36 comments on “Creep Week Makes As Much Sense As Jew Week

  1. I find these manginas who devote their lives to support the feminization of society to be viscerally unlikable.

    Well done on this post. The creep label needs to be thoroughly debunked.

    In time do touch again on debunking the “nice guy” label. Your post on that label could be fleshed out a bit. I can see a lot of people will miss the inherent contradiction.

  2. This is one of those self-help topics with a large sexual dichotomy, depending on the audience.

    When it’s for men, you get the Dr. Manginalove junk. When the material is aimed at women, it’s always advice for someone writing in going “Help! My BFF/ daughter/etc is dating/in love with a creep. What should I do?”. Obviously you wouldn’t get this sort of drama filled stuff if lots of women weren’t dating lots of “creeps”.

    Creep is a pretty weakly defined trope. All it means is one woman doesn’t like some guy, for whatever reason — which there can be about a zillion possibilities for. Creepiness is in the eye of the beholder.

    If only it was possible to achieve the nirvana of perpetual universally perceived creepiness…

  3. Imagine you went to a dating advice website, and it was filled with conspiracy theories about Jews and Blacks.

    So imagine I had a manosphere site then?

    • Yep. You wouldn’t take dating advice seriously from them so why would you take dating advice seriously from someone like Dr. Manginalove who does the same thing just to a different group?

  4. You know, for a group of people supposedly motivated by egalitarianism, feminists and their Quisling errand boys aren’t half obsessed with the pecking order in the New Girl Order.

    In fact, it’s worse than that. At least a White Supremacist blog is up front and consistent about who they hate. Pond scum like Dr Mangina claim the right to make utterly arbitrary judgements based on anything or nothing. As Ayn Rand explained, what these guys want is far worse than just the honest bigotry of a bunch of skinhead fools:

    “It is a grave error to suppose that a dictatorship rules a nation by means of strict, rigid laws which are obeyed and enforced with rigorous, military precision. Such a rule would be evil, but almost bearable; men could endure the harshest edicts, provided these edicts were known, specific and stable; it is not the known that breaks men’s spirits, but the unpredictable. A dictatorship has to be capricious; it has to rule by means of the unexpected, the incomprehensible, the wantonly irrational; it has to deal not in death, but in sudden death; a state of chronic uncertainty is what men are psychologically unable to bear.”

    • Good quote. That reminds me of “1984” where the evil government was constantly changing its mind, forcing the main character to go back and change newspaper articles to reflect the new “reality.”

  5. Wow, that “Creep Link” article you linked to is a total mess. He’s tying himself in knots trying to explain how being a creep is so, so different from being socially clumsy, when his definitions of the two are 99.9% the same.

  6. Also, is it just me or does the phrase “Helping nerds get the girl” no longer appear on the Doctor’s website like it used to? I’m going to miss going to one of his posts and asking “how does this ‘advice’ help a nerd get a date?”

  7. The Manosphere had a meetup in New Orleans and this is how it went down according to Fat Forney:

    ” He enticed us all to organize a meetup in New Orleans by promising stuff that he never delivered on (he deleted all his posts about the meetup in true cowardly fashion, but he couldn’t outwit the Wayback Machine). Danny promised a balcony apartment for the parades and it didn’t happen. He originally promised to help drive us around the city but repeatedly refused, only relenting once because his mother put him up to it (and later that night he ended up sticking us with a $100 cab fare). Moreover, he refused to help us when we actually needed him. On Saturday night, when Dr. Illusion, the Mistress, BA and myself got separated from the rest of the crew in downtown New Orleans and couldn’t contact them due to cell tower overload, we called Danny at home to give us a lift (all the cabs in the city were booked).

    His response? “You’re not my responsibility, fuck off and find your own ride.”

    This was compounded by the fact that I’d twisted my ankle earlier in the day and could barely walk. Half the time, Dr. Illusion and BA had to help me limp around.

