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  1. The irony is most of these people (game critics) haven’t even heard of one another 😀

    Aaron Sleazy doesn’t even know who you are (for example), and the guy I keep quoting and referring back to for good arguments and references is this guy John who wrote a blog dismantling the game community back in 2007!!! Long before anyone else was pissed off enough to proactively blog about this stuff being BS.

    He sure hasn’t heard of us.

    SaltyDroid (who has been exposing these marketers [not just game, but wider circle]) has sure as fuck never heard of “anti-gamers” 😀 Yet he has independently uncovered gamer scams for quite a while (its just one of many types of scams he uncovers).

    p.s. (anti-gamers vs non-gamers)

    Most of the general population in the world does not subscribe to “game” – however they’re not actually proactively criticizing it any more than they’d bother criticizing scientology or pyramid schemes.

    Anti-gamers are simply people who are pissed off enough (due to being in places heavily spammed by gamers) – to warrant active criticism of game. But if you present “game theory” or read a game-blog-post to the average person on the street, they’ll chuckle and respond the same way and make the same points we make (albeit with less argument and more brush-off than anything) the same way they respond if you try to sell them pheromones, Scientology or love potions.

  2. I went to Jalon/Aaron’s most recent post over at AVfM and I can’t believe there are still game shills out there. One even praised Roissy. I almost puked. All we’ve been getting here lately are the hardcore conspiracy antisemites and the white (vagina worshipping) nationalists. I’m impressed with how deftly Alek was handling them over there though.

  3. A few months ago for kicks I tried to create a roissyite game parody blog, and I took all the writing tricks and topics a Roissyite would like like mixing politics, bad evolutionary theory, game tips, attempted shaming of all non-Roissyite men, and a supervillain voice. I didn’t know what the end game was going to be, but I only got a week and a half in before I got depressed and abandoned the venture. The reason I got depressed was that even in just a week, I got a surprising amount of followers very easily, and no matter how blatantly obvious, extreme and trolly I’d make the posts people kept taking them seriously. It’s like the regular manosphere is so ridiculous that it’s beyond parody. That week made me so depressed for humanity that I couldn’t go on with the charafe.

  4. oh hai misogynist’s….

    I saw this article:


    I wonder why GL Piggy didn’t write about it even though he wrote about the time when it was a black lady…

    I would post this on my man boobies site but I don’t want to make Mandy Marcotte mad and lose my strap-on privileges…

    Back to my paleo diet…




      • nonono, it is misogynist extraordinaire ™ STARDUSK that is Darth Vader Eville…

        you would be Darth Sidius of course, did ya even have ta ask?

        (P Elam is Jar Jar Binx.)

        BTW, can I ask you misogynist’s some advice?

        Me and Hugo Schwyzer used ta be really close.

        But when I audited one of his classes, he got really mad when he caught me checking out James Deen…

        Huggs got invited to GL Piggy’s recreation of the American History X butrape scene. Man, they even let Roosh V there and said he’s a white guy how just happens to have a tan. They didn’t invite me. Manurespherians just can’t handle a man with curves. WTF….

    • Anyone who thinks high-fructose corn syrup is “poison” is 2 steps away from the coo-coo train themselves. Sure, excessive use of it, much like excessive use of anything, isn’t healthy, but if it were really poison then almost all of the human population should be wiped out already since it’s “in everything”, like the guy in the video says. Rather it’s the opposite; people are living longer & healthier than ever before.

  5. The conspiratorial/hierarchical view of all opposition is another major trait that feminists and gamers share.

    Did everyone watch the Elam vs. Clymer debate yesterday? In it he claimed that 4chan was an MRA organization (I guess run by and comandeered by Elam).

    Feminists too believe that anyone on the planet who has ever disagreed with, criticized or attacked a feminist (for any reason) is connected to every other person on the planet who has ever criticized or attacked a feminist, even if they’ve never heard of one another 😀

    Like how people accuse you of commandeering people who’ve never even heard of you (most of whom were anti-game before you even knew of the subject), so you comandeer them both through telepathy and time 😀

    You know, this is also proof why the MRA is nothing like feminism

    Some newbies accuse mra of being “just like the feminist” – but that statement is true about manospherians. The manospherians really are the male version of feminism (with the same nutty logical cognitive dissonance, conspiratorial, all opposition-is-comandeered) view.

