entirely consistent with the very Western tradition that racist Roissyites say they champion. If “society” means contemporary blogosphere culture and general cultural perceptions, then, yes, virgin men are criticized. But the men who helped build Western Civilization included celibate men and some who never had sex at all.


  7. It’s pathetic; It’s akin to saying: “Here, go spill your already weakened and sickly life force on the floor and don’t bother mopping it up”. Besides being sloppy and wasteful, the meme of female mastery wins another slave.

    Now, the graveyard shooter or navy, whatever the fuck.. He had inscriptions on his weapon. He had wrote things such as “end the torment” and references to electronic mind control. These things are very real.

    In this smog of EMF that most live in, well, it’s a disharmonious state. All signals such as Wifi routers and cell phones emit very erratic waveforms. These really disrupt emotional poise and physiological function. If you’ve ever not been around it, you’d know the difference.

    I’m leading this to the correlation of scattered-waveform pollution to being a YIN property. See Yin Disease on Google.

    The website containing the Yin Disease article also has references, which I’ve found elsewhere, to women taking up demons through their vaginal opening. Oh, well, just another part of being a Yin oriented being… As well as evil, weakness, and all the other shit the manosphere lusts after.

    Never forget, we are all products of our Age.

    • Following the US RDA for 400mg/day magnesium in supplemental form can effectively counter Yin disease/EMF disturbances & the like. Most people just aren’t getting enough Magnesium in their diet(and no, magnesium from foods is not enough).

        • “Yin disease is bullshit.”

          I know. Stating my recommendation(magnesium supplementation) for the “disease” was my way of indicating that. Of course that doesn’t change the fact that most should consume the recommended RDA for magnesium, which multivitamins typically fall well short of providing(as well as calcium). Of course don’t take supplemental magnesium(or ask a doctor first) if you have certain conditions such as kidney problems(as most magnesium supplement brands put on the label as a warning). I find taking the full RDA(400 mgs) magnesium in supplemental form is very beneficial for my overall mood & sense of well-being. Note also that I’m not citing any particular brand of magnesium, so I’m obviously not a spokesman for any particular brand(for anyone that would be concerned). I use magnesium oxide(the cheap kind) as it still seems to work, despite some saying it doesn’t absorb nearly as well as other types of magnesium.

  8. A woman with mental issues tried to ram into the whitehouse and shot at congress.

    Are gamers going to say she couldn’t get pussy and game would have saved her?

    All of these stories are increasingly proving two points:

    – Everyone one of these cases is related to mental ilness
    – Everyone of these cases gets piggybacked on by different religions/cults/movements to push their pet cause

      • Plus she’s black and a single mom so they can use scientific racism and say she’s genetically predisposed to violence. Maybe our other batshit insane nazi friend from the previous thread can use some selective statistics of tribal people from South Africa to prove his point again.

        They’ll also blame the Jews for creating feminism and the media, both of which glorified single motherhood and made it easier for her to become one.

        I think the semen injections article you linked to was hilarious.

        • I think the semen injections article you linked to was hilarious.

          The funniest thing about it is that non-manosphere conspiracy theorists would consider it an embarrassment to conspiracy theory.

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