45 comments on “The Dating Advice Industry Drove Elliot Rodger Insane

  1. Nailed it!!

    The entire industry is built on constructing a Feminine Mystique v.2.0, and then trying to get men to buy it. But all it’s rules are bogus because no one is holding women to the same rules.

    It’s not a “game” when the two players are operating under different rule sets, but a guaranteed disaster. Even as a game.

  2. I had been waiting to hear your take on the matter.

    So it was a mix of Game and “mainstream” dating advice (i.e. cultural norms).

    Rodgers wrote that his mind spun with ideas from both sources. As you have written many times, they both fall under the larger set of the MDAD. But the media attacks are either Game proponents against the “mainstream” or the other way. This in-fighting amongst the heretics seems to be the key to the “Distraction” part of the MDAD.

    This is in addition to Rodger’s obsession with “The Secret”, which can be used for dating advice too,

    Switching focus a bit:

    Rollo Tomassi, in his Rational Male blog, wrote about Rodgers and said that as a proponent of Game he has no solutions – that men should not follow any particular dating advice – other than to wake up to the fact that women only care about men in their own way. In other words, that Rodgers should have just woken up by reading the correct Game blog. Which is a round about way of saying Game works for some men. It is a shame because Rollo says he’s had many close friends commit suicide or come close to it over the bio-chemical fallout of failed relationships but he still won’t distance himself from Game.

    Rollo has to say that because he long, long ago committed to the concept of Game. If he dropped the Game part his writings would clearly point to MGTOW as the best option. But he knows all too well his audience wants to still focus on getting laid as validation and also use his blog to promote their ideologies on other blogs.

  3. the PUA community is scrambling to explain how game could have prevented this. one can smell the stench of desperation from them, if you know what odor they are giving off.

    I really don’t care anymore. this is just a taste of the future that feminism has birthed. cowed manginas, psychopathic murderers, and apathetic victims who refuse to play the game.

    • One thing the PUAs did, especially the manospherian PUAs, was say that they were the guys who deliver unlike all the other purveyors of dating advice. Elliot Rodger shot a big hole in that, pardon the pun.

  4. Since when was there even a need for this “advice”? Women are so simple. Read the signs she gives, and decide if you want her or not. Women are the ones that choose. PUAs try and reverse that process by playing silly games. If she doesn’t like you, she doesn’t like you, and nothing will change that.

    And this is what is fucking people up. They get nowhere with this “game” crap. There is no way to prevent tragedies like this, because a certain number of people are going to blow up because they can’t understand why they can’t succeed.

    It’s not just feminists that are to blame. They take most of the heat in the manosphere, and they deserve what they get, but the real damage is done by men because we have the real power here. The damage is done by either white knight manginas or some self-proclaimed alpha males.

  5. obviously a feminist will never say this…

    but does anyone seriously think that some sex would’ve healed this guy’s psychic wounds?

    Wouldn’t that be misogynistic to suggest that a woman has a “magic pussy” that could heal him?

    Of course feminist’s would never say that because they want to be front and center and control the conversation…

    Of course PUA’s will never say that because that would make their pursuits look hollow…

    I don’t even think an incel would say that, only a MGTOW would point that out…

    I thought this guy might be a sociopath. He stabbed some guys and that is an intimate way to kill some one. If he was a sociopath, though, wouldn’t he have made the perfect PUA? An approach machine who couldn’t get discouraged by constant rejection? Don’t guys like Roosh and Fartiste have to get blackout drunk just to even talk to girls? Don’t they wish they were sociopaths?

    • Son, the three most over-rated things on earth are young pussy, Mack trucks, and the FBI.
      – Bob Embick


      I’ve actually been most amused so far by the uniform chorus of feministas who, having perfected their “hearts and minds” approach to winning men over to their cause, are all marching around like the belles of the plantation stridently proclaiming…

      “Feminism will NEVER help get you laid!”

      • Yes. “Game” is an appeal to male vanity:

        “Even more effective than the fiscal barrier is the barrier of poltroonery. The one character that distinguishes man from the other higher vertebrata, indeed, is his excessive timorousness, his easy yielding to alarms, his incapacity for adventure without a crowd behind him. In his normal incarnation he is no more capable of initiating an extra-legal affair — at all events, above the mawkish harmlessness of a flirting match with a cigar girl in a café — than he is of scaling the battlements of hell. He likes to think of himself doing it, just as he likes to think of himself leading a cavalry charge or climbing the Matterhorn. Often, indeed, his vanity leads him to imagine the thing done, and he admits by winks and blushes that he is a bad one. But at the bottom of all that tawdry pretence there is usually nothing more material than an oafish smirk at some disgusted shop-girl, or a scraping of shins under the table. Let any woman who is disquieted by reports of her husband’s derelictions figure to herself how long it would have taken him to propose to her if left to his own enterprise, and then let her ask herself if so pusillanimous a creature could be imagined in the rôle of Don Giovanni.”
        – H.L. Mencken, from the section “A Mythical Dare-Devil”, in In Defense of Women

        Mencken’s other point was that the mythical dare-devil was a feminine creation, just like the “game” hero is.