  6. Those type of game apologists described in this post tend to be newbies, people who weren’t around during the original game vs. anti-gamer debates when AVfM demolished them, BP and Alek and Aaron were bashing them at every turn, Shackleford was writing epic articles, and we were laughing at them in the comments here on a daily basis. They are naive and I imagine they won’t be believers long.

    Anyone who was around during that game vs. antigame debate has quietly left the blogosphere, rebranded as a lifestyle blog, or has gone further down the crazy hole and gotten worse. It’s this last group that interests me the most: the game believers who saw the whole debate go down, saw the proof, heard the arguments, and still remained true believers.

    Alek would find it interesting that the creator of the cognitive dissonance concept, Leon Festinger, did a study on doomsday cults, and what happens when their beliefs are proven wrong. It’s captured in a book called When Prophecy Fails.


    Festinger and his collaborators, Henry Riecken and Stanley Schachter, examined conditions under which disconfirmation of beliefs leads to increased conviction in such beliefs in the 1956 book When Prophecy Fails. The group studied a small apocalyptic cult led by Dorothy Martin (under the pseudonym Marian Keech in the book), a suburban housewife. Martin claimed to have received messages from “the Guardians,” a group of superior beings from another planet. The messages puportedly said that a flood would destroy the world on December 21. The three psychologists and several more assistants joined the group. The team observed the group firsthand for months before and after the predicted apocalypse. Many of the group members quit their jobs and disposed of their possessions in preparation for the apocalypse. When doomsday came and went, Martin claimed that the world had been spared because of the “force of Good and light” that the group members had spread throughout the world. Rather than abandoning their discredited beliefs, group members adhered to them even more strongly and began proselytizing with fervor.

    Festinger and his co-authors concluded that the following conditions lead to increased conviction in beliefs following disconfirmation:

    1. The belief must be held with deep conviction and be relevant to the believer’s actions or behavior.
    2. The belief must have produced actions that are difficult to undo.
    3. The belief must be sufficiently specific and concerned with the real world such that it can be clearly disconfirmed.
    4. The disconfirmatory evidence must be recognized by the believer.
    5. The believer must have social support from other believers.

    Festinger also later described the increased conviction and proselytizing by cult members after disconfirmation as a specific instantiation of cognitive dissonance (i.e., increased proselyting reduced dissonance by producing the knowledge that others also accepted their beliefs) and its application to understanding complex mass phenomena

    When I see Roissy ranting like a lunatic about impending race wars and cackling and using a supervillain voice like a mustache twirling evildoer or see Return of Kings trolling incessantly with no coherent aim other than amassing negative attention, it makes me think of that book. Based on that book, I predict game believers will keep shrinking and shrinking, but those that remain will become more insane and keep gaining more fervor. I also think eventually there will be suicides.

    • That sounds like an interesting book. And I’d hate to see game followers committing suicide, but considering how angry they got at that one guy who decided to get married, some of them could probably be pushed over the cliff.

  7. I’m for the MRM. But it’s obvious that the only reason this site exists is because angry virgins are mad at women for being unwilling to have sex with them. And you guys have basically ruined the MRM, everywhere seems to be swarming with pathetic omega virgins who appropriate the principled opposition to feminism that is the MRM to use in their entitled temper tantrum.

    • Any “men’s rights movement” worth anything should exist to serve those in need of such, such as the “pathetic omega virgins” who get ridiculed simply for being unattractive to women. We don’t need to have sex(at least I don’t); all we ask is to be respected & not marginalized as “nerds” or diagnosed some bogus “PDD/NOS” by the feminized “mental health” racket simply because pampered, spoiled, childlike wymyn don’t want to acknowledge us as human beings. If we’re not to be counted in the “MRM”, then the “MRM” is nothing more than an elitist fraternity for the socially-accepted, and thus worth nothing to me.

  8. I don’t agree much with those certain individuals you condemn but this blog sucks. You refuse to recognize who really is responsible for feminism. It isn’t “women,” it’s the YKW.

