35 comments on “Hitler Screwed Up Female Plans For Male Genocide

  1. Women would need to recruit alphas at the top and unattractives in the army to kill all unattractives, including those in the self-same army, unless they promise three women to each unattractive soldier that joins the army, let alone convince the alphas to do this as alphas often see a lot of value in all men. These fems are insane.

  2. To the feminists who propagate these evil and insane ideologies, I say: keep it up. Your efforts will only serve to convince men (and the few women who aren’t completely hateful and bigoted in the modern era) that feminism is a slippery slope – as society enables and promotes feminism, the greater female malevolence emerges. This is certainly not a coincidence since female biology is inherently feminist (as barbar and Stardusk have recognized) and seeks to render all but a select few males as disposable and unworthy of life.

    Instead of creating a world where the majority of men are aborted and/or genocided, feminists will instead realize a world where an increasingly large number of men want absolutely nothing to do with them after realizing the full depths of their inhumane behavior.

  3. W&N you’re starting to lose credibility with this slice of paranoia. Take note of ‘witchwinds’ blog ; http://witchwind.wordpress.com/ Sentiments here (in this post) are like the reverse mirror of hers and other rad-fem weirdos ; attempts at self-martyrdom and supporting “evidence” that can’t taken seriously. Yes there’s mention of male genocide of women, the planet, and all manner of other loony themes there.

    Of course the Purges were going to disproportionately affect men; the majority party officials and members the educated class were men. And it doesn’t make much sense to want us dead if betas are doing the donkey work. Dead?No.. just out of the way, in the background, working, paying taxes.

    • I have to agree with this. Obviously feminist women are against (most) men and many women who would never call themselves feminists agree with most of what feminism says, but to say that most women want most men dead is a big-time stretch.

        • Being unattractive I’ve experienced plenty off contempt from women, but aside for the odd bit of bullying in school I’ve never known women to encourage my ‘betters’ to hurt me, either physically or otherwise.

        • It doesn’t make sense. We serve multiple purposes, one of which is so that women can get off on showing disdain for us (something they can’t do if we’re all dead.)

  4. Women have an instinct to discard and socially destroy surplus men.

    Females practise social violence, they are actually more violent than men!

    It is just physical violence is more easy to spot than proxy violence.

  5. there really is no excuse for women’s attitudes towards men. they’re just inhuman. no man has ever been able to put forth a manifesto or anything of the sort suggesting that all/most women should be killed. feminists will want us to believe that some men have done that, but they are once again lying as they almost always do.

    • Only some White Nationalists come close to that, for the sake of their white women. WN women do not want white men to have sex with non-white women, but do expect WN men to do away with them, not having the guts to do it themselves.

      The reason why, historically, men were allowed to sleep with enemy women, was that men were willing to kill enemy men. This, of course, has evolutionary reasons. Men being able to impregnate several women while women not being able the same made the stakes in male competition higher. A man has more to win or lose in the fight over breeding partners.

      For millenia, humans formed groups that killed each other’s men, and impregnated captured women. The children born were raised as people of the impregnating group. So a racially pure nation consisting of large, monogamous families is just as “unnatural” as they accuse e.g. “faggots” to be.

      • It’s also unnatural to have a society without war, and this “it’s inevitable” argument is something the Jews use to warmonger. A society of monogamy is unnatural, but it is necessary for what we call industrial civilization. It was the Jews who first developed(and actually practiced) monogamy as a part of the group evolutionary strategy, it was what cemented the nation in it’s time of exile, since all Jewish men would be guaranteed women they were very loyal to the group, as the group took care of all it’s members, it’s women, children, and poor men in addition to it’s elite. Monogamy was also what allowed them to dominate business because while the rich gentiles would put their wealth into getting a second or third wife, the Jews would invest their wealth as capital.

        It was not until about 1400 that Christian Europe adopted monogamy consistently.(Before then it was the norm and not the exception for rich men to marry one woman and have sexual relationships on the side with peasant women) This was what allowed capitalism, nationalism, and humanitarianism to exist, and it eventually led to the industrial revolution.

        About race mixing, it might seem like it is the evolutionary best scenario for the White race if it were to sow it’s seed in other races and thereby spread it’s genes moreso than it would if it maintained a line of racial purity. However this ignores the impact of group selection because it leads to disloyalty to the race(because members have half breed children they are now loyal to), it would strengthen the opposed race(because of the gene flow from superior races) and it would eventually blur the line between pure and impure racial types.

        • That line will be blurred anyway by men seducing your women, and accepting the children as members of their own group.

  6. This article is retarded, and it is obvious women have hurt you in some strange way. Most women want most men dead? What ridiculousness. RadFemHub is about as popular with women as Stormfront is with gentiles. Since you seem to think it is women, rather than the Jews, who control society, cold you tell us why this genocidal desire has not been put into effect?

