12 comments on “Statism Is Not A Conspiracy

  1. I agree BP. A major aspect of a conspiracy is that it has to be a secret agreement. Statism isn’t a secret. Even in cases where people don’t choose it, and that it’s forced onto them, it’s still not a conspiracy.

    On a side note, check out this Roissy thread:

    What the hell is the logic behind that post? I don’t get it. I’m not a defender of Western women, but still, if I’m going to make a case against them it has to have at least a modicum of logic behind it. That post is a perfect example of Roissyite logical processes: if you want to believe something badly enough, you can turn anything into evidence of it.

    In the comments a poster called RappaccinisDaughter points out how dumb and illogical the post is and the commenters attack with even more backwards logic. It’s hilarious.

    • Conspiracies have to be secret, but this is another thing conspiracy theorists can’t seem to grasp. Conspiracy theorists will tell you that the conspiracy is happening both in secret, and that the conspirators are publicly revealing their plans (or else conspiracy theorists couldn’t know of their plans). If the “conspirators” are publicly disclosing their plans, then they are innocent of the charges conspiracy theorists make against them. If the “conspirators” are doing things completely in secret, then conspiracy theorists can’t know what they’re doing.

      I looked at your link, and that was the first time I visited Roissy in months. WTF???? It’s gotten worse. As bad as Roissy is now, the comments were worse. There was a gazillion spam comments from GBFM about conspiracy theory and the Jews, and the rest of the comments were barely better. I tried reading the comments to other posts, and it was the Jews this and the Jews that for 90% of the comments. This is what I expect the so called manosphere to look like in a few years.

        • Most feminists aren’t Jewish.

          So what? Most feminists are powerless just like most people.

          Hollywood has nothing to do with feminism? Okay then.

        • I provided evidence of the importance of the Jewish question, the massively out-of-proportion Jewish influence over America’s culture. Do you deny that?

        • There is no Jewish conspiracy. A conspiracy theory requires a secret. The link I provided was written by a Jew. Not a secret.

          Then you deny reality and there is no point in talking to someone who denies reality. The reality is that Jews have massive power over America’s culture out of proportion to their numbers, and they freely admit as such. The Jewish question is reality.

        • You can tell from the beginning of that piece that it was humorous. Well, you can’t because conspiracy theorists and anti-semites have no sense of humor.

          there is no point in talking to someone

          Don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out.

  2. Chapin is another MRfrAud

    as far as I care to delve into politics…

    drugs and prostitution should be legal. The draft is one of the greatest human rights violations of all time. The government doesn’t have the right to slaughter young men for their agenda.

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