14 comments on “More Exit Strategies From The So Called Manosphere

  1. Meh – maybe he’s just down for the holidays, and didn’t see any need to tell anyone. Give it another couple of weeks. (although all of the other possibilities being suggested are very strong contenders)

  2. I’ll be honest, I don’t fully understand this one BP. This article rather gloats on the fact that the “manosphere” has lost another. Typically I would agree that the loss of a “manospherian” is a good thing for men’s issues/rights because it means just a little less crazy that can be used against us. However, despite Price’s proclivity to allow manosphereian thought in his comment threads I can’t frankly place him in the manosphere. Despite their current spat I would place him much closer to someone like Paul Elam. If he has truly gone for good then this is a terrible loss for the men’s rights movement not the manosphere! Furthermore if he has dissapeared into jail over his child support situation then he deserves our compassion at the very least not our school yard “na na na na your in prison!”.

    • I wasn’t hoping that Bill Price was in jail. There was speculation in the so called manosphere that he ran into trouble with child support so that is what I was referencing. Given that he’s made bad decisions like marrying a feminist, I could see where he believed manospherian ideology that game would protect him from feminist laws and courts. As we know many manospherian disappearances are due to believing that game would prevent divorce, child support, false accusations of rape and sexual harassment, etc.

  3. The so called manosphere hasn’t done anything about feminism except spend countless hours trolling feminists online. This has produced exactly ZERO results. No laws have been changed. Feminism is still as powerful as it ever was.

    Not just that, but I think some of their more outrageous trolling efforts like Forney’s Rape Guide, The Fat Shaming Week, and the Eating Disorder article, actually made sympathetic figures out of a lot of feminists.


    • Whatever little money Paul Elam may or may not be keeping for himself is pretty much irrelevant. When you donate to Forney or anyone else in the so called manosphere, you are helping to fund scams. Whatever anyone may think of Paul Elam or AVFM, there are no scams involved.

  4. BP … I’m not on board with your overall direction with this one. The implication seems to be that unless laws are changed no good is being done. That is a secondary or tertiary issue. More important is spreading knowledge and wisdom about the ways of the world. Consider Heartiste, who is constantly backing up claims with academic studies. Could not his efforts be viewed in the same light as a kind of informal college course, presented in small pieces on a useful topic?

    • What? I’m not jewish, let’s that the clear, but the whole Jewish supremacy conspiracy theory is really just a shallow cover for racism. I could equally argue that there is a Mormon supremacist agenda or a Muslim supremist agenda. Neither argument of course would be any more true than the inanity of yours.

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