16 comments on “Pufferfish Game

  1. OT: a quote from today’s NY Times:

    After the Titstare presentation, a commenter calling himself White_N_Nerdy wrote on Reddit, “I’m honestly trying to understand why anyone says that females are ‘needed’ in the tech industry.” He continued: “The tech community works fine without females, just like any other mostly male industry. Feminists probably just want women making more money.”

    Was that you? I know you posted under the “white and nerdy” moniker at some blogs, that’s how I found you in the first place. The styles is yours too.

    If it is you, congratulations. You made the NYT.

  2. The funny thing is, the idea of being more alpha by trying to deliberately take up more physical space is already a core game idea. That’s what the article is spoofing: genuine game advice.

    For example here is Heartiste mentioning it twice. First:


    Take up space, own the space, claim other people’s space. Any vagina within that space will then assume it is subject to your jurisdiction, and behave accordingly.

    and second:


    Take up space

    In general, PUAs and manospherians always tell people to take up space to be alpha. It’s not something that’s going to be a new trend in red pill circles, but rather, it’s actually core belief. It’s part of their foundation!

    Check this search:


  3. Taking up as much space as possible? In what direction? Upwards? Outwards? Backwards? I suppose that it could be taken as a metaphor for something else,surely? Objectively speaking,a fat man in high heels and a majorette’s hat standing at a bar with his backside sticking out will not attract women,but most likely homosexual men with a penchant for men resembling Elton John during his glam rock period! If so,it’ll play into the loony feminist fringe element where only desirable ‘alpha’ males should be around women and all men outside the set cachet should be homosexual!

    Perhaps taking up space entails the habit that some men were perceived to indulge by commentators during the Nineties/early Noughties:’lekking.’ Showing their presence or desirability by showing off their mobile phone,expensive cufflinks or watch in a bar or cafe where there are women as certain wild birds do during the mating season. If anything,this is an invatation to sneak-thieves or being considered ripe for street robbery when one leaves the premises!

    Amongst Wahabbi/Deobandi Muslims in the West,I have seen this behaviour. Discernable by having several-octaves-lowered voices and big hats and a mouth full of shit,other people in their vicinity don’t redpect them as being ‘alpha’ but think that they are idiots!

    You are 200 per cent right: it won’t work,this ‘puffer-fish’ approach,unless its users want to look stupid or attract the wrong sort of attention. A sore arse or a missing Aquamaster or Rolex watch are not desirable outcomes,whereas getting laid with a woman IS! The proponents of ‘game’ are on a hiding to nothing.

  4. oh hai misogynist’s…

    guess who made his blog private…



    too bad he doesn’t let cretins like you guys in, or too good.

    We can openly talk about the intersectionality between WN and Western Feminism without hearing from you sh*theads…

    and a place where real white men like Don-0-van, Sweitzer and Forney-cator can openly xpress their masculinity without being judged by lesser men–let’s just say beautiful things happen…

    toodles misogynists…

      • oh, we vet carefully…

        first you need to pass the butthole test…

        let’s just say an irishman like Chuck should fit just fine but a real man ™ like Swietzer or Don-0-van shouldn’t…

        then you need to prove that you are a white knight but not a nice guy…

        beating up other men for the “honor” of a womyn is a way to get in this club. Beating up a woman is acceptable if she disrespected a purebreed womyn like marctte and especially if the woman getting the beatdown is low on the HBD scale…

        then you need to prove your alligiance to HBD by proving how Steve Sailer is the sharpest mind of our generation….

        Even though HBD seems like phrenology, it is not. You must convince us that you truly believe in HBD. No impostors allowed, even Ryu, Aryan Princess Warrior ™ couldn’t pass the initiation…

        I highly doubt a kyrarchical patriarchy/HBD denying misogynist such as yourself could jump through all the hoops…

        toodles misogynists…

  5. What do you think of Lesbian Separatism? Your ideology is essentially a version of it for men.

    • What do you think of Lesbian Separatism? Your ideology is essentially a version of it for men.

      I don’t advocate men become homosexual so I’m nothing like them. I don’t care about a man’s sexual orientation.

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