10 comments on “A Great Metaphor For Game

  1. At least that’s a better use of their money than buying PUA videos or seminars. That is pretty ridiculous though, doesn’t game teach that you shouldn’t lavish women with gifts or you’ll look like an AFC?

    • They aren’t trying to get laid. You have to understand these Eskimos, 14 grand really isn’t that much to them. But that kind of moral posturing is how the Eskimos show their status. These “Simple Pickup” people are tiehter Eskimos or Eskimo sympathizers, and they use very clever Eskimo tactics. You see, Eskimo culture is all about lying, you can see in their eyes that they are innately deceitful people. That’s what feminism is, a status-whoring competition by our Eskimo rulers, to see who is the best liar. No Eskimo man actually believes this stuff. These “Simple Pickup,” instead of pretending they are feminists, officially mock it, but, as you can see, still believe in all essential Eskimo beliefs.

    • Considering that the money given to this woman was from guys who spent money on PUA videos and seminars, it really isn’t an either/or.

      Yes, game teaches you not to lavish women with gifts. Gamers can’t even follow game. That more than anything else proves game is a scam.

  2. Why do men give women money? Women give men nothing. In fact due to female hypergamy, if you help a women out with resources, she will just take it as opportunity to discard the man in her life and look for someone higher status. Women have no gratitude, men should learn to give them nothing.

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