17 comments on “What Ever Happened To The Manosphere Invasion Of Russia?

  1. You’re correct that the PUAs don’t have the organizational skills to get to Russia.

    On the other hand, Mitch Apocalypse has successfully organized Mardi Gras meetups in the USA.

  2. Remember when Roosh though Poland was so great? Well not too long ago Roosh has a post which asked his readers to “reconsider” going to Poland. Apparently in the space of a few years the women there have gotten more ugly and westernized. Very interesting…I wonder how long it’s going to be before Roosh thinks the same about good ol’ Russia.
    Over at PUAhate there’s been a frenzy of Roosh loathing over the last few days. Roosh and the other shysters and frauds at Return of Kings are getting doxxed and being exposed. It’s pretty awesome.

  3. Just a question: will this blog ever go back to its original theme, or has it been permanently converted into an anti-manosphere blog?

    • oh, teheehee…

      since there is sooooo much crossover between feminism and the man-0-sphere, it is still at it’s hiddeous and diabolical theme….

      I mean, c’mon Sergei, or is it Sir-gay if you are not a misogynist and open to the wonderful world of male feminism **wink wink**

      do you really see a difference between Mandy Marcotte and the HBD loving alternative right???


      I mean we call the people we don’t like POC’s, Nice Guys ™ and misogynists…

      Don-0-van and C Rudd,er Chuck Ross call them NAM’s, Betas ™ and SWPL’s…

      It is only because we have ingeniously claimed the moral high ground to hide our lies that feminism looks legit whereas the alter righties look like a bunch of uneducated freaks who misapply statics to promote their racist, er race realist ideologies. We have successfully built up a smokescreen, so I guess that makes us more clever than the alter righties who share a strikingly similar ideology. And we get to bash low status men who have never harmed anyone in real life but make it look cutesy wootsey by putting the ™ symbol behind it. An idiot like Heartiste or Roosh tries to do the same thing but you can still see their hatred of low status men even though they misuse really big words at, like the 13th grade reading level. They aren’t as clever as Hugo Schwyzer, but the hate and message is still the same…

  4. Manosphere or not, when it comes to a group of men organizing a push to get laid anywhere in this world they’ll fizzle out fast. They dont believe in their cause enough to continue working it through. They fear the repercussions so much that they’ll tuck-tale and take their swollen nutsack to the fringes of society and then post their grievances in from afar. That’s what we all do. That’s what I do. -A

        • well, if you’ve been a good ‘lil man-0-spherian, you already have the prerequisities down…

          late night sessions on, ahem, “masculinity” with Jack Don-0-van will be replaced by equally sweaty sessions by Hugo Schwyzer and you’ll really learn what “hegemonic masculinity” is when you can’t sit for two days str8…

          race relations hosted by Chuck Ross telling you that 30 year old white men who haven’t accomplished anything more than amassing massive student debt and then getting a job that most people get out of high school are the most oppressedessed ™ group ever will be replaced by race relations by Mz. Marcotte. (sincere male feminist apologies for the MRA styled eXXXtra long run on sentence.) In Mz. Marcotte’s class, you will learn that it is really upper middle class white womyn who are the mostested oppressedessed ™ in teh universe-especially the one’s who bash Nice Guys ™ –for they only bash Nice Guys ™ because only feminist’s have mind reading powers and KNOW with absolute certainty that thses men are worse misogynists ™ than ted bundy…

  5. “Almost a year ago exactly, there was talk over at the RooshV forum about going en masse to some small town in Russia where they would all get laid due to the “white god” factor. Obviously this did not happen…”

    – LOL!!!!

    Russians are “whiter” than Americans, so no, that obviously would not work.

  6. Anthony Dream Johnson has announced that The 21 Convention is about to go “exclusive” with seats limited to 55 and higher priced tickets to reflect the “value” of the greatest show on earth for men.

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