15 comments on “The Sockpuppetosphere

  1. ahaha cool blog man.
    The manosphere is such a fuckosphere of hipocrisy.
    Today´s society is degraded>>>let´s fuck all women in sight!
    You don´t submit to another man´s view>>your are not alpha!
    You don´t spend you precious life on mental masturbation>>hopeless slave/blue pill
    Srsly want to meet them on the street and punch in the face in revenge for my bleeding eyes that had to endure this bullfuckery.

  2. Can’t agree with you this time. Sock pupettry is – by definition – running multiple accounts concurrenty to make it look like an idea has more support than it actually does. Manospherians closing old blogs and starting up new ones are simply engaging in rebranding. You know: like a dodgy used car salesman who changes the name of his business. Not exactly the same thing.

      • Yes. It’s not like they’re openly rebranding. They’re pretending to be brand new people altogether. Forney in my opinion only revealed the truth because his new persona wasn’t setting the blogosphere on fire like he wanted.

      • Hmm, maybe. Trying to generate a bandwagon effect. “Look at how big the mansopshere is! All these awesome blogs, not at all just the same half dozen guys over and over!”

        But I think it’s more likely driven by ad revenue. As you have pointed out, the manosphere is entirely a marketing scam. When the clicks start drying up, they start selling the same old under a new name.

        Could be a bit of both at work, I suppose.

  3. Lol! Next you should figure out who killed Colonel Mustard in the library with the candlestick. The only chicanery that happened here is in your own minds. I have commented as Jeb before. (Rule Number One: learn to spell if you want to appear intelligent). The imitable TFH even used to argue with me under this name. Maybe you can ask him why he didn’t mention that the next time you are licking his scrotum for him.

    Feminists have nothing to worry about with you guys at the helm!

    And, btw, pathetic! In two days, with all those links, you have given me less than sixty hits. How long have you had this blog going anyways? We are talking years, aren’t we? That’s all the traffic you can generate?

    There’s nothing so satisfying as watching ineffectual, bitter losers barking into the void.

    You’re lucky I even graced your pissant blog with a comment.

    • In two days, with all those links

      All those links? There’s a total of two links to you. When you wrote that comment my post had only been up for 22 hours, not 2 days. You just showed us that you lied.

  4. Btw, Return of Kings linked to me two months ago – in ONE day, over 18,000 hits! That is something like 600% more effectual than a punk like you, in one day!

    That was only in one day! In the next days, well over 100,000 hits. Yet, you are a triumph of failure with only 30 hits a day!


    You are so backwards towards civilization that a poke in the ass feels like a triumph for you!

    Thanks for your 57 hits.

    I will capitalize upon them!

    What a loser you are! How many years have you been at this?

    • Btw, Return of Kings linked to me two months ago

      There were no links to the-light-house-keeper.blogspot.ca/ on returnofkings.com two months ago. There were links to your old blog no-maam.blogspot.ca in that timeframe so you just showed us that you are Rob Fedders and that you lied about not sockpuppeting.

      Return of kings has linked here too, and they are incapable of producing a fraction of the hits you say you got. You lied again.

      Thanks for your 57 hits.

      WordPress tracks the number of clicks each day and where they go. The number of clicks to either of your blogs is way different than that number. You lied again.

      • Did I not just confirm who I am? Did I deny it? Are you fucking stupid?

        Apparently you are, but…

        You have now fallen to liar?

        I have gotten 11 hits from you yesterday and 7 today.

        A big drop from 31 the first day and 26 the second.

        You are a waste of time.

        For all your ballyhoeing, you can produce less than 100 hits in week!

        ROK produces 18,000 a DAY.

        Keep criticizing!

        You are a punk living on the fringe.

        GFY. Moron.

        There is a reason you live on the fringe:

        You are dumber than a sack of rocks!

        • By the way, smarty pants, whether I got linked to on my new site or my old site has absolutely NO bearing on the amount of hits arriving from sites that link to me.

          Did you even graduate kindergarten, you twit?

          You are a fart in a hurricane – a Clue Master, no doubt, but one that has no actual Clue!

          Wait for it:

          You are a small pissant blogger because nobody really thinks you have anything worthwhile to say!

          Even after years!

          ROK can send that many hits in a DAY because they actually have people who read them and care what they think! Unlike YOU!

          You’ve spent your entire “career” slamming people who are far more popular than you. Look at your blog! It 75% whining that people aren’t behaving to your liking!

          You are such an ineffectual little twerp, you should go beat off in a bathroom stall and be done with it. At least for a few days.

          Good grief!


        • You lied. Everyone reading this knows it. You lied about the leaving the so called manosphere like Forneydarmu. For someone who says that they aren’t a part of the game community, you seem to have a real hard on for returnofkings. That’s just another lie of yours.

      • Yes, because even giving you proof isn’t proof.

        What a fag.

        Btw, asshole, all I ever said was that Rob died and he wasn’t going to post anymore – it was no fucking secret, I told lots of people for well over a year. It is something I have felt like doing since 2008 – for various reasons. And, if after a DECADE I change my name, it is hardly “sock-puppeting,” moron. If I were a sock-puppet, I would do it all the time, not once a goddamn decade. Idiot.


        Aren’t you some fucking super sleuth!

        What a cunt on the end of a stick.

        In case you didn’t fucking get it, Rob was fictional – he is not actually ME – idiot.

        He didn’t really die!

        Don’t believe everything you read on the internet.

        One thing is for sure, he wanted to leave nonsensical FUCKWITS like you and TFH behind.

        There are far better things to deal with than losers like you!

        Before your 57 fucking hits, I had a total of 2 to 3 hits a DAY!

        A Day!

        Like I was advertising my blog! Lol!

        I was just writing, and minding my own fucking business.

        Something you should learn about.


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