32 comments on “Honest Dating Advice Would Tell You To Avoid Most Women

  1. I’ve read dating advice telling men just to spend money on women and hang out with them. Telling men it is good to network with women and make friends! lolol.

    The nice guy is the epitome of the sort of man women hold in contempt. Women do not understand the concept of reciprocity. It is not like a woman is going to be grateful for the stuff you bought her and be a true friend. She is not going to hook you up with her friends and give you social proof, she is not going even repay what you did for her. If you ever fall into hard times, she will do nothing for you.

    Female friendship is a waste of time.

    ( I know there are exceptions but how many women are worth knowning? 5% the very absolute maximum? (More like 2%))

    • Women are people. It’s good to have friendships with people. Just don’t treat them differently because vagina. Sure buy the pizza the first game night, but then tell them to buy it on week 2. That 10$ you spent on her pizza will tell you if she is or isn’t worthy of your friendship. Life costs money, and this is a reasonably trivial sum to find a friend.

      • Yeah okay, nice platitudes, women don’t work like that though. Women generally make for shitty friends.

        The fact I had to spend money on her at all means she is worthless to me. I don

        I also hate Pizza, girls suck at games too.

        • If you don’t like Pizza order Chinese.

          I like gaming with people that suck at games, it means I get to win.

          If you won’t spend money on a relationship, any relationship, even just friendship, it’s not going to work. Life takes money, and friendships are part of life. If you don’t want to risk 10$ on someone that may not be worthy of friendship, tell them to get food on week 1. Then they are the ones risking 10$ on a friendship that probably won’t work out.

        • I do have friendships. The most I spend in on coffee or tea.

          See how that works?

        • How I treat my friends? Do I expect my friends to buy me things?

          Being a mindless consumer is a not trait I value.

    • Gender neutral you are being a mangina.

      Women are hypergamous creatures who instinctively discard lower status men and often even commit social violence against them.

      Giving women free resources is giving these women more resources to attack men.

      Also stop conflating friends with women.

    • As regards women and ‘friendships’ with them? Fuck that for a game of soldiers and be acquainted with them,rather than friendly. All that fictional ‘save the best ’till last’ stuff is simply a pile of steaming shit. If they want male friends to simply use as lap-dogs or to use as emotional crutches,let women who are thus inclined have gay,not heterosexual male friends. Gay men possibly get a kick out of being humiliated:look at the things that they allegedly get up to in private. Quod erat demonstrandum.

      Most women who ‘friend-zone’ single heterosexual men are pissing down the man concerned’s back and telling him it’s raining as women who do this are often narcissistic and like to see their innate sense of self-entitlement bolstered,if not confirmed by having certain men dote on them but give them bugger-all as opposed to others. Hence the ‘social violence’ when the friend-zoned man is humiliated by the female concerned by another man being favoured for sex/a proper relationship and sometimes,to add insult to injury,the favoured man will physically threaten or insult the friend-zoned one.

      I decided after a spate of this maltreatment in University,which culminated in my receiving a criminal conviction for assaulting a so-called ‘alpha male’ not to bloody bother with the ‘networking amongst women’ method. When I went through a bad patch with my wife who lives in S.E.Asia I fell victim to this nonsense on the part of one woman that I had had an on-off sexual relationship with.

      Given the presence of a Police force that protects parasites and favours violent criminals- self-defence is illegal in the UK, I couldn’t use violence against the asshole whom the lady in question favoured as he threatened me,nor could I do owt nasty to her. I’d lose my job and a large amount of money as a consequence.

      Being a keen fisherman and rabbiter,I know the value of patience in trapping one’s prey. The stupid bitch having friendzoned me and consequently come whining to me re her ex- husband wanting to take her house and daughters from her,I simply took my time in digging deeper for evidence of behaviour that would facilitate this requirement on her ex-husband’s part. From contacts of mine and a bit of surveillance work, this was done. I contacted a former employee of her ex husband as regards this as well as the authorities re drugs and child neglect. She is now in the process of losing her house and daughters. Apparently she sits in a local bar and whinges to anybody who can be arsed to listen to her. Probably she is looking for another less-intelligent heterosexual man to treat as a lap-dog and let her do so with impunity. A lot of women who act like this have many skeletons in their closets…

      Behaviour that lets women friendzone heterosexual men? Sod it,unless one has no pride or the skills and the deviousness and patience to hit the bitch and her douchebag where it hurts and do so legally and so covertly that you do not get caught. In this context,it isn’t a dangerous thing if you collect ammunition of the sort that I outlined and can use it if need be. No comebacks and no prison or Police for you if you want to turn the tables on friendzoner and/or douchebag. Anything done by you that enters the areas covered by criminal law will get them sympathy and validation. A bit of well-planned sabotage or hard evidence to the welfare/tax/criminal enforcement authorities will work in your favour. The end result will be,rather than tears into a frilly pillow/a bruised ego,a good hard laugh at the target’s financial and social expense and psychological injury to the target as their self-worth,not yours will be damaged.

      Sorry,it’s not ‘what would Jebus do?’ Rather ‘What would Vladimir Putin do?’
      If you step on someone’s toes too much,expect retaliation of some sort…

      Otherwise, the networking amongst women idiocy is a recipe for further damage to a man’s ego,as he will invariably be hurt by womens’ and alpha males’ power games-hence the manginas’ advocacy of it. It solves nothing and just bolsters their idea that being a beta lap-dog is acceptable.

