27 comments on “The Shifting Goalposts Of The MDAD

    • Of course the ROK guys don’t realize it’s parody. Known game parody blogs like Bang Some Chicks and Nigel’s Big Game Blog are virtually indistinguishable from actual game blogs.

      Think about how many scams roissyite game fall for. It’s no surprise that they would fall for a game parody.

  1. The last thing feminists and manginas want is for men to give up on women because avoiding women denies women their power. Instead what they want is for you to keep chasing women.

    A man needs a woman like a fish needs a bicycle, right? See, there is very little difference between this blog and feminism. Both are in service of the Jew plot to stop White people from reproducing.

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  3. They can’t actually give you dating advice that works because what they really want to keep you in a constant state of chasing women.

    Most of the crap men do (i.e. sustain civilization) is because of the illusions men have about women. Therefore, honest dating advice will never be made public. The majority of men must remain hoodwinked, believing women are delicate tulips to be “won” or “earned” lol.

    • if men bonded together and watched out for each other, we wouldn’t need women. Roll on the artificial womb.

  4. I’m just skeptical about anyone who offers dating advice anyway, because I don’t think advice can change someone from a guy who can’t get a date to a guy who gets a lot of dates. Either women want to date you or they don’t.

  5. oh, hai misogynist’s…

    Happy MLK Day…

    I only say that so people will think I’m diverse, but at the end of the day us femmies are just the same as GL Piggy and Jack Don-0-van. (yes we like butplay too.)


    and, I’m concerned by this piece. What’s next a mainstream article saying patriarchy don’t real????


  6. Oh, hai misogynists…


    Neo Nazi Ryu has talked about teaming up with Heartiste, I hope that doesn’t reduce feminism’s access to teh gr8est PUA of all time. After all, he hates “nice Guys” just as much as we do, and, um, yeah, he shares the same views on race as the Great Mz. Marcotte…

      • I’m going to say yes for two reasons.

        1. He has said that 90% of gamer blogs are parody blogs. This is a statement that I agree with depending on how you define “parody”.

        2. He recognizes the existence of white vagina worshipping nationalists despite being a white nationalist himself.

        Even if these two reasons really mean he’s just trolling, his blog is more than any in the so called manosphere.

      • Serious as a heart attack.

        I am not a “PUA” or a gamer. I used to be a womanizer, if you can call it that. I prefer the term “slut.” Sure, lots of young guys may read some of these stories and wish they could “slay pussy” like Hipster Racist, but they are guys that clearly don’t know anything about women.

        There is nothing on my site that would help a man get laid or “run game.” Honestly, I wouldn’t really know what advice to give them. It’s 90% about looks as far as I can tell, and knowing how to flirt. If you hate women you won’t be able to flirt with them, thus you wouldn’t get laid anyway.

        Feminists love my blog because – let’s be honest – they get off on the BDSM stuff.

        • If you hate women you won’t be able to flirt with them, thus you wouldn’t get laid anyway.

          Yeah, you’re right. That’s why Ted Bundy was such a dud with the women.

          You have no idea what you’re talking about. In that sense, you are like the rest of the manospherians.

        • OK, let me rephrase that. If you are some regular dude who comes across as resentful to women, you likely won’t be able to flirt. If you’re a handsome psychopath, you’ll be able to charm the ladies panties off. I blogged just yesterday, “Women Love Evil.”

          I know what works. I’ve never had any problem.

        • The war is over.

          Just a bunch of trolls are engaged in battles for the few remaining brain cells of the miserable no-lifes who just can’t get off the internet for some reason.

        • I hate women and I am able to flirt. Women are not very sensitive creatures, unlike the myths of women’s intuition. Women like me quite a lot, I think they are utterly worthless anti social creatures who are destroying civilization.

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