  9. Most men in the manosphere are socially autistic people. Read the comments at the end of nearly every Return of Kings article. They don’t get laid…

    • “Most men in the manosphere are socially autistic people….They don’t get laid…”

      This is exactly what I referenced in my last comment. Time and time again, I see that the best a lot of so-called MRAs can do when referencing the so-called other side is to resort to tired, childish, blue-pill, feminist-approved, wymyn-approved, media-approved, government-approved shaming of “autistic people” who “don’t get laid”. I have an idea: maybe, just maybe, if people at “MRA” blogs like this wouldn’t trip over themselves using feminist-approved misandrist shaming tactics to describe other male feminist appeasers in the very same manner that the so-called other side(so-called since I can barely tell the difference quite frankly) uses the very same feminist-approved misandrist shaming tactics, implicating and demonizing innocent people with unfortunate real-life issues like autism in the process, then maybe just maybe people like myself wouldn’t think that you’re ALL a bunch of feminists & ultimately phonies….

      • How you can tell: if you act like a dumbshit, they’ll treat you as an equal; if you act like an equal, they’ll treat you like some dumbshit.

        I’ve seen this larger movie before… this is the part where the (self-appointed, in this case) officers on the Titanic (’50s B&W version) start firing shots in the air, ordering the doomed to help the wimminzanchilluns get into the lifeboats and wish them well.

        • Maybe so, but you missed my larger point(not the irrelevant one of Blackpill vs. Such & Such Other Blogger(s)), which is: if commenters(even regular ones) on both MRA & red pill blogs see fit to use terms such as “virgin”, “omega”, “autistic” & “can’t get laid” in obvious pejorative manners of intention(and usually interchangeably, like in the example I quoted) to ad-hominem attack other men insipidly & in absence of relevant facts(similar to how most mindless blue pill, Obama-voting, polarizing mainstreamers attack others who don’t agree with them on every little thing), then it’s no wonder there’s no true “movement” for men when, like I said, the very people that could use it the most are the very men who are used only as marginalized negative character-assassination examples(by so-called mens activists even) & in misandrist fashion no different than as employed by mindless fembot wymyn, to the point that basically the only remaining relevant difference between the black & the red is the color of the pill(though both bleed blue) for all the “good” they do for men like me(akin to actual pills one can obtain either via prescription or illicitly that debilitate & cripple both the mind & body as well as the spirit). In short, people are willing to say its women that are the systemic issue; I offer that it’s humanity in general(99.9% of it). The cure? Fuck if I know…

      • nonexistent genXer

        All very good points, do note the following though, if you go through the archives you’ll find plenty of instances of (for example me) calling a guy out coz he used “aspie” as an insult and telling him to retract it and apologize for using “aspie” or “autism” or “incel” as a term of insult.

        On AVfM for example (you might not know this) the only way to get an immediate permaban is to use ANY kind of blue-pill shaming towards any male for any reason. All kinds of stuff gets tolerated for the sake of free speech on avfm, EXCEPT “blue-pill, feminist-approved, wymyn-approved, media-approved, government-approved shaming”

        I’d say “mangina” or “pussy beggar” is the only approved way of shaming other men that an MRA would approve of (notice its the exact opposite of blue-pill shaming).


        Do note that sometimes I or black pill or other anti-gamers might point out that some people are virgins/sexually inexperienced, but this isn’t in the direction of shaming, more in the direction of pointing out they’re scammers. We never used it as an insult, only to point out HIPOCRISY.

        There’s nothing wrong with being sexually inexperienced/broke/fat in and of itself, but it is wrong if someone sells fatloss advice or get rich advice or get laid advice, and they themselves are fat or broke or not getting any. Make sense?

        Being fat doesn’t make you a bad person. BUT being fat AND at the same time selling “lose weight” scams and trying to force your weightloss cult onto others as being the salvation and panacea (while you and your entire crew is still fat) – THAT does make you bad. Make sense?

        • “On AVfM for example (you might not know this) the only way to get an immediate permaban is to use ANY kind of blue-pill shaming towards any male for any reason.”

          A great way to both promote healthy disagreements while keeping discussions topical & focused on ideas/solutions to problems; I may have to give that site a look. I hear a ton of great work has been done on it.

          “There’s nothing wrong with being sexually inexperienced/broke/fat in and of itself, but it is wrong if someone sells fatloss advice or get rich advice or get laid advice, and they themselves are fat or broke or not getting any.”