        BTW – technical question: how does anyone know Rodgers was ever on any other boards and/or what his handle was?

  6. As much as I support MGTOW as a decentralized movement, I don’t think that visiting a MGTOW website would have helped him any. I say this for two reasons…
    a). The typical member of a MGTOW forum is more or less PUA with a resentful edge. If they were truly men going their own way, they would be going their OWN way and actually staying away from women, instead of bragging about pumping-and-dumping. To truly go your own way (or be sent your own way), you have to be celibate, and the MGTOW guys would never want to admit to or sign onto any of that, so they try to make like they can walk out of “the matrix”, yet still keep their dick in the door. The result: PUA with resentment. This leads me to my next point…
    b). They would have rejected Rodger for identifying as an incel. Incels have more reason to be MGTOW than anyone else, but noncel MGTOW don’t want anything to do with them, and are hostile towards incel. They do the same thing that other noncels do: tell you to go get laid. Their problems with women are not what Elliot Rodger’s problems with women were, and they are unsympathetic.
    Again, this is why I favor MGTOW as a decentralized movement, only with a clearinghouse or two. MGTOW do much better when they do what they say they are going to do: go THEIR OWN way.

    • a). The typical member of a MGTOW forum is more or less PUA with a resentful edge. If they were truly men going their own way, they would be going their OWN way and actually staying away from women, instead of bragging about pumping-and-dumping.

      What MGTOW forums do you read?

      • I haven’t read any for a while, but on the now-defunct mgtowforums.com, that’s how it was. I tried to bring the incel perspective to that place, and it was not met with a warm reception. That’s the dilemma of MGTOW (for other-than-incel guys, anyway): they want to abandon womankind, yet they still want to get laid. It seemed that the method most of them used to reconcile these two issues was PUA, whether they called it by that name or not.

        Now of course, maybe it just *looked like* PUA to me. I’ll concede that possibility, but then…doesn’t everything look like PUA to an incel?

        • No, I know what MGTOW is. I know better than most men who wear the title know. MGTOW, when expressed in a forum or any other kind of gathering is self-contradicting. True MGTOW is an individual exercise. True MGTOW means no sex, no pump-and-dump, no extra-acquaintanceship involvement with women whatsoever.

          There is the act of going your own way, and then there is the act of falling into line with the way that is sanctioned by some guy calling himself Nacho Vidal.

        • “So you are mentally ill and you still don’t know what MGTOW is”

          If what boydoesntmeetgirl says is true about a lot of these “MTGOW”s…..that they are a pack of PUA pump & dump thug-wannabee pussy-worshipping assholes resorting to shit like feminist-approved virgin/abstinance shaming, why does that make him mentally ill?

          Why is voluntary celibacy/virginity treated so harshly around here? It should be treated with the utmost regard & respect by you people.

          Of course, at a blog that treats things like autism like a character flaw instead of what it really is, a social mind-reading(particularily women’s minds) deficit(or, you know, a disability), I’m not shocked by the feminist attitudes by phonies here.

    • ” If they were truly men going their own way, they would be going their OWN way and actually staying away from women, instead of bragging about pumping-and-dumping. To truly go your own way (or be sent your own way), you have to be celibate, and the MGTOW guys would never want to admit to or sign onto any of that, so they try to make like they can walk out of “the matrix”, yet still keep their dick in the door. The result: PUA with resentment.”

      I never get the point of going to MTGOW forums(or even forums like this) and bragging about “getting laid”. I mean, why should I, an autist who couldn’t “get laid” even if he wanted to due to a neurological communication/socialization deficit, want to read about some smug asshole “getting laid” & bragging about it in multiple posts to people that generally can’t get laid…..unless, like I said, it’s to troll.

      • [edit] The “like I said” before “it’s to troll”, which I forgot to edit out, refers to a previous mention about trolling originally earlier in that reply that was edited out.

  7. What PUA game teaches men is self loathing of other men. Betas are like some sub human life form to a lot of PUA’s. No wonder Elliot killed 4 men!

    • So true. Remember, this whacko killed more men than women.

      PUA also teaches men to hate themself: “you are all wrong, you have to change yourself totally if you can’t get girls.”

  8. I was going to say that the blame probably lies more with the feminists than the PUAs but as TBP keeps saying, there’s not much to choose between them anyway.

    Both of them want to keep the regular Joe on the hamster wheel by telling him that his failure to get laid proves how despicable he is, but only giving him useless strategies to try and get laid.