    What women want is, personally, the love and affection of an alpha male. Of course they can’t all have that so they institute an “alpha fucks, beta bucks” enabling government programs. But that is a generalization, some women prefer traditional societies. And almost all women have male relatives that they care about, they don’t want their brother to be an omega male. And they have a vested interest in a society that is wealthy and safe. The Mohammedan cultures allow outright polygamy and that is one of the reasons those societies are so poor and fucked up.

    • Since you seem to think it is women, rather than the Jews, who control society, cold you tell us why this genocidal desire has not been put into effect?

      “Lets you and him fight” has a fatal flaw in that it requires sufficient numbers of men to cooperate. Women can’t organize this on their own so there’s no organized conspiracy.

      Because of this I know that neither I nor anyone else will ever be dragged into a concentration camp. Thus female evil propagates but never gets implemented without a critical mass of men doing women’s bidding.

    • “What women want is, personally, the love and affection of an alpha male.”

      No such thing as an Alpha male. Women want attractive men, good sex and money. The money comes first before anything else.

    • Yet you never condemn the white nationalists and conspiracy theorists who think that the Jews and bankers are out to murder us. If Black Pill is going off the deep end here, then why do you support those much farther off the deep end? The manosphere is filled with kookery like Return of Kings telling us that Communists are hiding under our beds, but you think Black Pill is the the crazy one for seeing that women regard large numbers of men as tools as best or garbage to be disposed of at worst.

      Black Pill may not be the most objective here, although he has a point about women using men to do their dirty work and viewing us as discardable, but you are a hypocrite.

      • I think black pill is spot on myself. What is a woman doing when she is alienating a man from his kids? That is just like killing someone.

        I have had women love me, then suddenly discard me like I am dead to them. They have even gotten men to attack me.

        I think black pill has put his ideas out a bit roughly but I think females do have an instinct to destroy surplus males no longer useful to them.

    • Yeah I’m starting to think W&N is falling into the pattern or needing to up the ante every so often. And so increasingly everything is put in extreme terms. Ironically this is what feminism does; uses narratives of rape, sexual slavery, pornography etc. to illicit an irrational fear and loathing of men.

      Sure, female privilege and their mercenary attitudes to men in relationships is real, accepted and escapes widespread criticism…not going to argue with that. But now they want all the unnattractive men dead… just because. Even in the hunter-gatherer era low status men were needed.

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  8. There was more than one Stalinist purge. In the rural agrarian villages, he knew he had to attack the leadership of the elders, the patriarchs. I think Gorbishev said he was 4-5 when his grandfather was carted off to workcamps for a few years, and then returned a broken man with an Enemy of the State label plastered on him.

    It “worked”, but destroyed the cultural infrastructure and made Russian agriculture into a basketcase. Due to previous catastrophes they had insufficient manpower to begin with. Demotivating it was exactly the wrong longterm thing to do.

    Gorbichev’s wife had the same thing happen in her family. IIRC it was more like a prison camp death. It was their similar experiences which led to them becoming a pair for life pretty much from the moment they met upon arriving at Moscow U.

    I find it difficult to imagine an amerikan version of “Gorby” today meeting his female counterpart at Feminazi U (or at Sluts-r-Us U) and going on to similar great things.

    “What happened in this country was that a rigid system was created, and then life was herded into it.”
    – Mikhail Gorbachev

    In our new and improved system only men are seriously herded, so women don’t see any real problem. Everything’s cherry for them, or at least the whole world seems dedicated to making it so (esp. once they plop out a kid or two), and that’s about the extent of their concerns.

    • I was thinking lately along similar lines. I wondered about the reason for so many drunks in my hometown and it turns out alcoholism was a raging problem in eastern europe after the the fall of ussr. Before the fall it was a problem that was hidden under the rug, and it was an essential tool of comunism for breaking male wills, making them unable to vouch for their leaders who were being carted away to prisons and workcamps.

  9. It took some time to track it down and find…

    This was/is at the website of The Chronicle of Higher Education, read by deans and university presidents all over country:

    Who Needs Men?, by Laurie Fendrich (7-16-09)

    Nice people. I don’t know about Hitler, but it makes it pretty difficult to argue against the basic idea that “Women want most men dead.”.

    If it weren’t for those damned “logistical challenges”…

  10. The only celebrty who managed to play the game and beat the Streisand effect is Prince. Can’t find his videos on youtube anywhere.

  11. Women do not kill directly, they kill indirectly. Once they are free they discard and destroy low status men. They even discard and destroy their own sons.

    Russia has 10 million less men than women. If a man is not able to make a living he is discarded and made homeless.

    Meanwhile women get to live off the male funded state and will use the state handouts to discard more men.

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