      Interesting blog and it says what should be said. Political correctness has so many elephants in the room as regards all of its rulings on various aspects of life that it’s like the Kruger National Park when its tenets are looked at. Odd that in this context,dating is looked at with the man having to stoically accept humiliation from women where a man stringing one woman along and fucking another would raise howls of protest from feminists and their mangina enablers/men who can’t have sex joining in the howling and snot-blowing to cover their envy up.

  2. You need looks / status / power to attract women and everyone knows it. If you have those, everything you do is right. If you don’t, everything you do is wrong. PUAs are a group of men who decided they would rather be the lapdogs of feminism rather than be incel.

    • I am very good looking but poor. (Not that poor any more. Now that I am saving I am not going to start flashing my cash for women. As far as I am concerned women will always think I am poor because that is the impression I will give them.) You have to really badger women to get sex if you are low status, not something worth risking.

      Married women will fuck a good looking poor man as someone else is taking care of her resource wise.

  3. In a dating advice book in 1999, I did find one chapter that talked about specific traits to look for in women in order to avoid them. While I look back in bemusement at the cliche advice in the rest of the book, at least those authors had one chapter right. However, that is the exception that proves the rule, most dating advice is just telling men they have to perpetually “do” more for women and therefore worse than useless – it is deceptive.

    I am impressed with your argument that links dating advice as gateways to certain ideologies. Well done.

  4. haha…

    If you show up at some scumpit like TGMP (that’s when Don-0-van ain’t too busy pedaling WN there)–look what would happen if you said you were done with woman. You won’t slap one around but you won’t be in any kind of relationship with one. You would just like to be able to legally and safely visit a prostitute every so often…

    Just look at how you’d be shamed…

    Willing to pay for sex from a consenting woman-misogynist…

    Opting out of relationships altogether-misogynist…

    Not a mind reader who says the wrong thing at the wrong time-misogynist…

    Not willing to jump through a billion hoops of undetermined reasons-misogynist…

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    • From now on I’m going to assume that everyone in the so called manosphere is Matt ForneyDarmu. It’s probably true, and in the cases that aren’t, they all sound so similar it might as well be true.

      • oh knoes, I just got scammed…

        Matt-y-mu called me up and said he wanted to introduce me to his lady friend…

        well, lets just say a night of yes-means-yes sweaty enthusiastic sex occurred….

        “she” laid on her stomach the whole time and said I needed to go for #2 cause aunt flo was visitin’ #1. That shoulda been my first sign, feminist’s love when a man go down on them when aunti flow is visiting–but you misogynists wouldn’t know about that!

        man, I didn’t know those were manboobz…

        I feel more tricked than the time Sweitzer ™ wanted to tell me about “hegemonic masculinity.”

        oh, well I cahn’t be too mad. Fornimu needed the male feminist notch ™ at some point. Now he’s in the club with Rooshiepoops and Don-0-van…

  6. Remember Anthony “Dream” Johnson of The 21 Convention? I believe you blogged about him and his spamming of the Manosphere with promotion of his self described “panorama event for life on earth as a man” here at your blog.

    Well he GOT MARRIED. The wedding video is up at his blog The Dream Lounge, as well as a drawn out explanation of his “marriage vows” (which were all about him and his very inflated ego, having almost nothing to do with his wife).

    He’s also claiming that he has “revolutionized” the way marriage will be done in the future. If you watch the video though, it looks like your average, mainstream, corny, tacky Las Vegas wedding.

    • So many people are weak minded and don’t understand cause and effect. Sounds like he has the critical thinking skills of an emotional woman.

  7. “Yet another Matt Forney sockpuppet has been revealed. He was behind one of those “red pill women” blogs. He basically trolled the manosphere, much like Roosh did. I”

    What were some of Roosh’s sockpuppet names? I wouldn’t think he’d need to “troll” the Manosphere as his RooshV and RoK blogs provide enough material for comedians to draw from from now until the next millennium.

  8. On average women are significantly more likely to have STDs, debt, a higher number of sex partners, etc., and the psychological problems associated with them than the average man is. (This is due to the effects of the 80/20 rule.)

    You probably mean a higher median not a higher average.(A higher average would be impossible if you don’t count gays) I think it would be true to say that a majority of women are not marriage material, but dating advice isn’t about that. It’s about fucking them. How is “omega virgin revolt” even possible? Do you not have access to two hundred dollars?

    • Because many of us have enough self respect not to pay for such a thing not to mention the myriad of problems associated with prostitution…not the least of all that where most of us live, it’s ILLEGAL.

  9. It is wrong to hate women. I used to have an extreme dislike for them, bordering on hatred, until I discovered the science behind gender. I had previously blamed them for all the trouble they cause, but now I realize that they are just programmed that way. They are programed to be the enemies of civilization. They are like dogs, they can be trained to act somewhat civilized, but when confronted with a wild dog, can you really blame it for it’s actions? I think not. Besides, hating them buys into the mangina narrative that they are equal to us.

  10. oh hai misogynists…

    looks like all the pressure you weirdoes putt on a great guy like Chuck Ross finally made him quit.

    I don’t understand all the persecution, he’s a great guy like Schwyzer…


    I hope you guys don’t try to tell everyone about his crypto-white supremacist views while he tries to go bigtime…

    it’s almost as bad as when you bring out Marcotte’s views…

    • He already scrubbed his site clean of a lot of the worse racism it had on it. I guess it was in anticipation of trying to go big time. Too bad he never will go big time. He’s simply too stupid and simpleminded. He’s only big in the manosphere and alt-right because they’re losers desperate to listen to anyone who strokes their egos and have very low standards. He doesn’t have the talent to make it in the mainstream because the audience aren’t WNs and manospherians.

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