35 comments on “What Is With All Of The Fat Shaming In The Manosphere?

    • How isn’t the MRM different from the so called manosphere? The MRM is primarily a real world movement to free men from feminist control with an online presence. If you asked real MRAs like Glenn Sacks and Stephen Baskerville about the manosphere they would not know what you are talking about. The manosphere, OTOH, is a collection a internet scammers that were rejected from the conspiracy theorists, paleo diet, and game communities.

      • There’s also Marty Nemko who doubles as a career coach and writes a lot of MRM articles on the side. My only real issue with him is that he seems to dislike gay men and refuses to provide career coaching to them. He turned my cousin down once he mentioned his husband. Oh well.

    • Ashley,

      bigots like David Futrelle and Matt Forney intentionally conflated Men’s Right’s with the man-0-sphere…

      In fact as Matt Forney was insulting MRA’s (and David Futrelle was giving him props for doing so) –Paul Elam was defending his linking to Inmalafide. All the while, Matt Forney was really Ferdinand Bardimu, the “man” behind IMF.

      I’ve written about that here:


      another disturbing trend is those with NO INTEREST in men’s rights such as white nationalists trying to assert their agenda onto so-called MRM blogs…

      If you are interested in real men’s rights, you might want to take a look at this:


      • Innocence Project is a good thing. The dude who worked that gave me my room and I met my wife through him. I will always remember him. We somehow all wound up in the same city too. Life is crazy that way.

        It’s funny but every time I point a dude interested in men’s rights to that or a father’s rights website, they’re all like, “Nah brah, I troll Roissy, because the femnazi wimminz hold me down.” Or something else nonsensical I can’t parse. I can’t pay attention to their answers. It makes my head explode.

  1. This is still the most bizarre blog in the manosphere. I keep returning to it because there’s the occasional interesting post. But mostly, the author just complains about PUAs and Red Pillers.

    Dear blog owner: the title of this blog is interesting. Please write more about the theme suggested in the title of the blog, i.e, your your plight as an omega virgin. There are a lot of men in your situation who would empathize.

    • This is still the most bizarre blog in the manosphere.

      You will find this blog less bizarre if you realize that it is in no way part of the so called manosphere.

      Please write more about the theme suggested in the title of the blog, i.e, your your plight as an omega virgin.

      The concept of an “omega” as it is understood in the so called manosphere doesn’t exist because it is a collection of logical contradictions.

    • Stoner, good piece, but Roosh wasn’t saying he slept with a Craigslist fattie. He was making a joke. Make no mistake, I have no doubt he has a lot of fattie experience based on how traumatized he is by them. He just wasn’t admitting to it in the post you’re describing.

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  3. I have 2 girls back in jax and 3 in New Orleans. Though, I only hooked up with 1 in NO last week.

    But I PROMISE I’ll bang the 2 jax girls once I get back home.

    And the Vegas meet up was a blast.

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  5. I kind of see the MRM as p*ssing in the wind. You only going to have it back on you and accomplish nothing. You’re much better off teaching men how to work in the present framework and use it to their advantage. There are ways to mitigate your liability if you want to marry – but in general it’s a foolish option, best avoided. Men face the same issues either for being male, or for being white, or for being successful – so teach men how to USE the system to benefit them.

    Women should be used for your enjoyment, that is what Feminism is all about. It’s set up for that, if you use it properly. So teach men how to use it to their advantage – sure it increases the competition for the hottest, youngest women, but that’s okay – it will all work out in the end.

    I see that as the only real solution to all of the things put in place to hinder you – you’re not going to turn back the clock, or get anyone to really change how the present system works, so don’t play by the same rules. There are ways around all of the laws – trusts, off-shoring your assets, that is what men need to learn. Not how to yell and try to play the victim game.

    Take charge of your life and use the present set up to benefit YOU. It’s not that difficult, just remember if too many people do something they change that law – but they will replace it with another since the Congress Critters still need to hide their assets, so you need a good lawyer, and you need more than one – since you have to find out HOW to hide things, then set up things to do it, and keep the areas separate.

    Too many men waste too much time complaining, rather than enjoying life. Life is too short, and there are too many women to enjoy not to take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way. Let the suckers lament life – your job is to enjoy it and make it WORK FOR YOU!

    • “too many women to enjoy”??? Seriously dude, you don’t know what the fuck is going on here or anywhere. There are not enough good (read as attractive and agreeable) women to go around, there is not someone for everyone, fuck off with your disney world gibberish.

  6. “Why does the manosphere try to shame fat women so much?”
    Tit for tat is all.

    Feminists have pushed some of their buttons.

    They know that a lot feminists are fat.

    So they push some of their buttons right back.

    • There’s so much feminist (and female) odious behavior that it would take 100 years before anyone would get around to criticizing their weight. And I say this even though I agree that the fat acceptance movement is really the fat woman acceptance movement.

      Women do so much evil so it just makes more sense to point that out than obsess over their weight.

      • I think evilwhitemalempire’s point is why anyone here would, when buying into the concept that “feminism/women is a systemic problem”, as stated in the title of this blog, take issue with anyone pointing out any particular aspect of negative female behavior(in this case “fat(women) acceptance”), even if the people pointing it out are people who otherwise fundamentally divert from “feminism/women is a systemic problem” philosophy.

        • Women being fat is only a problem for men trying to date them so I don’t care. Beyond that it’s a completely self contained problem that doesn’t impact men. (Before someone brings up health care costs, fat women will die earlier so that’s a wash.)

          I’m concerned about women’s and behavior that negatively impacts men and civilization. While the fat acceptance movement is really the fat woman acceptance movement, they are only a minor annoyance unless you are trying to date women. It’s not like they have been able to exercise control over the law and public policy. Beyond that the fat women are only hurting themselves, and I don’t care about damage women do to themselves.

          In fact all of the so called manosphere’s fat shaming is a form of white knighting in that they are trying to save women from their bad behavior in eating instead of letting them experience the consequences of their actions.

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  12. I dated a man who told me that he loved women – all sizes, all shapes. He just loved women. He did not see a problem being with a fat women one month and a skinny woman the next. He was pretty average all around, but I think his attitude made it easier for him to have relationships.

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