          There’s certainly a credibility issue, a hypocrisy issue(as you mentioned) if they resort to preaching, as well as blatant unprofessionalism if using shaming tactics(which I did make clear I don’t defend, from them or anyone), which leads, I would think, most people to the general conclusion that they are scammers, which is clearly what’s wrong, or “bad”. If they are committing scams or fraud, then people should petition to lobby their respective governments to act out against these crooks & by having them investigated &, if sufficient evidence found, have them charged & hopefully convicted of whatever fraud, product misrepresentation, ethics violations or whatever they’re committing. I completely agree.

      • I am not blue, red, black, orange, or any other pill…

        The manosphere are the biggest bunch of sexual losers on the planet. They have no equal when it comes to failure.

        Roosh is an idiot and probably embarrasses his family with his adolescent antics,,,is he in his late 30s?

        Women could give two shits about game. A man has to be good looking and successful…not some keyboard alpha….it is basically AUTISM!!!!! The Keyboard alphas have symptoms of ADD…again look at their comments at the end of ROK’s articles.

        The male equivalent of a cat lady is a red pill keyboard alpha.

        • ADD isn’t autism; and autism’s a spectrum, encompassing multi personality/behavioral/morality types & socialization/intelligence levels, least of which are what you describe, which sounds like some reactionary, grade-school-level ignorance influenced by blue-pill lamestream media’s post-Adam Lanza demonization of autistics to clumsily & hastily paint a clear picture for the great unwashed of a serial, suicidal madman.

        • Blue pill blah blah blah…I hate the lame Matrix metaphors.

          Perhaps some red pill cult members are treading into nutjob territory…

          I take the gold pill! I was able to lift a car!

          Read the ROK comment section for alarming symptoms of Autism, ADD, Paranoia, Racist Fears of non whites, pedestal worship of women!

          Suck my balls Manosphere!

        • Like I said I’m not a red piller, and linking autistics with racists & that other crap just further highlights your ignorance, since most autistics are above average intelligence. Everyone that disagrees with your idiocy isn’t “red pill”(that shouldn’t have to be spelled out)….

        • You are non existent! The Tornado has spoken! Gold pill give me strength! Thunder! Lightning! Banish the genXer into the vortex to be clubbed by the Autistic trolls and to have the ADD people hurl keyboards at him with impaling speeds! I HAVE THE POWER!!!!!!

        • Keep projecting…..and if you want to take issue with “Matrix references”, why not begin with the owner of this very blog? I didn’t make the rules…

        • AVFM is sounder better & better…..think I’ll take Mr. Novy’s advice & just lurk that place & blow this pop stand(who cares if they forgot to take down a couple links Blackpill doesn’t approve of, I mean they’re fire-fighters for crap’s sake)…….

        • One last thing(I hope, it’s up to you) Tornado: Autism Speaks(a feminist organization) loves to shame those on the spectrum also; do you work for them, by chance? They also(like typical feminists/liberals/blue-pillers or whatever you want to call them) mis-identify the victim(in this case mothers of boys with autism that are butthurt that their little transference(poison) container(child) didn’t turn out 100% spotless) and they ignore the true victim, the spectrum child(usually male), who will grow up, age & continually be marginalized, disrepected, disregarded & ignored worse than everyone else on the planet throughout their entire life. Anyway, back to AVFM….I appreciate a purported MRA blog banning spectrum shaming, if that’s really happening. Maybe this blog could have that(and some respectability) if members had to sign up, but then trolls like Tornado would have to spend 24/7 at so-called manosphere blogs. Hell Tornado said it himself: he said you have to be both good-looking AND rich. Are you a gamer, Tornado? Don’t answer, that’s rhetorical. Just making it clear I do not need you to answer with yet more of your keyboard-alpha idiocy. I just had to call out the spectrum shaming, since I’ve seen others do it here in the past as well. Look, I don’t care who the targets of it are; that’s immaterial(as AVFM would contend).

        • I don’t think it’s fair to blame Black Pill for tornado’s autism shaming. I’ve never ever seen him engage in such antics himself, and I’m sure I’ve even seen him speak out against it in the past.

        • Blackpill didn’t, but at least 2 others have(in the past), so I’m not blaming BP.

        • nonexistent genXer…life must be difficult with a 2 inch dick….being good looking and rich always wins over game and red pill B.S…

          By looking at how much time you spend typing you are not getting romantic attention of any kind…going through life spit on is rough enough for you…

          Make some friends…turn off the computer…exercise…get a haircut…stop typing 18 pages of crap on sites like these…and once you do these…you will succeed.