    Most guys get a clue eventually, but it stands to reason that guys who are already wobbling a bit on the sanity front could be pushed over the edge by getting chumped like this.

    • The blame undoubtedly lies with Elliot Rodger or his psychological state. No one is so brainwashed by Game, Feminism or any ideology to the point where they;re longer responsible for their actions, and it’s hard to be comfortable with attempts to use such events to support theories or score points when it’s a hair’s breadth away from implying just that. People died after all.

      In the past W&N clearly stated/qualified his arguments by acknowledging no one is entitled to attention form the opposite sex, so it doesn’t matter how frustrated or poorly treated someone feels they are.

      • Here’s the problem with that: at any time approximately 1% of the population is mentally ill. Not all of them will have violent tendencies but enough will that if, say, you have a business model that involves pushing dangerous, manipulative rubbish to vulnerable people, you can’t hardly claim innocence when crazy people take you at face value.

        Feminists and PUAs are in the position of people giving a bottle of vodka and the keys to a Ferrari to a 15 year old boy and being shocked – shocked – when he kills a family coming the other way in a Hyundai while he’s doing 120.

    • Hard proof that PUAs are lying is the fact that Chinese men are far more ruthless(alpha) than European men. Look at the treatment of the Muslim Uyghurs. Nevertheless, Chinese men are less popular with women.

  9. alrightie misogynists…

    I’m thouroughly confused here…

    when I found a feminist approved pinnup site:


    I though M Fornay would be happy….

    but he waved his tubby arms around P Elam style and started throwing chicken wing bones at me and yelling….

    He went all MRA on my ass and yelled “Stop shaming me, stop shaming me!!!!”

    why is fornay sooooo mad????

  10. Some guys will indeed never get sex no matter what they do.
    The answer really is in the Astrological chart.
    Life is unfair. Get used to it!

    • I suppose we could promote more equality of the sexes then by giving the wimminz their Now Hear This!:

      “Oh well, some women are just going to get rapedabusedharassedandmurdered; get used to it, life’s not fair”.

        • I have been raped and I am incel.

          Being an incel is far more soul crushing. I never tried killing myself over the rape, but I tried killing myself over loneliness and female rejection.

        • Not specifically, though I do think rape laws are a patriarchal relic and will eventually be part of the wholesale “repeal of our masculine systems” (John Adams) currently under way. Women didn’t invent such laws, men did; one can already see what a mess just a few decades of female/feminist (mis-)management of these laws has made.

          “Abuse” has similarly been sucked dry of its meaning, since just saying “No” or doing anything that offends a woman’s self love now qualifies as abuse or misogyny or something.

          By contrast, polygynous breeding systems create excess males (incels, basically) as bio-waste as a matter of course. It’s a mathematical certainty. To just say “tough” is beyond cruel and heartless.

      • It’s cruel if you regard the heterosexual relationship as an absolute necessity for happiness. This also begs the question; if women are universally narcissistic, evil creatures who use men for resources and validation, then why on earth would you want anything to do with them in the first place?

        • The problem is that society is structured in such a way where having a woman is “social proof” for heterosexual men. This along with sexual desire is why men want women in their lives. If it weren’t for these two factors most men would be making the choice they should be making which is having nothing to do with women (except maybe for family and hookers).

    • My abuse happened years ago. I am over it.

      Wouldn’t of happened if my single mother didn’t let psychopaths into her life. (She was one herself, so like attracts like)

      • oh, teheh…

        and my waistline…

        it wasn’t easy, drinking soda with real sugar ™ instead of high fruitcose corn syrup, but I did it…

        an that Ro0sh 5 fellow….

        oh, no boner problems, at it all night and he might not like cunnilingus but he sure likes sausage….

        tehehe, those lady girls were watching US, and throwing Baht’s at us….

        I haven’t had that much fun since Schwitzer and the Don-0-van incident in a hot tub…

        I do have to say, Mr. Love Terrorist is totally different behind closed doors, he talks with a vocal fry that’s creepy ebven to a male feminist–but he sure can deliver in the bedroom 🙂

        Toodles misogynists…

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  12. What would have helped Elliot Rodger is simply this; Realising, as I have done, that 99.99999% of all women are shallow, worthless sluts who can be bought, just as one can purchase a new car or a pair of shoes. He spent $400 on a pair of sunglasses. I can spend $1 on a pair of sunglasses, and I will STILL look more bad ass than that little effete prick could have EVER hoped to.

    Now, I am not going to lie you you good people here and pretend that I am a stud. I’m not. But I also no longer let pussy, and the pursuit of pussy rule my life. I do not have a girlfriend. Because of my health and my frame of mind as it is now, I don’t WANT a fucking girlfriend. What I want – and what I get – is to be able to do my OWN shit in MY time and in the manner I want to.

    MEN are the fucking rulers of this planet. There is a reason for that.

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