    And despite refusing to help his actual friends (with the exception of Jeremy Sploosh, BA and myself, everyone at the Mardi Gras meetup already knew each other in real life), Danny has plenty to time to thirst on girls he’s never met. In particular, he has a fixation on Kaitlyn Sploosh, Jeremy’s woman. The night before I came to New Orleans, Danny blew Mitch and Jeremy off at 10:30 pm to go home, drunk dial Kaitlyn and shit talk Jeremy to her for 30 minutes. Stay classy.”


    • The guys he’s talking about are the same one who came around here (Danny504) to brag about how great their meetup was going to be. Hilarious. Then he came back to brag about how well it went. The funny thing is, I went to twitter to read about what was so “great” about their meetup, and all they did was get drunk, go to strip clubs, and gamble in Vegas. You know, typical shit 95% of everyone who goes to Vegas does.

      It kind of proves Alek’s point that many gamers are such social recluses and so stunted in development that they end up blowing the most normal of social behavior wildly out of proportion as huge successes. You can read the underwhelming descriptions here on twitter:


      So ironic that our original prediction eventually came true though.

    • What else does Fat-orney expect from habitual liars who constantly make up fake personas? As absurd as the New Orleans meetup was, that doesn’t compare to all the female catfighting described elsewhere on that page. It’s not surprise that manospherians were sucked into that.

  8. Low value male week.

    When low value males act in the same way as high value males that creeps women out. How dare low value males even think about touching women!

    When a high value male touches a woman with permission that is a sign of confidence.

    • You don’t seem to get it… It’s pure PR genius…

      1) theres a 99,9% chance she probably made up the attack (like so many feminist before her getting caught by the police to fake attacks)

      2) in the 0.01% chance that she really did get attacked theres a 99,9% certain chance it wasn’t an mra (maybe her crack supplier or pimp did it)

      3) if it was someone even tangentially connected to mra (0.01 chance out of 0.01 chance) it allows mra to public ally disown and distance

      AVfM has publically distanced from manosphere (but that isn’t as easy to prove to media who likes to conflate the two unrelated movements) – no matter how many times mra says “we want nothing to do with manosphere”

      This however is easy to prove and is pure PR brilliance. We put a bounty on those people out of pocket, you gonna claim they’re our members or somehow approve of by us?!?

      Psst it’s called “calling their bluff like a pro.”…

      • This could back fire. Police beat, steal and murder from people all the time.

        Police often end up killing people when they arrest them, even peaceful people who don’t struggle, the police go charging in and kill the person without giving them the chance to surrender.

        The feminists who made up the assault story might feel pressure to falsely accuse someone to cover her back. The police are so dysfunctional it is possible for man to get charged with zero evidence. (Due process can be ignored.)

        A voice for men are pressing the levers of police power a lever they can’t control.

        Also I am not impressed with the offer to white knight and protect a feminist on principle.

  9. I can easily see what you are doing here. White men oppose feminism, yet feminism is a Jewish ideology. The purpose is redirect men’s hatred of feminism away from the Jews who created it. They accomplish this by redefining feminism so that it is meaningless, they claim that not only are the modern Western societies oppressive of men, but all societies have always been oppressive of men, thus the recent era of Jewish rule looks no different from the era under the founders, because women persecuted men in that era as well.

        • Know what else retards and lunatics do? Try to divert conversations into unrelated black-bashing., complete with outdated terms like “Negro” and bad attempts at typing ebonics.

          Another thing retards and lunatics do is link back to utterly stupid websites like radishmag, where people do embarrassing pseudointellectual circle jerks to the idea of monarchies returning and creating embarrassing D&D trading cards dedicated to the “leaders” of their “movement.”


          Anyone linked to Dark Enlightenment and radishmag has absolutely NO RIGHT to call someone else a retard or lunatic. Shut the fuck up, DORK.

        • Look at societies in which groids live without Whites, compare to societies where groids live among whites. Groids are better off when Whitey is there to rule over them.

          Now do the same thing with the Jews. Compare societies where they have no power to societies where they run everything. Obviously we are better off without the Jews. Any benefit from there high IQs is far outwayed by their hostility to our existence.

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