          Without overdosing on red pills and Return of Queens (Sorry kings :S) garbage.

          I’m rooting for you buddy.

        • Tornado: where are you getting the impression that nonexistent genXer is a redpiller and Roosh supporter? Because I’m pretty sure he’s not. He’s just a guy sick of you shaming autistic people. And he’s not alone.

        • “life must be difficult with a 2 inch dick….being good looking and rich always wins over game and red pill B.S…
          By looking at how much time you spend typing you are not getting romantic attention of any kind…going through life spit on is rough enough for you…
          Make some friends…turn off the computer…exercise…get a haircut…stop typing 18 pages of crap on sites like these…and once you do these…you will succeed.
          Without overdosing on red pills and Return of Queens (Sorry kings :S) garbage.
          I’m rooting for you buddy.”

          Tornado, you reading so much into my personal life which isn’t even close to being true rings strongly of projection/transference, so I stand by that argument(you know, those things intelligent folk have in place of the pure, unadulterated argumentum ad hominii your rabble against me consists of; though I’ll say your perplexing concern over my phallus size, appearance, finances & lifestyle reminds me of the type of misandrist tactics not unlike that coming from the types you rant against & falsely & bizarrely accuse me of being part of, which leads me to wondering if you’re really “one of them”.
          As for BP, I never asked you to “spend every second” confronting spectrum shaming, though if you say you have in the past I believe you, your bizarre aloofness here notwithstanding. Lastly, I call it(autism) “spectrum” for reasons I already explained. They aren’t all “Rain Men”, robotic-like stereotypes, despite what all the great unwashed have preconceived.

        • your bizarre aloofness here notwithstanding

          I have been out of the country on work/business for the last several days. I didn’t have time to police comments.

        • After looking at tornado’s comments, I have decided to ban him. Besides the whole autism shaming deal, it appeared that he was trying to troll us into starting a pointless fight with ROK (and the rest of the manosphere).

  10. Black Pill is a paid Zionist troll whose goal is to infiltrate formerly anti-Jewish organizations and promote philo-semitic propaganda. After all, why do you think he cares so much about no-name bloggers who he is confident are pathetic virgins living in their mom’s basements? How do their views affect him? I’ll tell you, his goal is to infiltrate these movements and promote Zionism and holohoax propaganda. He is just like these “White nationalists” who think Jews are White and that all our problems come from the niggers.

  11. Since Black Pill promotes the Holohoax, can he tell us why Jew historians claim that only a quarter of the French Jews died and 250,000 survived, despite four years of German occupation? If the goal was to completely kill all Jews, why didn’t many more die? They claim that 90 percent of Lithuanian Jews died, in reality most of those Jews were evacuated into the Soviet Union, becoming the so-called “Russian Jews” who didn’t exist before the war, when Jews weren’t even allowed to live in Russia until 1918.

    • Yeah, I’m sure he’s just dying to engage you intellectually as you derail the comments into your deranged hobby horse obsession topic.

      One thing these white vagina worshipping nationalists and scientific racists love to do is find some talking points to memorize, then try to engage, derail and steer every nonracist into a conversation where he can recite said talking points. Fucking idiots.

  12. Why wasn’t there any tornado warning? lol

    There’s actually a more elegant demolition of the Rooshian manosphere. It comes from Edward Abbey:

    Man will be free when the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest.

    Roosh’s “Return of Kings” is based on the (false and) unexamined presupposition that the above process has occurred, so we need to be bringing the kings back. Must be European or something.

    The christ-the-king xtian crowd gets sucked in because they kinda want things to go in that general direction, too, which amounts to reinstalling who they think the right priests should be, since the current ones (as well as all the king’s horses and men, etc.) are feminists.

    The manosphere sports plenty of such messed up, confused thinking.

    Back circa 1970 there was a saying: “must have been Syndicate acid…”, which contained bad vibes and caused bummer trips. (Later there was probably CIA acid too.) There’s an obvious red pill analogy. Unless you make it yourself, you really don’t know what you’re taking. All the redpill pushers make me suspicious of an over-supply needing to be moved.

    One of the great things about the black pill is it’s formulation defies specification, so it cannot be genericized or co-opted for evil purposes. I think I’m correct on that.

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